Mark Levin: The Always Reliable Sarah Palin Has Endorsed Richard Mourdock

By Gary P Jackson

Mark Levin talks about Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Indiana’s Richard Mourdock over “Obama’s favorite Republican” Senator Richard Lugar.

Levin also talks about what has become a real showdown between Conservatives and the old line Republican Establishment™ as Sarah’s former running mate, John McCain has endorsed [surprise, surprise] Obama’s buddy Lugar.

I’m betting on Sarah Palin and Richard Mourdock, how about you?

Audio clip courtesy SarahNet.


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9 responses to “Mark Levin: The Always Reliable Sarah Palin Has Endorsed Richard Mourdock

  1. Sarah Palin is always reliable? Unless you vote for her, that is.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah because who in their right mind would vote for a woman who had a sustained 90 percent approval rating as Governor of Alaska. A woman who created a $15 billion budget surplus. Created sweeping ethics reforms and sent many corrupt members of her own party to prison over said corruption.

      I mean seriously, why would ANYONE vote for a woman who took on Big Oil, not once, but twice, and won. Who would want a woman who accomplished a feat no one else could in over 30 years of trying, and did it using the free enterprise system, not government largess. And did it in less than 2 years. I mean just about anyone could work a deal to create the largest construction project in North American history, using private dollars, now couldn’t they?

      Go back to the Daily Kos where you belong moron.

      • Great talking points, Gary. I’m sure the conservatives she has herself has betrayed will be pleased to hear them, especially the ones who voted for her.

      • Gary P Jackson

        The only one using talking points is YOU.

        I’ve followed Palin’s career since she first took office as Governor in 2006. Was one of those who was petitioning John McCain to choose her as his running mate. One of the few things he’s gotten right in decades.

        Again, tired old Daily Kos and/or Alaska Mafia talking points don’t fly here. It was your bunch that cost the State over $2 million investigating all of the bullshit “ethics” charges. All of which were found to be nothing but bullshit. At least Alaska changed the law to stop you morons from doing something like that again.

        The whole lot of ya should have went to jail.

      • Lol, two posts on a ‘conservative’ board and I belong in jail. Let freedom ring!

      • Gary P Jackson

        No, you and your fellow travelers in the Alaska Mafia belong in jail for stealing over $2 million from the state. I know you bastards don’t care though.

        Go back to staring at your photo of Dear Leader Obama.

    • First chance I’ve had to chime in, but just wanted to echo Gary’s remarks & responses to dimwit danielwalldammit (that’s a handle?!?). FYI, bozo, Sarah Palin has NEVER “betrayed” those of us who have followed her closely and feel we know her – at least we appreciate and support her values. And the only vote those of us non-Alaskans were able to register for her was in the 2008 Presidential race – but we have hopes that one day she’ll be on a national ticket again!

      The Looney Left continues its hateful campaign of bashing and denigrating Sarah Palin. Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t you and your ilk just zip it and basically go pound sand! In your eyes, anyway, Palin is SO “irrelevant” and so yesterday that I’m surprised you keep coming back with more bile and anger about this woman. Oh, I get it: Maybe she’s NOT “irrelevant” and yesterday’s news! Maybe she’s just about the most relevant and important politico on the national scene DESPITE your pathetic efforts to deny that glaring truth!! Well, better get used to it: SP’s here and so are we – and we’re on a special mission to drive all of your numbnuts up the wall with our support of Sarah Palin!! It’s the “new reality…”

  2. We might add, “The Reliable MARK LEVIN” as well!! Now I’m beginning to get energized! (Guess I just wanted a REAL fight all along!!) We can now look forward to more spot-on endorsements from La Palin – who will, de facto, begin to reshape the ineffective behemoth that’s the GOP. Dismantling the entrenched RNC will be more difficult, but it can be done – esp. if funding (its life blood) starts to dry up and the drones in the voluneer trenches start getting excited about the anti-Establishment candidates. Now, THAT’S something worth fighting for!

  3. We might add, “The Reliable MARK LEVIN” as well! Another astute observation from Levin about someone with whom we can all agree has simply uncanny political instincts. NOW I’m beginning to feel energized, so maybe I was just looking for a good political fight all along!

    This is just the first of what I expect will be many spot-on Conservative endorsements by La Palin – and, I trust, she has all the RINOs quaking in their boots as she lights one fire after another! (“Remember Bill Bennett!” – and all the other fat cats who WERE part of the Permanent Political Class in the DC swamp!!) Restructuring the GOP will be a formidable task – and dismantling the RNC an even more daunting one; but my guess is that as funding (their life blood) dries up over time – and their volunteer corps begin to champion the anti-Establishment candidates – things will change and, we can only hope & pray – for the better!

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