Sarah Palin: Ted Cruz Is A Conservative You Can Trust

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By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has recorded a call going out to Texans asking all of us to vote for Conservative Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is the only Conservative running in this election. He has a solid record of representing Texas as Solicitor General. He has solid policy positions that will help get America back on track.

Lt Governor David Dewhurst, also a candidate for Senate, has been running a despicable campaign against Cruz, one filled with lies and misrepresentations. Dewhurst is the establishment GOP candidate. He will be just as bad as the Senator we’re voting to replace.

Visit Cruz’s website to find out more about these attacks, and Cruz’s actual record and positions.

To make a campaign donation, click here.

Most importantly though, get out and vote, and bring everyone you know with you!

Conservatives must take these seats if we are to reform the Senate. Currently the GOP Senate leadership is from the Rockefeller wing of the party. These country club Republicans simply don’t get it.

It’s essential we send reformers like Ted Cruz to Washington.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin: Ted Cruz Is A Conservative You Can Trust

  1. Morgan Michaels

    Mourdock Fischer Cruz

    Sliding out of reverse into drive, this
    Wheel will be turning right, then straight
    Off in the sunset she’ll ride
    She can remember a time denied, stood by
    Side of the road, spilled like wine, now
    She’s out on her own and line high

    It’s time for the GOPe to ‘Yield’ and give Palin and the Tea Party the right of way. Yeah that’s Pearl Jam and she’s a Van Halen fan. But same general musical category, right?

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