Sarah Palin: If I Wanted America to Fail, I’d Ban Kids From Farm Work

By Sarah Palin

The Obama Administration is working on regulations that would prevent children from working on our own family farms. This is more overreach of the federal government with many negative consequences. And if you think the government’s new regs will stop at family farms, think again.

My family is a commercial fishing family, and commercial fishing in Alaska is much like the family farm (but the year ’round farmers no doubt work harder than we do!). I guarantee fishing families wouldn’t stand for this nonsensical intrusion into our lives and livelihoods, and, as a former 4-H member, I don’t believe farm families will either. Our kids learn to work and to help feed America on our nation’s farms, and out on the water.

Federal government: get your own house in order and stop interfering in ours.



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7 responses to “Sarah Palin: If I Wanted America to Fail, I’d Ban Kids From Farm Work

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  2. Child labor laws are a good thing. Not a bad thing. Conservatives were wrong when they fought them a century ago and they are wrong this time.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Conservatives never fought against labor laws.

      This isn’t a “child labor law” though. It’s about destroying the family farm in favor of huge corporate farms. Nothing more.

      Obama and his crew favor big corporation that send him plenty of campaign cash. Chicago thug politics at it’s finest.

      • I would love to see the legislation itself, because I bet it is something that most people would have no problem with. If it destroys the family farm to have to obey the same laws that everyone else abides by, maybe they need to rethink their financial strategies. I know that in my area, the small farmers complain about being poor but have no problem buying luxury cars and sending children to Ivy League universities. They poormouth whenever someone suggests they pay minimum wage, but the money obviously is there.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Anyone who is OK with the federal government stealing Liberty and Freedom deserves neither.

        This has NOTHING to do with child safety and everything to do with enriching Big Corporations at the expense of small business owners.

        I guess you missed the part where this rule [it’s not legislation created by lawmakers, but a new rule created by government drones] would effectively destroy the 4H and FFA programs that have been helping create solid citizens for decades.

        The Obama regime is doing everything to destroy the traditional American way of life.

        It’s criminal, and it’s why Obama will be defeated soundly in November.

      • I did miss those parts because they are not in the bill. Children have inalienable rights also. While some parents are judicious in their use of child labor, the laws are lenient enough that these people will not be affected. I know parents that pull their kids out of school for a month to work on the family farm, and they are quite wealthy so it is not necessary.

      • Gary P Jackson

        A little hard work never hurt a kid. I didn’t grow up on the farm. My dad owned service stations. This was back in the day when gas was 25 cents a gallon, and the service station attendant pumped it for you, wiped your windshield, checked your tires, and so on.

        I started working after school when I was 10 years old, and by the time I was 14 I had built my first engine and was doing everything. This would lead to a long, vibrant career in the automobile business. Learned more there than ever in school. Not just about cars, but people. Management, and relationships.

        What the Obama regime was trying to do is undermine America. He failed, as so many people raised hell his Department of Labor, which is run by a communist agitator, had to drop the efforts.

        Child labor laws are indeed a great thing. What the regime was trying to do was destroy the family farm, and ruin more wholesome childhood activity, while making the wealthy corporate farms even wealthier.

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