Florida Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman Shamelessly Exploits Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s a question for our readers. Is saying something nice to a candidate at a event, while signing autographs, considered some sort of endorsement, or just being gracious?

The Shark Tank has found that Joe Kaufman, a candidate for Congress, is considering good wishes in passing from Sarah Palin, an endorsement.

They note that Kaufman has some questionable associations, including being part of campaign that supported John Kerry over George w Bush in 2004, and directed racial slurs at Marco Rubio in 2010.

The political funny season continues to bring out the worst in candidates who can’t help resorting to disingenuous political tactics that try to curry favor with potential voters.

One such case is the one of congressional candidate Joe Kaufman. Kaufman is running to replace Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and is presently trailing in his contested Republican primary against  the popular grassroots front-runner, Karen Harrington.  Kaufman has been criticized for continuing to insist that, “It takes a Kaufman to beat a Wasserman,” a remark that many interpret as bigoted.

[ … ]

In what can only be described as an act of desperation, Kaufman has added an “Endorsement/Support” category to his campaign website with the “endorsement/support” of Sarah Palin.  How exactly did Kaufman score Palin’s “support”, you might ask?

At February’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)  in Washington D.C., Kaufman approached Governor Palin after her CPAC speech, and as she signed autographs, Kaufman told her that he was running for office.

While I wasn’t a witness to the encounter, Kaufman’s video makes one wonder if Palin was actually directing  ”support” to, let alone if she had any idea who Kaufman was?

Watch this video compilation of several of Kaufman’s attempts at getting politicos to endorse him, including the Palin incident. You be the judge.

Let’s concede that Palin was actually directing her wishes to Kaufman, but the fact of the matter is that if Palin were truly going to give Kaufman either “support” or and endorsement, if wouldn’t have been done in the context of an ambush style manner while she was signing autographs with her fans.

Exploiting the encounter even further, Kaufman has recently mailed out a fundraising letter enclosed in an envelope that has an image Governor Palin on it with her quote along side it.  

By any reasonable standard, Kaufman is shamelessly exploiting Palin’s kind gesture to further his candidacy and create the impression that there is a closer relationship and support from her then there actually is beyond Kaufman’s video tape of him asking her for an autograph.


Equally duplicitous is the letterhead that his campaign mailers are being sent on that are designed to make its recipients believe that he is a member of Congress.  His letter head states, “From the Desk Joe Kaufman, Republican-U.S. Congress” along with a seal of an eagle, eerily similar to the seal that is used on the official congressional seal.

Read more here.

Here’s how Kaufman represents things on his own website.

I don’t know Kaufman, but at best, he’s dishonest in his representations. Besides that, we all know how Sarah Palin endorses candidates. When she does it, you see, at minimum, a Facebook posting, along with a tweet or two. You’ll also see something on SarahPAC.

I have followed Karen Harrington’s campaign, and she is the real deal.

Back in February I ran an editorial she wrote on the need for drilling in ANWR. She understands what America needs, and doesn’t have to resort to trickery to get her point across. Being in Texas, I can’t vote for her, but I can tell you if I lived in Florida’s 20th Congressional District Karen Harrington would have my vote.

Check out Karen’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a spare buck or two, you might send it her way as well.

We need forthright and honest men and women serving in Washington. People who don’t have to use exploitation and trickery just to get elected.


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9 responses to “Florida Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman Shamelessly Exploits Sarah Palin

  1. cbiagi1963

    This sort of thing is utterly nauseating. I find myself sitting here pondering how I would react were I Governor Palin. I mean would I out and out call him on it publicly? But then that would give the narcissist more attention than he deserves. Or would I simply ignore him, depriving him of the attention he so obviously craves? But then I am linked with this rube. No doubt conservatives wish to “pink slip” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but is this sort of seedy character any better?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Support Karen Harrington. She’s actually leading Kaufman in the polls, which is why he’s pulling stunts like this. She is the real deal.

      My guess is Sarah would just ignore this guy.

      Maybe this will catch her attention, and she will take a look and endorse Karen!

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  3. What do you think of Ozzie deFaria? He’s also running for that seat.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Honestly, it’s the first I’ve heard of him. He’s got a compelling story, that’s for sure. I’ve been supporting Karen Harrington based on several articles she’s written and her common sense style.

      All I can say, Is Kaufman is a no go and I like Harrington. Ozzie has a great resume, like Karen. I just don’t know enough about the man. Both seem like solid citizens though.

  4. I’d definitely encourage you to look into him if you can…I’ve spoken with him as well and I’m hoping he gets it! Either way though…..Wasserman-Schultz HAS to go!

  5. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Kaufman [‘salesman’ in German] gets my ‘phony gov’t envelope
    award’ of the year [envelops printed to look like US Treasury/IRS/etc.] He
    has used his own version of the Great Seal of the US [obverse] rather
    than that of Congress or the House. USPS stopped all misuse of postage
    a few years ago by copywriting all US Postage. I’m not sure but I think
    our paper money is copywritten also…He shud have used ‘Republican for
    U. S. Congress’ instead of the implication that he WAS in Congress…A
    sleezy dude like him we don’t need, already!..Karen or Ozzie vs Debbie.
    Support my outlawing of US Gov’t. Official envelope campaign!..
    Aaron Allen…

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