Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling’s Special “Paying at the Pump” Dominates Cable News Ratings

By Gary P Jackson

The numbers are in, and Paying at the Pump, the one hour special hosted by Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling owned the 10pm [eastern] time slot. 1,840,000 tuned in to see the show, which was also re-run several times over the weekend.

It was the second highest in cable news viewership Friday night, bettered only by Bill O’Reilly’s show, The O’Reilly Factor.

At 10pm CNN’s Anderson Cooper brought in 526,000 viewers, MSNBC had 458,000 and HLN’s Nancy Grace had 262,000. It should be noted Cooper’s show was a re-run, though he only pulled 426,000 viewers at 8pm, giving him 952,000 total viewers for the night, a little more than half of the Palin-Bolling special’s first airing.

The special also scored very well with the coveted 25-54 demographic.

Details here.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights courtesy SarahNet


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10 responses to “Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling’s Special “Paying at the Pump” Dominates Cable News Ratings

  1. patricia cala

    The oil spill by BP in the gulf has still left the lower income community in New Orleans in poverty. They need the industry to start up again. We need to be energy independant. We also need to have Green Peace people to stop knocking public transportation. They are a few people with one agenda, and that is, “Nothing else to do, so I’ll make noise”.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We should have NEVER been drilling in water that deep. Drilling in shallow water has a great safety record. It’s the “greens” the environment wackos who forced drilling in deep water.

      Greenpeace, like most communist organizations, is against damned near everything that actually benefits mankind.

  2. Publius/Huldah

    I love Sarah – so sorry I missed the show.

  3. Bramps

    The President is listening. He isn’t doing anything to solve the problem because he doesn’t want to. His plan is to bring this country to it’s knees in order to go down in Muslim history as a great and wonderous servant of Mohammad. I am and have always been firmly convinced of this man’s religion. It is the only connection of circumstances to the reasons he gives for doing the opposite of what’s good for the welfare of the country. So much of his past has been under lock and key. Why?? Why is the country putting up with the nonsense spewing out of the mouth of his minion’s in Washingtol?? It was obvious in 2008 during the campaign. He said whatever was required to be said to win over the American public. Ne never meant a word, syllable or letter of what he muttered.
    He knows exactly what he’s doing and is greatly accomplishing his mission with the help of the major media. Control the masses is the name of their game also.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Anyone who has read, and understands, Cloward-Piven knows what Obama is up to. He’s following the plan to the letter.


      Do us all a favor, Bramps: Take a political science class in your local college and educate yourself. You sound like a complete moron by attacking Obama and calling him a Muslim. Do your homework before accusing someone of ANYTHING. There are plenty of racist and ignorant sites that will back up false statements simply because it appeals to the majority of their readers. It’s people like you that will bring America to its knees, not Obama.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Obama is, at the very least, sympathetic to radical Islam. He helped put the Muslim Brotherhood [al Qaeda] in power throughout the Middle East. Though Obama has passed on traditional Christian events, he’s never missed celebrating a Muslim holiday.

        Personally, I think Obama thinks he himself is God, most malignant narcissists do, but that said, he certainly sides with savage Muslims over America, every single time.

        Maybe instead of calling people morons you can pull your head out of your ass and look at the facts surrounding the actions of this Communist devil Obama.

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