Sarah Palin: Richard Mourdock For Indiana

By Sarah Palin

I join commonsense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the next Senator from Indiana.

Conservatives of all stripes are uniting behind Richard Mourdock. It’s not just Indiana that benefits from sending the right Senator to serve for the right reasons; the nation as a whole benefits, and that is one reason why the eyes of so many around the nation are focused on the Indiana race.

Indiana deserves a conservative in the Senate who will fight for the Hoosier State, uphold our Constitution, and not just go along to get along with the vested interests of the permanent political class in D.C.

Richard Mourdock is the conservative choice for Indiana.

Senator Lugar’s 36 years of service as a Senator are appreciated, but it’s time for the torch to pass to conservative leadership in Washington that promises to rein in government spending now.

Get the facts here. Learn more about Richard Mourdock at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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8 responses to “Sarah Palin: Richard Mourdock For Indiana

  1. Andrew Han

    (I apologize if I go on a tangent here. But I see no entries where I can otherwise express these views.)

    What I hate about Richard Mourdock and his conservative cronies is their ridiculous opposition to gay marriage. Has this clown ever presented a logical argument as to why we should not all be able to choose who we spend the rest of our lives with? Of course not; the guy has a knee-jerk reaction against gay people, a reaction that he knows is completely irrational, which is fine. But then he feels the need to impose his own moral views on the American people, and this is where he crosses the line.

    The most common secular argument against gay marriage that does not involve an Appeal to Tradition [it’s been that way for a long time, so we should keep it that way! You know, like slavery!] or a slippery slope [well, if we let gays marry…we will soon allow incestuous marriages] is that a man and a women are better suited to raise a child than a gay couple.

    1. No studies indicate this. Single mothers, anyone?

    2. It assumes that marriage exists for the purpose of raising a child, yet plenty of straight couples are sterile, or choose not to have a child at all. Should not having a child be outlawed now?

    3. It is a red herring, because a gay couple in a civil union could still adopt. And there is no doubt that an adopted child is better off with gay parents than in an orphanage; and the ratio of orphans to adopters will never be low enough to argue that the orphan may have been adopted by a straight couple instead. In fact, the only difference between marriage and civil union is in name; excluding same sex couples from being called a married couple serves no more practical purpose than racial segregation.

    4. It is, once again, a red herring. A gay person is not going to marry the opposite sex if gay marriage is outlawed. In other words, gay unions and heterosexual unions are mutually exclusive from one another. Gay people marrying has no effect on straight people marrying.

    5. Here is the killer: felons, robbers, rapists, child molesters and even convicted murderers are allowed to marry, so long as they are straight.


    Sarah Palin’s idiocy is played on by the media, yes, but, and here’s a shocker; the media is actually right this time. Palin is perhaps the most unintelligent and inept candidate to ever run for high office.

    1. She doesn’t know what the bailout did. Her response to Katie Couric’s question smacked of self-parody to the extent that SNL used THE EXACT SAME WORDS in their skit! This is something that has never been done before; not even for Dubya Bush.

    2. She admits that she does not know what a vice president does, but ran for the position anyway.

    3. She thinks that she can see Russia from her house, which certainly isn’t true. What’s far worse is that she thinks that this is actually relevant, that there is a connection between being physically close to Russia and being an experienced diplomat.

    4. She doesn’t understand what the Bush Doctrine is; she can’t name a newspaper she read.

    5. She thinks that Africa is a country, she thinks that dinosaurs walked the earth with early man, she is a creationist (so her intelligence quotient cannot exceed 95), she thinks North Korea is our ally; these facts may seem irrelevant, but do you want somebody who cannot name a single supreme court case she disagrees with to have the nuclear codes?

    6. Once again, she cannot name a single supreme court decision aside from Roe v Wade that she disagrees with. Like, this clown obviously never took middle school history classes; why not mention Dred Scott v Sanford and Plessy vs Ferguson? Should the president of the United States not have basic middle school education?

    7. She thinks that being a “hockey mom” qualifies her to run for the highest office in the country.

    For another example of ridiculous self parody, look at her response to Glenn Beck asking her what her favorite founding father was. She said “all of them!” And then changed it to “George Washington…because he was their leader!” Really, everything she does and says makes her seem like she is running for middle school class secretary.

    • Gary P Jackson

      First of all, you are the idiot. Sarah Palin is a highly intelligent woman. You don’t accomplish what she has by being stupid.

      BTW, all of your talking points are bullshit. Most of them were created by a hoaxter posing as some sort of think tank “expert” This clown fooled Fox News and everyone else. The New York times, of all places, exposed him.

      Dan Mirvish, who with Eitan Gorlin created an elaborate Internet hoax complete with a fake policy institute and a phony adviser to Senator John McCain.

      You are a complete and total moron for believing such bullshit.

      As for the Supreme Court cases, Sarah has actually written several amicus briefs [friend of the Court] to the Supreme Court. She also successful sued the Bush administration. Oh, and when she became Governor, she then took over the Exxon-Valdez case. In fact, A B Culvahouse, the former Reagan adviser and now high end DC Attorney who vetted Sarah for McCain, was defending Exxon against Sarah and Alaska. He said she was a formidable opponent.

      Instead of being a mind numbed democrat, who just spews random bullshit, why don’t you educate yourself. He’s A B talking to the National Press Club about all the vetting he did on Sarah.

      Remember, as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah turned a dirt road hole in the wall, into the most modern, fastest growing city in the state. She had to build all of the infrastructure from scratch. Wasilla is now the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, which is the size of the state of Delaware. Around 50,000 people a week travel to Wasilla to do their shopping. The town has 7500 residents. The current mayor still credits Sarah for this incredible growth.

      Oh, and she did this while lowering some taxes, and eliminating others altogether.

      She was re-elected mayor in a landslide. She served two terms, as the office is term limited to two.

      After that she was appointed Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. This is one of the most powerful jobs in Alaska. She was Alaska’s “top cop” policing the oil companies, and their dealings with the state. It was in this position that she uncovered massive corruption between the oil companies and many Republican lawmakers.

      She took this to her boss, the governor, who did nothing. She finally told him if something wasn’t done, she was going public. It was at this point that Alaska’s Attorney General, Gregg Renkes, informed Sarah that if she went public, she would face prosecution and jail.

      Now this was a powerful, HIGH PAYING gig, so what did she do? She resigned, then blew the whistle, of course. Everyone said she was committing political suicide. They were wrong.

      She went after Governor Murkowski, destroying him in the debates winning the Republican primary in a landslide. Then she took on a very popular ex-democrat governor, Tony Knowles [an Obama sycophant, BTW] and whipped him like a rented mule.

      Months after Sarah took office as Governor, the FBI was still frog marching corrupt Republicans off to prison.

      As Governor, Sarah not only balanced the budgets, but also slashed spending, and created a $15 billion budget surplus. In fact, she had the best record on finances of any governor in the nation. There’s a reason why she had a sustained approval rating in the 90s. An unprecedentedly high approval rating.

      As Governor Sarah was also Commander-in-Chief of the only National Guard that is permanently deployed. Alaska is America’s first line of defense from possible nuclear attack, or invasion. As such, Sarah received regular top level national security briefings.

      As Commander-in-Chief, she visited her troops stationed in Kuwait in 2007 and took part in weapons training.

      In 2009 she visited her troops in Kosovo

      On her trip to Kosovo, Sarah also took part in a Naval exercise off the Alaska coast. Here she is in the conning tower of the aircraft carrier USS Stennis:

      Palin aboard USS Stennis

      There are more photos here:

      Sarah was also Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska Defense Force, a federally recognized militia that trains with Homeland Security. These are the decedents of the heroes who saved Alaska when Japan invaded Alaska in WWII. [at the same time the Battle of Midway was going on]

      One the the first things Obam did when he took office, was cut of the pensions to the few surviving WWII heroes. Typical Chicago thuggery. Sarah kicked his ass, and made sure these heroes were not denied.

      FYI, at one point in Alaska, Russia is only 5 miles away, and yes, you can walk [or swim] there.

      Far from being stupid, Sarah is one of America’s best and brightest.

      As for gay marriage, it’s not for the Federal government to even be involved. Marriage is a religious ceremony. It’s between men and women, period.

      Now that said, gays in long term relationships deserve the same protections under the law as legally married couples. For them, contract law is already there and state governments have the ability to recognize civil unions, just as they do common law marriages.

      Gay Marriage is a STATE issue. If enough people in a state VOTE for it, then so be it. If not, so be it.

      BTW, just shows how totally ignorant you are. As Governor, Sarah VETOED legislation that would have denied gay couples benefits in Alaska. Sarah, who rarely was without a copy of Alaska’s Constitution close by, knew what the legislature wanted to do was unconstitutional.

      Instead of listening to your idiot democrat friends, I suggest you read up on Sarah, from people who actually KNOW.

      Go read The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin by Stephen Mansfield. It will tell you all about her and what she’s accomplished.

      Go read Kay Cashman’s book: Sarah Takes on Big Oil. Kay is the publisher of Petroleum News. The industry “bible.” And has a very balanced look at how Sarah took on the CEOs of the largest corporations on the planet, and won.

      Both of these books are available from Amazon.

      Of course, her two books Going Rogue and America by Heart are must reads. And if you haven’t seen The Undefeated then you don’t know jack.

      I also suggest you read Peter Schwiezer’s book Throw Them All Out. This book has nothing to do with Sarah, but exposes massive corruption in government. He was on 60 Minutes not long ago, exposing Nancy Pelosi, and others.

      Peter is Sarah Palin’s top foreign policy adviser. He’s somewhat an expert on Ronald Reagan, having written a dozen or so books on the man.

      You sound like someone who has been massively misinformed, and suffer from a willful ignorance. Anyone still using tired, disproven talking points from 2008 really shouldn’t be commenting on stories they know nothing about. You just make yourself look silly.

      Alaska makes their governor a true CEO. It’s the strongest Executive Office of all of the state governments. Alaska’s wanted one person who was the head of it all, and who could be praised [or blamed] for what they did. Sarah had more power than any other state governor, and showed she could use it wisely. That’s more than we can say for the clown in the White House now, or the ex-governor who is running to defeat him.

      This is 2012, grow up.

      We all support Richard Mourdock because Dick Lugar is lifelong political hack who has been a party to the destruction of this great nation. A fiscal liberal who has helped spend America into bankruptcy. After nearly 40 years in office, it’s time for that slug to be put out to pasture.

      In fact, they should ALL be put out to pasture.

      • Andrew Han

        Nobody denies that the media loves to ask Palin “tough” questions in order to paint her as an idiot. However, unless if they slipped alcohol or crack into her tea, there is no excuse for the ridiculous mistakes that Sarah Palin consistently makes on crucial issues, on national TV.

        These are not merely 5 second sound bites here; how do you defend Sarah Palin’s explanation of the bailout? Or her inability to name a supreme court case she doesn’t agree with other than Roe v Wade, or her inability to name a founding father, or thinking that the royal Queen runs the English military? These are not offhand claims by a liberal enemy of Palin; these are all recorded live on national television.


        “Marriage is a religious ceremony. It’s between men and women, period. ”

        No, it isn’t. I have atheistic and agnostic friends who are happily married. And you try to hide your leap in logic that marriage being a religious institution means that it is between a man and a woman. Why? Because you say so? Some Native American religions worship homosexuals. Others have no problem with gay marriage.

        No, because when you say “religious ceremony”, in order to fit with your conclusion that it is between a man and a woman you must really extend this to “Christian ceremony.” Except that the ancient Egyptians were marrying long before Christianity was ever conceived, and Muslism and Buddhists marry as well. Huh.


        Saying “the federal government should leave it to the states!” is a dangerous line of thinking here. First, the states have no more right to interfere in a couple’s personal life than the federal government does. Second, this same type of thinking is what delayed federal enforcement of civil rights legislation, and public integration, during the post Reconstruction period. Yeah, just leave it to the states to end Jim Crow on their own! That’ll certainly work…

      • Gary P Jackson

        You keep disrespecting Sarah Palin, which pisses me off. The woman has a degree in communications and has written not one, but TWO number one best selling books. In fact, her first book broke all kinds of sales records in 2009, being the number one best seller of the year, despite only being on sale for the last few months of the year.

        Before that, Palin was regularly writing Op-Eds on energy and foreign policy, for years.

        And you reference two old HEAVILY EDITED interviews, while ignoring hundreds of hours worth of solid, hard hitting interviews the woman has done since first taking office as Governor in 2006. She was regularly interviewed by all of the networks, as well as CNBC as one of the nation’s energy experts. Anytime there was a chance for her to talk about our nation’s energy security, she took it.

        BTW, I have followed Palin since she became Governor of Alaska, and was one of those who petitioned John McCain to choose her as his running mate.

        All of this is out there. It doesn’t take a hell of a lot of effort to find it. If you don’t understand that Sarah Palin is one of America’s best and brightest, then you only have yourself to blame.

        As for Obama, hell, look around. Beside being as corrupt as the day is long, look at how he has done everything possible to completely destroy the American economy.

        I suggest you read up on Cloward-Piven. Obama was an apt pupil of this written theory on how to destroy the American economy in order to create a new form of government, and create a communist utopia. Bamboo is following it to the letter. Again, Google is your friend.

        BTW, Obama is so dumb he can’t even talk to a group of school kids without a teleprompter, and he routinely screws it all up anyway.

        In 2008, at the most watched vice presidential nomination acceptance speech in history, Sarah Palin’s teleprompter, in front of the entire world, BROKE. And yet, she gave, from memory, what is considered one of the all time great speeches.

        The teleprompter is totally out of sequence, and yet she never misses a beat. It’s been said by people who know her and have worked with her that she has a photographic memory.

        BTW, she ad-libbed the remark about the hockey mom and the pit bull.

        Sadly, your guy has done more to hasten America’s demise, than all of the rest combined.

        As for states rights, again, you show you have absolutely no understanding of this nation, and why it was founded. The states have far more rights than the federal government. Our Constitution is written that way. Over the years, the federal government has grabbed more power, and even fought a war over some of it.

        Sadly, while abolishing slavery was a wonderful thing, most of the other power grabs have resulted in a loss of Liberty and Freedom, and a less competitive America.

        Take education, for example, before Jimmy Carter, the former worst president in history, created the Department of Education, schools had local control and our graduation rates where much higher. We were graduating high school kids who could go out and get good jobs. They could function in society. Now our schools are abject failures because of FEDERAL control. But the teachers unions are doing well, so that’s all that matters to the Marxists that support this bullshit!

        I suggest that instead of wasting my time, you go read the 9th and 10th Amendments. I also suggest you read the Federalist Papers that our founders wrote in support of the Constitution. They explain the reason why a relatively weak federal government, along with both state governments, and the people, being considered sovereigns is the preferred form of government.

        For example, states are allowed to do a LOT of things that are unconstitutional for the federal government to attempt. ObamaCare being the latest. Mitt Romney created something similar in his state, as have other states. That is perfectly OK, as states are supposed to be, as our founders called them, “laboratories of democracy.” Now of course, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. RomneyCare is a total disaster, just like ObamaCare would be, if allowed to stand. [which it won’t] But the thing is, if you live in a state run by idiots, you can always pick up and move. Hard to leave the entire country, especially when you consider how bad things are, most other countries are much worse.

        California is a prime example of failure. They are creating laws, including bullshit “climate change” laws, that make it impossible to do business there. Companies are leaving California in droves. Many are relocating here in Texas.

        You see in Texas, run by relatively sane and sober human beings, we have things like the Right to Work, which makes labor unions null and void. We also have seen massive lawsuit reform. Texas has a climate that promotes economic growth as well as personal Liberty and Freedom. It was less than 200 years ago that OUR founders fought and died to create the Republic of Texas. We understand the concept of Liberty and Freedom here.

        BTW, it was lawsuit reform, tort reform, that made Texas a center for good health care. We’ve had over 10,000 doctors relocate to Texas, because they can practice medicine here in an environment that works. The city I live in is a hospital city. World class hospitals, that folks travel to from all over the world.

        States are free to be responsible or stupid. And while it’s a shame that states run by liberals are “stupid” in the way they function [or better said don’t function] that’s preferable to having the entire nation run by liberals, and being under their complete control, as is the goal of the democrat party.

        And that’s the real difference between the minority of liberals, and the rest of the nation. Liberals want a central command and control government that delves in the minutia of everyone’s lives, controlling every single thing one says and does, the rest of America just wants to be left alone.

        America was just fine before the neo-communists who now control the democrat party came to power. Now it is in a death spiral.

        Ronald Reagan laid all of this out in 1964, in one of the greatest speeches ever given. America is the world’s last best hope, that Shining City on the Hill. If democrats get their way, that light will be forever extinguished.

        I suggest you watch and listen intently to Regan’s speech. If I had my way, it would be REQUIRED learning before one could graduate from high school.

        Sadly, the exact problems Reagan pointed out in 1964 are not only still with us, but far worse today!

        Wise up. There may be hope for you yet!

  2. Andrew Han

    “Heavily edited?”

    Yes, they didn’t show the whole damn thing. But the edited version of the interview is hardly doctored, Jackson. You witness her talking for a good thirty seconds; there is no gun being pointed at her face off screen, no drugs slipped into her drink, so your excuse for her pathetic failures is completely irrelevant. “heavily edited” would only work if they actually doctored her sentences and edited her sentences, and it’s clear that they did not.

    As for her speech, she doesn’t studder as much as she normally does, which is nice, but irrelevant. “All time greatest”? Give me a break. The problem with the speech is that it is all rhetoric. No substance at all. She brags about her amazing ability to have a family, she says that she has cut “wasteful” spending (without telling us what that spending is), etc.

    Yes, her teleprompter is out of sync. It’s impressive that she memorized her speech, or perhaps even improvised some of it. But this doesn’t nullify the videos I have posted, and various others on the web; in fact, it establishes a disturbing trend. She can give SPEECHES well when she prepares; but when she must deal with the dynamic and unpredictable questions of a hostile interviewer, and be forced to defend her arguments against counter-claims on the fly, her mind blacks out.

    One of my friends judged a science fair once; they told us that they were immediately suspicious of anyone who came in with an incredibly advanced project, and cite extremely sophisticated language and explanations, yet completely fail to actually explain their project when asked questions. It’s obvious that they are simply regurgitating what their parents told them to say, isn’t it?


    As for states’ rights, you state that it is a good thing, act as though the premise proves itself, and then weakly attempt to support it by listing examples without the slightest shred of statistical data to back it up. It’s interesting that you think the Constitution to be a document supporting states’ rights, when the main opponents to its ratification argued that it created too strong of a centralized government!

    Yes, I know the 9th and 10th amendments. But a very important phrase in the opening of the Constitution is that the Union can “promote the general welfare”. If legalizing gay marriage through federal power promotes the general welfare, which it does, then the federal government has every right to do it.


    And your assertion that liberals want to control our daily lives is reversed. Yes, liberals want to regulate BUSINESSES for the public good, and occasionally introduce oh-so-tyrannical measures such as requiring that you wear a seatbelt when driving, which any idiot should already know.

    But which side of the debate is obsessed with the War on Drugs? Which side passed the Patriot Act? Which side wants to ban abortion, the use of birth control and control which sex you can marry?

    You could argue that all of these are in the public good. You would be wrong, but either way, my point is that conservatives love to legislate personal MORALITY far more than liberals do. Liberals legislate commerce and businesses; conservatives legislate your personal life.


    When brings us to the big question: how can you believe in “personal responsibility” while at the same time supporting the war on drugs, laws against contraceptives and laws against gay marriage? You social darwinists argue that if somebody isn’t wise with their money, that’s their problem. Why do you selectively apply this to different walks of life?

    • Gary P Jackson

      You are one boring, tedious fool.

      There were over 9 hours of footage of that pathetic interview Couric was conducting. By the time that mental midget got around to asking Palin about “what she read” Palin was doing her best not to reach over and snap her neck. She didn’t want to do the interview with her to start with, and after the first day was sick of it, but the idiots running McCain’s campaign wanted her to go back for more. Nicole Wallace actually asked Sarah to do that interview as a favor, claiming Couric’s self-esteem was in the toilet, and she needed some help.

      If Sarah has any fault, it’s that she trusted Wallace and felt sorry for Couric.

      Frankly, I’m quite impressed with the fact she didn’t end Couric right then and there. That had to take maximum willpower.

      Sarah took the question as an insult, with Perky trying to insinuate that people in Alaska didn’t read. It pissed her off royally. Again, I admire the fact Perky got out of it in one piece. I’ve seen Palin club a half ton halibut.

      I find it sad that all you have is a throwaway interview from 4 years ago to hang your hat on. I mean seriously, You HONESTLY think someone who has MAJORED in journalism and communications doesn’t read? Remember, both of Sarah’s parents were school teachers. The family didn’t watch a lot of TV, so during those long, cold ass Alaska winters, when she wasn’t out chopping wood, Sarah read.

      That’s right, Sarah literally grow up in a log cabin and had to chop fire wood before going to school. Chuck, her dad, would later put the family TV in the loft over their garage, when they moved to town. [or hat passed for a town at the time] There was no heat, so you REALLY had to want to see something if you were going to watch it.

      According to those who grew up with her, she was such a bookworm they all thought she’d grow up to be a librarian. Then she found sports and became a championship basketball player. She’s also a marathon runner, not that it matters.

      By the time she did that interview with Perky, Sarah had already written numerous Op-Eds for the Wall Street Journal, The New Your Times, USA Today, and so on. So yeah, she’s read something.

      BTW, here’s dumbass Couric interviewing equally dumbass Joe Biden, about the same time she interviewed Palin. You’ll notice Couric’s dreamy school girl eyes while Biden spews some of the most idiotic bullshit ever caught on tape!

      I know you aren’t all that bright, so let me break this down for you. Biden claims FDR went on television when the stock market crashed in 1929 to soothe the public. Idiot Couric never questions Joe on this, because she’s too stupid to know the difference.

      Now just how in the hell was FDR, who was the Governor of New York in 1929, supposed to go on television? Especially when the first commercial television station wasn’t granted a license until 1941, and televisions weren’t in the hands of the general population in significant numbers until the 1950s!

      FDR didn’t take office as President until March of 1933. He WAS the first sitting president to appear on TV. It was a closed circuit test in 1939, 10 years after our idiot vice president claimed he has addressed the nation.

      Again, idiot Katie Couric never challenged Biden on his bullshit story, and I’m pretty sure most democrats just lapped it up as fact, because being a democrat means you aren’t all that bright to start with.


      As for her speech, it was as solid as it gets. I personally think she’s given better ones, like the one she gave in a driving snow storm surrounded by violent union thugs [democrats] in Madison, Wisconsin. She kicked ass and took names.

      Don’t look now, that’s a black man standing behind her!

      She kicks the union thugs in the balls, and goes after the corrupt GOP as well.

      I still think her speech in the Iowa cornfield last Labor day weekend was her strongest.

      If you don’t understand what she is all about, it’s only because you don’t want to. It’s no more complicated than that.


      I see you didn’t watch the Reagan video.

      As the rest of us already understand, we are much better governing ourselves, than allowing some little elite in Washington to make our decisions for us.

      States rights as well as the rights of the individual are far more important than some bloated federal government.

      You don’t understand that the Constitution wasn’t written to give the federal government power. It was written to LIMIT the federal government’s power. We get our rights from God, not government. The Constitution was written to stop government from infringing on those rights.

      The “general welfare” clause is an idiotic argument, because one could argue almost ANYTHING, like free food, free automobiles, and free hookers benefit the “general welfare”. It’s not the government’s place to make you happy, or successful, or even whole.

      Again, if you think the general welfare clause means the government should be your keeper, you belong in a country like Cuba, the former Soviet Union, or some other failed communist hell hole. THEIR Constitutions promise all that you seek. Of course they don’t deliver, but they promise.

      Democrats should remember, any government powerful enough to give you anything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you have.

      The utopian bullshit you cats pine for doesn’t exist. Communism, socialism, all forms of Marxism fail every time they have been tried. Obama is no better than Stalin, Mao, Hitler, or any other Marxist who couldn’t make things work out. If anything, he is less skilled, not more.

      Obama and almost all of his advisers have never had a real job in their lives. The Obama regime has fewer people with private sector experience than any other in history. It shows, because none of these people understand how things work.


      As for drugs, I’ve seen far too many friends die because of drugs. I think we should hang drug dealers in the city square for all to see. These death merchants do not deserve to live.

      We should invade Mexico, since the Mexican government can’t control the drug cartels, and wipe em out. Use any and all weapons at our disposal, and let no one be left alive. These people are terrorists. They are slaughtering entire villages down there.

      Of course, since you are stupid to the point of bordering on the criminal, I doubt you know or can comprehend Sarah Palin’s position on drugs.

      She has publicly stated she thinks it’s a waste of time going after the cat smoking a joint at their house. The end user. I tend to agree. Texas used to have some ridiculously tough dope laws. A lot of lives were ruined over a single joint.

      The people to go after are the pushers. The dealers, and the cartels. Wipe them from the face of the earth.


      Where do you come up with your nonsensical bullshit anyway. Where, exactly is there a “law against contraceptives” in this country? I mean seriously, name one friggin’ place! You obviously have no clue. BTW, I went off on some of Rick Santorum’s fringe ideas, including the notion that contraception hurts women. Some of his loon followers caught hell from me as well.

      Contraception makes a lot of sense. You know what DOESN’T make sense? The slaughter of millions of innocent children. One of the most evil things about liberals is their support of the barbaric practice of abortion.

      As for gay marriage, I personally don’t care. But MARRIAGE is a religious ceremony, not a civil one. I know of no legitimate religion that condones the homosexual lifestyle. None. That said, most will tolerate it. Unless you are in a Muslim country, then you have a 100% chance of being killed.

      As far as I am concerned, the government has no business being involved or sanctioning marriages in the first place. The only reason governments got involved in the first place is because they figured out they could somehow tax it.

      Makes more sense for every couple to have a civil union, complete with a written contract specifying who does what, than marriage. Let those who want traditional marriage have at it. That’s what the church is for.

      If you’d open your eyes, and shut your mouth, you might learn most Conservatives feel the same way. In fact most are for civil unions. Hell Dick Cheney is FOR gay marriage. Of course, he has a gay daughter, so that has some bearing.

      Marriage is a sacred ceremony between a man and a woman, period. Gay activists are wanting something that is strictly forbidden by God, and want the Government to FORCE the church to accept something that goes against their most sacred teachings. That dog don’t hunt.

      That said, partners, gay or straight, should have the right to enter into legal contracts, and have certain protections under the law.

      Again, because you are dumb, and too ignorant to learn, Sarah Palin actually VETOED legislation that would have made it illegal for domestic partners to exist in Alaska. It would have denied gay couples pension benefits in Alaska. She knew it was unconstitutional, and told the Alaska legislature to get bent.

      She’s also against gay marriage, as is most of the country. But she understands common sense, something radical democrats are incapable of. BTW, any time it is put to a vote, gay marriage loses. Even in California. And it loses BIG TIME.

      Thanks again for continually proving my point. Not only are democrats not too terribly bright, they are clueless about what America is, and isn’t.

  3. Andrew Han

    Jackson, do you support the patriot act? How about bans on drugs?

    Your idol (3x national debt, FDR admirer who raised taxes, increased spending and granted amnesty to illegal aliens):

    “Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path.”

    Since you follow the logic of Influential Person or Influential Tradition Said X, so X is True (did you know that Einstein was a socialist?), well, now you shouldn’t.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I support SOME provisions of the Patriot Act. Unlike Ron Paul cultists, I live in the real world. The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact you know.

      Yeah, Reagan allowed amnesty for illegals, he trusted the democrats, who promptly screwed him, and America. So what! Compare that to all of the good he did in his life, he’s allowed a mistake or two.

      Reagan’s been dead for a decade, and it’s been a generation since he was president. 100 years from now people will still remember Ronald Reagan as one of our finest presidents.

      The day after Ron Paul leaves Congress, no one will remember him, or care.

      Bye-bye loon.

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