Republican Party of Texas Warns Mitt Romney: “Don’t Take Us For Granted”

By Gary P Jackson

On March 31, the Texas State Republican Executive Committee met and passed several resolutions, including one giving Mitt Romney a stern warning not to blow off the planned debate to be held before the May 29th primary.

At the time, everyone but Romney had accepted the invitation.

Even with Rick Santorum’s exit from the race, Romney may find the going a little tough in Texas if he refuses the debate. With 155 delegates up for grabs, he might want to reconsider.

David Bellow writes:

The State Republican Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas met for a quarterly meeting on Saturday March 31st, 2012 in Austin, TX.

Several things of importance happened at the meeting, but this article will only cover the resolutions that were passed by the SREC. I will post other articles regarding the other things that happened at the meeting.

There were five resolutions passed at this meeting. The most pressing and striking resolution that passed was a resolution warning Mitt Romney to go to the Texas Presidential Debate that the Republican Party of Texas is putting together before the Texas Primary on May 29th, 2012. Gingrich, Santorum and Paul have accepted the invitation to this nationally televised Texas Presidential Debate. Romney has not accepted.

We basically told Romney that if he does not go to the debate, then we will take it to mean that he does not care about our large Republican state; and therefore, he should not get any of our delegates.

That is a strong warning from the largest Republican State Party in America!

The exact wording of the resolution does not say the word “warning“, but in my opinion, as one of the people who was there and voted on this resolution, the intent and tone of the resolution was to tell Romney that he had better not ignore us and had better come to our debate or else!

Texas has 155 delegates and if we give our delegates to another candidate then that might be plenty enough to keep Romney from securing the nomination and force a brokered convention. When I say give our delegates to someone else, I mean that the people of Texas might get ticked off at Romney and decide to vote for someone other than Romney and I am not in any way insinuating that the Texas GOP will or can away anyone’s delegates and giving it to someone else.

The Texas GOP is bending over backwards to try to get Romney to come here including asking him to let us know what date and location best works for him and the other candidates. We are not dictating to him when and where to be.

We are just tired of not having a voice in the national presidential race and Romney snubbing a debate in Texas when we finally get a national debate will not make us happy.

I of course will fully support the candidate who wins the nomination and join together to fight Obama, but until then the race is not over and Texas should have a say too!

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6 responses to “Republican Party of Texas Warns Mitt Romney: “Don’t Take Us For Granted”

  1. patricia cala

    Santorum only “SUSPENDED” his campaign. Gramatically, that only means for a time. He can reenter the race when ever he wants and pick up those Texas delegates. Yes, Texas has every right to be heard.

    • Gary P Jackson

      When a candidate suspends their campaign, they are done. Ask John McCain. Actually, suspending the campaign, rather than declaring it over, is a legal deal. It’s the only way a candidate can get matching government funds to help retire their debt. Everyone who dropped out: Bachmann, Cain, Perry, and they rest “suspended” their campaigns for this reason.

  2. patricia cala

    Just looked up suspended in a child’s dictionary.
    1. To attach so as to hang down.
    2. To hold in place.
    4. To keep from using
    5. To keep out for a time.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Right, but in presidential campaigns “suspend” has a different meaning. It’s simply legalese for quitting.

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