The Obama Campaign 2012 Spring Offensive

By C.A. Bamford

Gender battles have been sweeping across our country as women are pushed to the front lines of the latest Obama Domestic Contingency Operation. Brave mainstream war correspondents have risked sprained thumbs and bad ratings to keep voters informed of the horrific assaults taking place in the “War on Women”.

First shots were fired by a ‘young’ coed who demanded that selfish taxpayers end their wasteful spending on food, shelter, gas and groceries. That money would better be spent on alleviating the suffering of women like her who simply cannot afford both birth control and fashion designer clothes. One cannot even bear to mention the pain of giving up daily lattes. Even worse, should any of these victims end up being punished with a baby, WHO will pay for the abortion? It’s clearly not their fault. It’s the fault of you greedy working stiffs who seek to deny them their constitutional right to paaartay! On your dime, of course, because getting a part time job would simply cut into one’s social life too terribly much.

Unfortunately, this offensive backfired after photos surfaced of the 30-yr-old former activist enjoying a lavish vacation in Spain with her trust fund boyfriend. We also learned that birth control pills are available for the cost of a tube of lipstick…or for free at taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan’s budget proposal which passed with bi-partisan support in Congress came under immediate fire by Democrats. As our economy teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, Ryan and the Budget Committee called for reining in spending, cutting waste and paying down the $16 trillion national debt. But Harry Reid was having none of it. No siree! No-Budget Harry deployed his media team to carpet bomb voters with claims that this budget would cut benefits for Grandma and the disabled, and would kill our children. Had he read the proposal, Reid would have found that funding for these groups is increased, while waste is cut. President Obama, in the meantime, rallied women with more dire predictions including closed schools and highways, dirty water and air, unsafe food, and hundreds of national parks being forced to close. Never mind that there are only 58 national parks in the US.

Finally came the dying whimper of this ill-planned and ill-advised attempt to use women as cannon fodder in Obama’s effort to divert the GOP forces from exposing his weak flank. His record. Hilary Rosen, advisor to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, scathingly denounced GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s wife as one “who had never worked a day in her life.” Working moms and stay-at-home moms alike were aghast. Ann Romney, a cancer survivor with MS, who has raised 5 boys, has never worked? This was even worse than the shrill, rambling rhetoric of Wasserman-Schultz, which had become so embarrassing that the left finally ordered her to “stifle”. Democrats fell over each other as they scrambled to denounce Ms Rosen’s outburst. But the damage was done. The “War on Women” strategy has failed worse than the North Korean missile launch.

Women are unequivocally responding, “You don’t speak for us.”

The American people are calling for ethical and responsible government. But this administration continues to trot out one divisive campaign gimmick after another. We’ve watched with dismay as they attempt to divide and conquer our citizens using race, income differential, and now gender as a weapon.

One can’t help but wonder what will be the next attack strategy? Baseball or apple pie?


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  1. Oh, what tangled webs we weave when first we practise to deceive. William Shakespeare (I think)?

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