Video: The Love of Theory is the Root of All Evil

By Gary P Jackson

Bill Whittle’s new Afterburner video makes a great point. In the modern world, the love of theory really is the root of all evil. Whittle, of course, is talking about the global warming hoax, and the fact the theory never matches actual facts.


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13 responses to “Video: The Love of Theory is the Root of All Evil

  1. justturnright

    I’m a HUGE Bill Whittle fan!!!!!
    Wonderful to see him on your site.

    Breitbart? Reagan? Palin?
    Great stuff, Gary…

  2. Andrew Han

    Interesting website. I would question, however, what scientific credentials you possess that would qualify you to conclude that global warming is a hoax. Since we’re criticizing the validity of theory here, do you have any statistical evidence to support your case?

    Because the latest surveys show that as much as 97% of real climatologists (read: not politically motivated news-people without a shred of scientific expertise to qualify them to speak on the issue) support the theory of global warming. And it’s not as though they are being motivated by any financial gain; the same thing cannot be said in the reverse.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The very fact that “polling” shows a consensus on this bogus “theory” should be all the proof you need. Science isn’t based on feelings or consensus, it’s based on FACTS, and the facts are, there is no such thing as “man-made” global warming.

      Remember, the same hoaxsters who are selling this lie now, were running around screaming we were headed toward an Ice Age back in the 1970s. Back then, these moonbats were saying the entire earth would be frozen solid and we were going to die. When no one but the weak minded bought that nonsense, they decided it was easier to sell the idea of “global warming.”

      Of course MOST Americans aren’t idiots, and they didn’t buy into that bullshit either, so these losers started calling it “climate change” or as normal human beings call it “the weather.”

      Climate zealots lie, cheat, and steal. They will do absolutely anything to push they agenda.

      Why? Follow the money. Al Gore has already made millions off this hoax. Had cap and tax legislation passed, Gore, Maurice Strong, Obama, and their buddies at Goldman Sachs stood to share in trillions of dollars.

      All of these crooks were part of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where all of these carbon credits would have been bought and sold. That would have been a $10 TRILLION a year business. The fees would have been very lucrative for those pushing this hoax.

      Look, there are tons of studies by REAL scientists that disprove the hoax. There have also been plenty of reports of “climate scientists” fabricating data to “prove” their research. Again ACTUAL science proves it’s all a lie.

      Recently I reported on a study that showed we had not only a mini-ice age, but a great period of warming, during Medieval times. How did this warming occur? I mean there were no automobiles or factories to pollute the environment.

      If you want to know why the earth warms and cools, or as normal humans call it: “the weather” look up in the sky. Se that shiny thing? It’s called the sun. That’s where your warming and cooling comes from.

      BTW, any group that thinks C02 is a pollutant can’t be taken seriously.

      C02 is necessary for all life to function on earth. It’s essential, in fact.

      Since it’s plenty obvious you slept through the first grade, let me give you a crash course.

      Man [and all animals] breath in oxygen and exhale C02. Now is C02 “dangerous”? Yeah, it is if you are locked in a small room with no oxygen. But thankfully, that doesn’t happen very often. In fact, God gave us an ingenuous system to scrub C02 from our lives.

      You see plants use C02 in their process of photosynthesis. In fact, they would all die without C02. It’s as essential to plants as oxygen is to people and animals.

      The relationship to man and plants is quit symbiotic. You see, as humans inhale oxygen and exhale C02, plants “inhale” C02 and give off oxygen in return.

      This is a beautiful system. It’s simple, yet elegant.

      You’ve always heard talking to plants make them grow better? This is why, if you are close to plants when breathing, you give them even more C02.

      And yet, crackpot scientists call one of the most naturally occurring process on earth “pollution.”

      It’s much easier to just follow the money. Behind every climate hoaxer, there is someone looking to make billions of dollars off of the scam.

      Wake up and look around you. The evidence is all there. You just have to see it.

      • Andrew Han

        1. The point is that CO2 and other greenhouse gases reduce the amount of heat radiated back into space, thus increasing the Earth’s temperature. Yes, plants convert CO2 into oxygen, but a combination of an increased amount of greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of forestry means that we are creating greenhouse gases far more rapidly than they are being removed.

        2. The idea that it has to be either/or; either manmade global warming or natural global warming, is a false dilemma. Natural warming of the Earth has occurred, of course; but none as ridiculously rapidly as now. It typically takes a ridiculous long amount of time, not a few decades, to see noticeable temperature changes.

        3. Once again, I ask you why there are thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers supporting the theory of global warming, none with any monetary incentive, and why you haven’t provided a single indicating otherwise. Al Gore may have a monetary motivation; too bad that your average scientist isn’t making millions from this hoax. 97% of published climate researchers support the theory. Yes, Science is not a democracy, but when effectively the entire scientific community rallies behind a single theory, and the only significant opposition comes from idiot politicians and ignorant TV anchors, one can establish a very strong statistical correlation behind education level and “belief” in global warming. Global warming deniers are similar to Creationists, who can never explain why the entire scientific community mocks them, and why more educated citizens are statistically more likely to accept evolutionary theory. Is this yet another result of the Evil Atheist Liberal Socialist Conspiracy? Huh, it looks as though the Liberals control the Scientific community as well. I guess that’s why the only “source” you can come up with is a fucking TV anchor, who is apparently a reliable source. Could you imagine if you tried submitting a college or even high school paper, with Bill Whittle as your source?

        4. Let’s take a hypothetical scenario: tomorrow, a published study proves, beyond any possible shadow of a doubt, that global warming is real, that it is even more rapid and dangerous than ever, and that it poses a serious threat to modern civilization. Would you then support a Big Government spending program to aggressively combat the issue, diverting funds from your 900 billion dollar a year crusade in the middle east? Would you support heavy government regulation the automobile industry?

      • Gary P Jackson

        One major volcano eruption produces more CO2 and other so-called “greenhouse gases” that a decade’s worth of driving. We have volcano eruptions every year. Have since the beginning of time.

        There is no “peer-reviewed” science. Just a bunch of scam artists pushing an agenda. Follow the MONEY. I have. There are TRILLIONS of dollars to be made of the global warming scam. Hell, the Chicago Climate Exchange, something Al Gore, Maurice Strong and yes, Barack Obama, were HIGHLY invested in, looked to gross over $10 TRILLION a year in business. That was for trading “carbon credits” A scheme that would allow the rich to get richer beyond all imagination, but not do a goddamned thing for the environment one way or the other.

        All of these “green energy” schemes are failures, and yet, Obama and his cronies are sucking up billions of dollars. Tax payer dollars.

        Real scientists understand that the planet has warmed and cooled since the beginning of time itself. Remember, long before the industrial age, there was an Ice Age. And yet, the planet warmed, and most of the earth is now relatively warm. How did that happen without evil mankind “polluting” the pristine Mother Gaia?

        There was a mini-ice age in Medieval times, and yet, long before the industrial age, the planet warmed. How did this happen?

        Look, the earth warms and cools. This is caused by the SUN, not man.

        Now does this mean we can just pollute the world and not care? Of course not. The fact is, the earth is less polluted today than it was a generation ago. People are more conscious about their surroundings. That’s all thanks to the very technology radical environmentalists decry.

        True believers in the global warming hoax are like any group of cultists, so I know no amount of truth is going to matter to you. But there are a couple of great websites that break it all down in simple enough terms that even a democrat can understand.

        Anthony Watt’s website Watt’s Up With That, is essential reading:

        Climate Realists my use too much technical info for you to grasp, but here they are anyhow:

        Common sense tells us that man can’t effect the climate enough to cause the sort of changes the earth has gone through for billions of years. Especially since all of this has been going on well before man even existed.

        To tell you how idiotic “climate scientists” are, they now claim dinosaur farts cause the “global warming” we are supposedly experiencing today. Sadly, a lot of very stupid people will believe this.

        The rest of us just laugh and shake our heads.

        The people pushing the global warming hoax are all looking to make money off of it, and every single one of them belong in prison. They make assholes like Bernie Madoff look as pure as the driven snow in comparison.

  3. Andrew Han

    “There is no “peer-reviewed” science. Just a bunch of scam artists pushing an agenda.”

    Are you a conspiracy theorist? Because you sure are sounding like one. According to you, 97% of all climatologists are under the payroll of Al Gore and his cronies. 97 percent! And only 3% of all certified scientists in the area are “real” scientists.

    Really, the amount of money needed to maintain this massive bribery of 97 percent of all climatologists, the percentage that supports the existence of global warming, would bankrupt Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Rupert Murdoch together. And I certainly don’t see your average global warming scientist reaping in large heaps of cash.

    [and while there may be money to be made in the global warming “hoax”, it will never match the money that can be made by siding with big business and big oil. So to say that there is a monetary incentive for all this is ridiculously one sided.]


    “Real scientists understand that the planet has warmed and cooled since the beginning of time itself. ”

    Excellent finding, Sherlock. Natural heating and cooling of the planet over thousands of years is irrelevant to the point.


    Here is a challenge: rather than parroting data from random websites written by “skeptics” of global warming, name me a scientific single organization with national or international standing that supports your views. Oh, wait, they’re all being payed out by Al Gore and his buddies, aren’t they? The guy’s spending all of the money he’s earned from this and more!


    You act as though global warming must be either manmade or natural, and not a combination of both. Why the false dilemma? Global temperatures have risen and fallen over history, but it is typically a slow process, taking place over hundreds or thousands of years; nothing matches the rapid increase witnessed in just a few decades.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Complete and total bullshit. In fact, temperatures have risen, and fallen, by extreme amounts from time to time, and there is billions of years worth of evidence to prove it.

      The fact is, the earth’s temperature has not risen by an appreciable amount in the last 100 years, and for the past decade, has actually seen a COOLING trend.

      It’s also been proven that many of the so-called “scientists” like Michael Mann and NASA’s James Hansen have cooked the books and just made things up, to support the hoax. Ever heard of ClimateGate? The entire thing is a LIE.

      Never mind some of the same con artists who are pushing the global warming hoax now, are the same frauds who were pushing the idea of a coming Ice Age that would kill us all, in the 1970s.

      Only a fool would buy into this nonsense.

      Again, instead of blindly following corrupt liberals with an agenda, look towards real mean of science who have studied all of this, and have FACTS on their side, not phonied up data and lies.

      BTW, common sense dictates that even IF the earth was warming, which it is not, mankind would be better off looking at ways to ADAPT to the warmer climate, than wasting trillions of dollars trying to stop something that man CANNOT control.

      I always laugh at liberals, because of their faulty minds. They claim to believe in evolution, another totally discredited theory, but refuse to think man [and beast] can “evolve” in the face of “climate change”.

      You simple minded fools accept the fact that we all came from the same single cell organism that somehow “evolved” into mankind, but can’t “evolve” any further and tolerate an average temperature change of less that 0.5 degrees [up or down] in over a century of time!

      It must be a hoot going through life without a working brain. One that can’t discriminate between common sense and bullshit!

  4. Andrew Han

    EDIT: It’s clear that you don’t have any real education related to climate science. Which is fine; neither do I. But when you lack the scientific knowledge yourself to make an accurate judgment (read: accurate judgment does not mean using your google-fu to only look at convenient websites that support your predetermined hypothesis), it is best to defer to the scientific consensus. Ie: people who know what they are talking about. 97 percent of the community supports the theory.

    And since you are linking to websites, here is a good link for you:

    I STRONGLY recommend that you read the guy’s main-page as well. He’s a secular, atheistic humanist, so you’re bound to hate him. He is extremely argumentative; and his blogs and forums are places where you can easily argue with him all you want. It’ll be fun to watch.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sorry, but it is YOU who are uneducated and a member of the Flat Earth Society. SCIENCE, real science, is on my side, not yours.

      As someone who is interested in our nation’s energy security, as well as our nation’s financial security, I’ve made a point of studying the real science as well as the hoax and those who continue to perpetrate it.

      The global warming hoaxers are a menace to society, and all have a financial stake in pushing the Big Lie. Sadly, there are a lot of sheep in this country who would rather believe in ManBearPig than the truth.

      I suggest you quit wasting my time, and our readers, and go educate yourself. I gave you a couple of excellent websites run by serious human beings. Stop being closed minded and a pawn for the liberal agenda. You are no more than what the Soviets used to call a “useful idiot” You can do better than that.

  5. Andrew Han

    (sorry, could you edit this onto my last post?)

    and this.

  6. Andrew Han

    “In fact, temperatures have risen, and fallen, by extreme amounts from time to time, and there is billions of years worth of evidence to prove it. ”

    You don’t understand the difference between temperature and heat, do you? It matters how much energy the Earth is being cooked with; because radiation from the sun is not being radiated back into space by as high of an amount, due to CO2 in the upper atmosphere blocking radiation from leaving the Earth.

    Temperature is a superficial trend. Temperature and heat are not the same thing at all. I guess that google-fu didn’t teach you that, did it?

    “It’s also been proven that many of the so-called “scientists” like Michael Mann and NASA’s James Hansen have cooked the books and just made things up, to support the hoax.”

    So NINETY SEVEN PERCENT of all climatologists are making it big on this hoax now?

    Do you realize how arrogant it is to assume that 97% of the people who spent thousands of hours studying this area of expertise are dead wrong, that you, haven spent a grand total of two hours surfing the internet and reading websites and magazines, match the expertise of somebody who’s actually logged years into this subject?

    “look towards real mean of science who have studied all of this, and have FACTS on their side, not phonied up data and lies. ”

    So, once again, you think that the liberals have 97% of all climatologists on their payroll. Really, have you ever stopped to consider how ridiculous this conspiracy theory is?

    Or are these climatologists being fooled as well, just like me? That they’re simply too ignorant of the facts to understand, but you, a guy without the slightest shred of scientific credentials, can analyze the facts better than they can?


    I have a friend who is a climatologist; as he assures me (assuming that he is not a member of the Evil Liberal Conspiracy as well), the complete model of global warming is very, very complex. You cannot understand it all by looking at a website for half an hour. The evidence has been thoroughly analyzed by scientists who actually dedicate years (read: not hours) into this, and it’s far more complex than temperature trends or even CO2 levels.

    As an analogy, you might as well argue with an MIT professor over the validity of Calculus, citing stuff you learned from browsing the internet for half an hour last night.

    Global warming deniers are only slightly less pathetic than creationists.

    • Gary P Jackson

      When it’s been proven that these so-called scientists have been cooking the books then yeah, it’s safe to say it’s all a hoax.

      BTW, if you knew anything about how ACTUAL science worked, you’d understand that it’s not about consensus. In fact, when you have that much consensus, you can almost bet something is wrong.

      Most of these scumbags would be broke and out on the street if not for continuing the hoax. Their entire livelihood revolves around perpetuating the hoax.

      When you now have these morons claiming dinosaur farts caused global warming back in the day, it’s time to shut this bullshit down.

      The “science” isn’t all that complicated. It’s just data. The data shows the earth has been warming and cooling for million upon millions of years. LONG before man existed.

      You can read the arctic ice. There are plenty of legitimate tests that show what has been going on.

      The only reason these people are pushing this crap is because there is a buck to be made. There is power to be gained. It’s not science, it’s just another form or totalitarianism.

      Look up at the sun. THAT is where the climate changes come from. Not man. To think other wise is to believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. It’s not science, it’s not anything. Just bullshit.

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