Sarah Palin at SALT Conference: “Hello One Percent! More Power to Ya!”

By Gary P Jackson

While Obama was out hobnobbing with the Hollywood celebrities Sarah Palin was talking about geopolitical events and macroeconomic trends in Las Vegas.

Only this short video clip has surfaced [so far] of Sarah Palin’s keynote address at Friday’s SALT conference in Las Vegas on Friday. Here she is going after the GSA, and all of the wasteful spending:

Some bloggers including Bailey McCann, the editor and publisher of CivSource live tweeted the event.

From McCann:

Palin opens her remarks at #SALT2012 “hello 1% more power to you.”

Palin at #SALT2012 “politicians are really crafty.

Palin: Hillary was a better candidate than Obama, says Hillary understands private sector, credits balanced Clinton budget

Palin: “I don’t want to keep slamming the media, but I will.”

Palin: “too many young people are missing the boat on American exceptionalism.

Palin: “tea party only just begun.”

Palin: “we will be just fine if we wrap our arms around American exceptionalism

Lawrence Delevingne staff hedge fund writer for AR Magazine:

Sarah Palin at #SALT2012: Private industry conference in Vegas great; GSA paid junkets with mind readers less so.

Sarah Palin at #SALT2012: Government is out of control and “dangerous” – govt “crucifies” economic driving businesses.

Palin boosts domestic energy production – “why would anyone oppose this?

Palin at #SALT2012: Obama doesn’t have an energy policy, only a speech. He “strangles” resource development – “a none of the above approach

Palin at #SALT2012: Shame on Congress and White House for going years without a budget – debts are too high to delay.

Palin at #SALT2012: politicians in Alaska liked to tie pork to public safety and make it “for the children” – I said no to cut spending

Palin at #SALT2012: The permanent political class uses “Enron like” tricks to spend unsustainably, increase debt.

Palin compares Titanic to out of control US spending – “there is no such thing as an unsinkable ship or too big to fail” at #SALT2012

You are the unsung heroes of American greatness…our prosperity depends on you” – Palin at #SALT2012

God blessed US with a great system of capitalism and entrepreneurs to build the country -Palin at #SALT2012

Palin at #SALT2012: Hillary Clinton would have been better than Obama, who was protected by “lamestream” media

Palin at #SALT2012: I prayed before debate with VP Joe Biden. “It’s ok to pray to win, right?

Many in the media lie” says Palin at #SALT2012

Palin at #SALT2012: I would have taken an earlier, more consistent stand with Arab Spring freedom fighters compared to Obama.

Palin at #SALT2012: Tea party has redefined American politics – “just follow the constitution!” – “it has only just begun

Palin at #SALT2012: I have no social life outside of family – just hunting and fishing and running.

Palin at #SALT2012: we will be alright as a country – just need to live up to Reagan ideal of a “shining city on a hill

Of course, the CNBC business reporter, Jeff Cox, tweeted about what was really important:

Sarah Palin is really, really tan #SALT2012

It’s a real mystery why no one takes anyone at NBC’s family of news organizations seriously.

If more video surfaces, I’ll post it.



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9 responses to “Sarah Palin at SALT Conference: “Hello One Percent! More Power to Ya!”

  1. Can hardly wait for more! But I love some of the tweets! And speaking of those CNBC commentators, why weren’t any Fox Business News reporters or commentators on the speakers’ list?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Good question.

    • mytorpor

      I saw Carl Rove’s name on the list…isn’t he working for Fox now?

      • Gary P Jackson

        Has been for years.

      • Of course, Rove is a POLITICAL commentator – not a BUSINESS reporter or commentator. And I was also referring to Fox BUSINESS News, rather than just Fox News (when commenting on the CNBC [Business] News Network). But no biggie, however – the important thing was that Sarah Palin – hands & shoulders above those minor players, anyway – was the Keynote Speaker!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Karl “Tokyo” Rove has a serious agenda as well. He’s not an unbiased commentator. He has a serious agenda, and yet, Fox News allows him on.

        It was apparent that he wasn’t on the side of the American people when, after Christine O’Donnell beat his buddy Mike Castle in Delaware. Fox allowed Rove to come on for days on end to trash O’Donnell AFTER she won the GOP nomination. That was just Rove taking out his personal frustration on her. Unprofessional as hell.

        I wasn’t a fan before, really not one now!

  2. Love the tweets – but can hardly wait for more for SALT 2012! Speaking of those CNBC reporters or commentators, why wasn’t there anyone from Fox Business News?

  3. You’re right on that score, Gary – Rove is like a snake (albeit fat around the middle!) in the grass (Tokyo Rove – you used that before, and it’s still funny/appropriate now!) – and he can hardly wait to shoot his venom whenever he’s been annoyed! He wasn’t the only one trash-talking McDonnell – just one of the louder voices. And I’m convinced that the RINO’s anger over even her candidacy was a big part of why she didn’t win in the General Election.

    They eat their own, don’t they?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh yeah. Rove is the worst of the worst. He has been one of those trying to rewrite the 2008 campaign history as well. He particularly dislikes Sarah Palin, and worked hard to discredit her. He, like the other GOP insiders know that if she were president, and only accomplished half of the ethics reforms she did in Alaska, his day would be done.

      Weasels like Rove are why politics is such a cesspool of corruption and mediocrity.

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