Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Into the Sea

By Gary P Jackson

Bill Whittle weaves together monetary policy, aeronautics, and the European Union on this edition of Afterburner. Whittle thinks the Euro is heading for catastrophic failure, just like the tragic Airbus A330 that crashed into the Atlantic. How does this affect you? Find out.

This is a great new video from Bill Whittle. He’s explaining quite well why the European Union is falling apart. This is a warning for America to get it’s house in order.


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2 responses to “Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Into the Sea

  1. Whittle is amazing! I don’t watch PJTV as much as I should – too much other stuff comes in over the transome! But in this, his analogy is dead-on – and, in a way, we can only watch the crash. Like lemmings over the cliff and into the sea, the entitlement crowd and the spending mavens won’t know what hit ’em until they feel the cold wst waters of the sea…

    • Gary P Jackson

      What I like about him is how he so calmly presents his case. He’s really great! I try to post as many Afterburners as I can.

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