Is Matt Lewis Biased Against Reality?

By Gary P Jackson

After Deb Fischer’s big win in Nebraska last night, it’s been interesting to watch the lamestream media’s reaction. Especially considering Fischer was endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Journolister Dave Weigel threw a hissy fit over at Slate stomping his feet and declaring that no way Sarah’s endorsement had much impact. Never mind Fischer, a solid candidate, was down by double digits before the endorsement. Weigel warns readers they will be reading stories proclaiming Sarah is a “Kingmaker” all the while sounding like someone running around with their hair on fire!

Maybe Dave hung out with Andrew Sullivan a little too long. The drama queen act has rubbed off on him!

You expect a hack like Weigel to do what hacks do. The left MUST try to marginalize Palin. If not, they know she will destroy them.

In this, the left is no different than the Karl Rove types in the GOP.

I was really surprised by Matt Lewis though. I’ve often thought of Lewis as having a fair amount of intelligence, and a decent writer, but after reading his column on Sarah, and his assertion that she has a bias towards female candidates, I’m now questioning the entire thing.

Like others in the lamestream media, Lewis attempts to muddy the waters and claim Sarah’s endorsement had no effect on the results. Never mind the facts show something altogether different.

Lewis asserts that the only reason Sarah endorsed Fischer is because she was a woman. Lewis also claims Fischer wasn’t the “most conservative” candidate.

As I pointed out earlier today, it doesn’t take a lot of detective work to understand why Sarah got behind Fischer. It’s all about reform and energy, Sarah’s two hot button issues.

Fischer was the most electable Conservative, and someone with a real plan. Not just another “more of the same” candidate.

Lewis trots out 2010 Senate candidate Carly Fiorina as further proof that Sarah would rather back a female candidate than a Conservative. I assume Matt is thinking about Carly’s opponent Chuck DeVore.

I remember that race well. DeVore was a disaster. A really unlikable guy who surrounded himself with even more unlikable campaign advisers and management. The guy was a total ass.

DeVore was going nowhere.

The other candidate was Tom Campbell, an out and out liberal pretending to be a Republican. Until Sarah endorsed Carly, it was going to be a huge win for Campbell.

Sarah picked Fiorina because she was really the best option.

Carly would be the Senator from California today if DeVore and his group didn’t throw a hissy fit after they lost big time. Much as Karl Rove did after his boy Mike Castle lost big time in Delaware. Rove went on national TV for days on end trashing Christine O’Donnell. DeVore’s people worked behind the scenes in much the same way. They were even more nasty in defeat than they were while campaigning.

That’s ancient history though. Suffice it to say Sarah Palin endorsed many fine men and women in 2010, and most of them are in office today, thanks to her support.

In 2012, she’s officially endorsed three Senate candidates. Two men and one woman. Richard Mourdock and Deb Fischer both had improbable, but highly celebrated wins, thanks to Sarah’s [and her supporters’] help.

Sarah has also endorsed Ted Cruz here in Texas over GOP Establishment candidate David Dewhurst. Cruz has seen a huge surge in support, and more important, money, since Sarah made her endorsement.

Two men, one woman. I’m not a math scholar, that’s for damned sure, but it seems that Sarah has chosen male candidates 2:1 so far.

Now it’s true, no female was running in Indiana, but there is a female candidate running in Texas, yet, Sarah chose Ted Cruz, a solid Reagan Conservative. Imagine that.

I suggest that Matt Lewis stick to reporting the facts, and devote less time trying to marginalize Sarah Palin. That strategery has been tried before, and it never ends well for those who do.

One thing we know for sure is there is a bias out there alright, but it’s all from The Daily Caller and Matt Lewis.


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3 responses to “Is Matt Lewis Biased Against Reality?

  1. Surprised to read such drivel from Matt Lewis – but it reminds me why I stopped my subscription to The Daily Caller! They have a fair amount of good stuff, but every once in a while, Tucker Carlson’s RINO/GOP-e roots start to show… And TC’s only been lukewarm at best about Sarah Palin. Well, if for no other reason that to see Palin pull a 1980 Reagan in 20016 or 2020, I’m in this for the long haul – and am reminded all the time of that great observation, “He who laughs last laughs best!”

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, I was truly disappointed in Matt. He’s usually been quite fair.

      Tucker Carlson [I have another name for him, but won’t bother you with it] is a total loser. He has a serious problem with Women. It was bad enough when he tweeted that Sarah was a “MILF”, but since then he has continued with that sort of thing.

      I think we can all agree that Sarah is a beautiful woman. Hot even, but losers like Tucker use that sort of language as a way of demeaning and belittling women. All of the Establishment Republicans have worked overtime trying to marginalize Sarah. Instead they have marginalized themselves!

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