WaPo’s Dana Milbank, Repeats Lie About Sarah Palin in Order to Trash Mitt Romney

By Gary P Jackson

I had a different title in mind for this, but didn’t want to insult certain sacks of waste products, lying around, or not.

The actual target of Milbank’s latest waste of bandwidth is Mitt Romney. The article entitled “Mitt Romney won’t stand up to his own party.” is meant to imply that Romney is a wimp who can’t stand up to the “radicals” in his own party. Because wanting fiscal responsibility and a smaller, more efficient government is a truly radical concept to a democrat like Milbank.

In order to trash Mitt Romney, Milbank drags Sarah Palin into his nonsensical rant in the first paragraph:

Almost four years ago, I was watching Sarah Palin rile up a Clearwater, Fla., crowd with anti-Obama broadsides when a spectator let loose a bloodcurdling cry of “kill him!

He actually links to his own story, with no other actual proof, as his “proof” the event occurred.

It’s been said that if you tell the Big Lie long enough, it becomes truth. My guess is this is Milbank’s favorite quote. He is certainly adept at keeping the Big Lie alive.

He goes on to trash Romney saying:

Now that the year is again divisible by four, the anti-Obama hatred is flaring anew. But I worry that Obama’s current opponent doesn’t have the strength of character to push back against the most dangerous voices on his side.

The latest sign of trouble came Monday, when a woman speaking at a Mitt Romney event in Euclid, Ohio, said that Obama was operating outside of the Constitution and “should be tried for treason.” Many in the crowd of 500 applauded this call for the commander in chief of the United States to be charged with a capital offense.

Romney told reporters he didn’t bother to “correct” every attendee at his events. Nor should he. I’m not sure anything Obama has done constitutes treason, as that is a very high bar to jump, but he has most certainly committed criminal acts, with one biggie, Fast & Furious, causing many deaths in Mexico as well as along our own border. There are at least two American law enforcement officials who are dead. Killed by guns Obama’s Justice Department gave to members of the Mexican drug cartel. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are culpable in the murders of both Mexican and American citizens. That is a fact.

Milbank also hit’s Romney for not doing more to defend Richard Grenell, the foreign policy adviser who worked with John Bolton before being hired by Romney. Grenell was openly gay, and it’s been alleged that the religious right attacked Romney and demanded he get rid of Grenell, but there is little hard evidence of this, and Romney did publicly state he wanted Grenell to stay. No telling what went on behind the scenes, but knowing Grenell’s penchant for going off on Twitter, I’d say that was more his undoing than him being gay.

Let’s not forget that Robert Traynham, Rick Santorum’s Communications Director in the Senate for 7 years, is openly gay. The evangelicals were in love with Santorum, and were quite OK with Traynham, so why would they not be OK with Grenell?

You can read more of Milbank’s crap here.

Let’s get back to the Big Lie. The one who originally reported on this was, you guessed it, Dana Milbank. But there is a twist. Allegedly someone shouted “kill him” at Sarah’s mention of murdering terrorist Bill Ayers, not Obama. It was Frank Rich of the New York Times who actually transferred this alleged threat from terrorist Ayers, over to Barack Obama.

The Milbank-Rich tag team has run with the Big Lie ever since.

The Secret Service investigated the incident at the time and found there was no “there” there.

The Big Lie was repeated in the failed HBO movie Game Change. Writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood under the heading: “Whom Do You Believe: HBO or Secret Service?” Larry O’Conner, describing a scene in the movie, points out: [emphasis mine]

The montage that follows, at the 97:43 mark, shows Gov. Palin bouncing from one speech to another whipping the all-white, trucker hat wearing, American flag-waving crowds into a hate-filled frenzy. The editors show that incendiary signs begin showing up at McCain-Palin rallies (We want a REAL American for President – 98:25) and random white, racist fore-fathers of the Tea Party movement shout out “terrorist” at the mere mention of Obama’s name.

With dramatic, foreboding background music, and lighting that looks like a horror film — a dignified and respected McCain addresses one of these racists crowds that has been whipped up into a murderous frenzy by Palin. “He’s a Muslim!” “He’s a socialist!” Scream the ignorant haters at his campaign rally.

Then, at 99:08, you hear a disembodied voice scream out, “Kill him!” Cut to Woody Harrelson portraying McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt, looking horrified, disgusted and ashamed that he had sullied the reputation of our greatest American by forever linking him to Palin and the hate-filled racists she attracts, nay, encourages.

Dramatic, huh? And a clever way for the media elite in Hollywood to explain how their favorite Republican, John McCain, was turned into the bete noir of the 2008 campaign. It wasn’t his fault, you see, it was that stupid, hate-monger Palin who made him look bad.

The “kill him!” legend began with Dana Millbank at the Washington Post on October 6. Milbank reported that an unnamed voice screamed from the crowd, “kill him!” at the mention of Bill Ayers, NOT Barack Obama.

But the legend grew and was linked and repeated by blogs and journalists all the way up (down?) to Frank Rich at the New York Times who transformed the target of the unsubstantiated “kill him!” report from Ayers to candidate Obama.

At the time of the allegation, Obama had a Secret Service detail assigned to him and these folks don’t take a death threat reported in the New York Times lightly. They investigated it and found: The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.”

It takes a lot of of nerve to let your myopic hatred of Palin, and the passionate Americans who supported her in 2008, blind you to reality in such a way that you freely allow a legend that has been shot down in such a thorough way to make its way into your already slanted and cartoon-like portrayal of one of the most complex women in our country. But that’s what these people have done.

There’s another video out there, one that was posted in the comments on Milbank’s Washington Post article. I want to post it here to show you just how far democrats will go to tell the Big Lie, and how stupid and gullible many of their rank and file are.

This is not a Sarah Palin rally, but a McCain rally. If you remember, in 2008 the mere mention of Obama’s name among Conservatives would set off a series of boos. Poor old John “Fight With Me My Friends” McCain never tapped into that.

Anyhow, as you will clearly hear, a woman in the crowd shouts “No Obama!”, but the dishonest video maker claims she says “Kill Obama” instead. The video’s creator actually uses the word “they” to mean the entire crowd.

Listen for yourself.

As Americans, we can no longer sit back and let the lying, dishonest media continue to print lies that have been exposed years ago. These lying liars who lie must be called out at every turn. Allowing slimy, dishonest tools of the democrat party to get away with this again and again is why our country is on the verge of collapse.

It’s why good and decent people want no part of the political process. Why we end up with so many inferior people in Washington.

We’ve stood by far too long and allowed lies to be told about very good people. We’ve allowed reputations to be ruined and careers ended by the democrat industrial media complex, the propaganda wing of the democrat party.

Just yesterday I got in a heated argument with a fellow Tea Party member who didn’t like my thoughts on why Mitt Romney was still better than Barack Obama. I was accused of “fiercely defending Romney” for simply stating the obvious. I’m not Mitt Romney’s biggest fan, but I most certainly don’t think he’s the Great Satan™ many over zealous Tea Party members think he is. And Mitt is certainly an upgrade over Obama. But let’s face it, any randomly selected person would likely be an upgrade as well!

Let me tell you something, the reason we have Mitt Romney as our nominee, and not a true leader like Sarah Palin, is because far too many Conservatives sat on their asses and allowed the attacks on Sarah Palin for the last four years to go unanswered.

The far left, and the corrupt Republican Establishment, worked overtime to discredit Sarah. She is an existential threat to the corrupt Washington machine. They know they must destroy her, or she will destroy them. They know all too well what she did to the corrupt Republicans in Alaska.

Her reputation as a corruption buster goes all of the way back to her earliest days as a Wasilla City Councilwoman and fellow member Nick Carney, who wanted to pass an ordinance that would have city residents using his company’s garbage hauling service exclusively. Carney, actually recruited Sarah to run for her seat on the city council, but when it came time to do what was right for the people of Wasilla, Sarah didn’t hesitate to stand up and say no to Carney and his self serving proposal.

The corruption busting she did as Governor is legendary. The old guard Republicans are scared to death of her. Maybe even more than the corrupt democrats. The GOP Elite know just how corrupt they are, and where they would end up. Again, this is why she must be destroyed.

Here’s the thing, Sarah is still standing, and still fighting, but sadly, is not our nominee, because too many Conservatives sat back rather than fight.

Now we have Mitt Romney, no one’s first choice. [or second choice, or third choice ….] But here’s the deal, if the left wing smear machine can stop Sarah Palin, someone of immense strength and character, how do you think Mitt Romney will fare?

Most Americans are ready to dump Obama, but he ain’t going without a fight. And it is going to be a nasty fight. A real nasty fight.

The left understands the Republican Party is in crisis. The Conservative base, the majority of the party, is sick of the leadership. Sick of the go along, get along crowd. Sick of the corruption. The democrats will try and capitalize on this. DO NOT LET THEM.

Beating Obama is the most important thing, as Americans, we will ever do. The very existence of the United States as a nation hangs in the balance. America may never fully recover from the destruction Obama and his minions have caused. It will not survive another 4 years of Obama.

So here’s the thing, Romney is our nominee. We must not allow our differences to divide us and let Obama and the radical left win.

The fact is, Obama and his henchmen [as well as some of the GOP Elites] think they have won. Every single Republican candidate is going to get the Palin treatment. Now I know some will say that not all Republicans are worth fighting for, and frankly, in normal times, I would tend to agree. But these are not normal times.

We owe it to our fellow Americans to stand up and defend those who are willing to serve in our name. As we saw last night, with the landslide victory by Richard Mourdock over Richard Lugar, many of the corrupt Republican Elite are going to be out of a job when the new Congress is sworn in. That’s a good thing. These are the battles we must fight. But at the same time, once we have a nominee, it’s time to get behind them, and make sure the left cannot get away with telling lies.

There will always be another election to deal with those who we elect that don’t live up to expectations.

I know our readers will defend Sarah Palin with their dying breath, because they believe in her and know from experience that she is the real thing. I also know many are reluctant to defend some of our other nominees, including Mitt Romney, especially knowing the history between Romney staffers, Sarah, and her supporters. I know some are never going to feel great about Romney as our nominee, but we must remember that allowing the left to get away with trashing Sarah is how we ended up with Romney in the first place.

Let me repeat that.

Allowing the smear merchants to get away with lying about Sarah Palin is why Mitt Romney is our nominee. Plain and simple.

This is no longer even about Mitt Romney. It’s about standing up against the left. No longer allowing the democrat propaganda machine to get away with lying about anyone. Had we fought them with all of our might, we’d have a different nominee now. You know I am right about this.

Liars like Dana Milbank have been able to keep the Big Lie going because far too many just sit back and do nothing.

Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Remember what is at stake the next time you see one of these smear merchants in action.

Oh, and don’t think we are not going to hold those darling Republican Elites responsible as well. But making Obama a one-term president, and winning back the Senate, while gaining seats in the House, with Conservatives, is something we must concentrate on.

Our nation’s future, your future, depends on it.


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