ABC News Allows Ted Shpak To Lie About Sarah Palin on Memorial Day, Again

By Gary P Jackson

I hate to bring this up on the day we honor our fallen troops, but this is the second Memorial Day in a row that Rolling Thunder’s “legislative director” Ted Shpak has found a willing reporter, this time Matt Negrin, at ABC News, who would allow him to smear Sarah Palin.

We had enough problems last year with Sarah Palin. She came out last year and said she’s speaking, and she’s bringing her bus and starting her tour, and that wasn’t happening. I went ballistic when I heard that. One of our members invited them who had no business to invite her.  She showed up. Don’t come in the way she came in. It was a sad site to see. If she had just came like everybody else, I’d say it was OK. That’s not the way it happened.

If you remember, Sarah Palin was invited to ride with the heroes from Rolling Thunder, a wonderful group who are dedicated to making sure no one ever forgets those who were held as prisoners of war, or are missing in action.

Sarah wasn’t invited to speak, and had no intention of speaking to the group. That’s not what Rolling Thunder is even about. It’s about the ride, and as this report shows, she was just another rider in the crowd.

In fact, when reporters crowded around Sarah and her family, as she spoke with veterans who were riding, some rather large bikers ran the reporters off! And they weren’t real nice about it!

This wasn’t a media event, it was about honoring the troops. Last year it was Ted Shpak and MSNBC that turned it into a circus. I guess Shpak is looking for another 15 minutes of fame.

Todd and Piper rode on one bike, while Sarah Palin rode with Petrina Herman, a professional models agent [and fiancée of Harley-Davidson dealer New York Myke] of San Diego.

As we reported at the time, Sarah and her family were not only invited, she was well received by the riders. For some reason Shpak, a man of questionable character and agenda, decided to go on the far left MSNBC “news” network and bash Sarah. A disgraceful act.

Also at the time, ABC News’ Sheila Marikar reported: “Rolling Thunder announced Thursday that Palin accepted an invitation to participate in its May 29 rally

The Washington Post reported that Nancy Regg, a spokeswoman for Rolling Thunder, had confirmed Sarah had been invited and was planning to ride. You can read more here.

In a follow-up article it was noted that the invitation came from a retired Rolling Thunder board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got the Palins to agree to attend.

You can read more about that here.

On May 29th of last year, in response to a read I wrote:

I had never heard of Shpak before Friday, but did some digging. I have decided not to embarrass Rolling Thunder by publishing my findings, but it’s sufficient to say Shpak dishonors the group with his membership.

I still feel the same way. Rolling Thunder is a wonderful and patriotic group. We need more folks like them. That said, if anyone wants to do their own research on Shpak, they’ll understand what I said and why I said it.

Of course, we can’t excuse Matt Negrin of ABC News, a character who seems to have a habit of smearing Sarah Palin.

It’s sad that people like Shpak and Negrin soil the memories of our fallen heroes, with unnecessary lies, to push their own agenda. I guess every crowd has it’s share of weasels.

I’d much rather remind America what Rolling Thunder is really about. Here’s a moving video from last year’s ride. A solitary Marine holds vigil, at full attention, during the Rolling Thunder rally in tribute to fallen comrades:

God bless all of those who serve. And God bless those who keep the memories of those who have fallen alive.


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12 responses to “ABC News Allows Ted Shpak To Lie About Sarah Palin on Memorial Day, Again

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  2. Palin Derangement Syndrome on full display. There is a cure for liberals on this debilitating condition….

    …Congratulations Mrs. President on your reelection…..

  3. christine colborne

    For the record, I was the media co-chair of Rolling Thunder Inc. (with Nancy Regg) until February 2012 and spent the better part of four days last Memorial Day doing damage control in connection with the Palin visit. She was invited by Mike DiPaulo, who didn’t inform his Rolling THunder leadership in advance, and that’s what caused Ted Shpak to go ballistic, since he was then required to respond to Andrea Mitchell when Palin’s team made it public. He was blindsided. Of course we said she was invited–she was–by ONE member of Rolling Thunder. We closed ranks rather than look stupid. As for Palin: I met with members of her PR team the day before the run and explained that since she was (and still is) a polarizing figure and that we wanted to ensure that the event was about the POWs and not HER, would she please enter the Pentagon with as little fanfare as possible. They all agreed. Imagine my surprise when she and her party showed up with a police escort, blue lights flashing, with a maximum of fanfare. She managed to steal the spotlight from the reason we were all gathered there. And again for the record, I was a Palin fan until that day. In the end, it was about her team garnering her as much PR as possible, and the result was negative for Rolling Thunder members who were trying to protect the reason we were all there. So if you’re talking about smearing, start with your smear of Ted Shpak. It was and is wrong. I was THERE. I saw it all and heard it all.l

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’ve looked up Ted Shpak’s history, and as I told readers, I won’t embarrass Rolling Thunder, a truly wonderful group, by publishing it. However, readers are free to do their own look-see.

      The fact is, Palin was indeed invited and didn’t “crash” the event. Not that an invitation is even necessary. Shpak had an agenda, obviously.

      You evidently do as well, as you describe Palin as “polarizing.” The proper word to use is GALVANIZING. As in she has been galvanizing conservatives to fight for what is right.

      Every report we got, and we got plenty, had the bikers excited she was there. Her presence certainly got exposure for a worthy group. It exposed a lot of new people to what Rolling Thunder does. That’s a good thing.

      There are thousands of bloggers who support Sarah Palin, and all of us exposed our readers to the great work Rolling Thunder does. Unfortunately, we also all had to set the record straight when Shpak opened his mouth, and spewed hatred and lies.

      The only reason you were having to do damage control last year is because Shpak went on MSNBC running his mouth. Evidently he has a case of the red ass to this day, as he chose to LIE about what happened last year, in an interview this year. If you want to direct your anger at someone, direct it at Shpak. He’s the one who started a shit storm, where before, there was only goodwill.

      Sarah Palin has a long record of supporting the troops. Her son is an Iraq war veteran, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. As Governor of Alaska, she was Commander-in-Chief of the only National Guard that is permanently deployed. She’s spent time with her troops. In 2007 she went to Kuwait to visit her troops, and even participated in training. She want to Kosovo in 2009. On her way, she also took part in training aboard the USS Stennis.

      As Governor, Palin made a point of meeting returning troops as they deplaned, personally thanking each and every one of them for their service. Oh, and she didn’t take a camera crew with her.

      You are way off base, and complete wrong, just like Shpak, as to why Sarah Palin accepted the invitation to come ride will all of the patriots of Rolling Thunder.

      If you want to be pissed off, be pissed off at Shpak, or even Mike DiPaulo, but Sarah Palin did nothing wrong, and there would have been no mess to clean up, or bad PR for Rolling Thunder if Shpak had kept his big yap shut!

      BTW, we are NOT going to let this die until ABC corrects the record. Shpak lied, and ABC let him. We won’t stand for that.

      • Martha Sanders
      • Gary P Jackson

        Just so you know, we don’t publish comments that are complete and total bullshit. No matter who the subject of the comments are.

        Go back to the Daily Kos or Huffington Post, that’s more your speed.

    • david ritter

      I call bullshit on this post.

  4. Ms. Colborne how is it correct of Mr. Shpak to claim to Mrs. Mitchell in 2011 that Palin somehow said RT “endorsed” her?? At the time she was a just like you a private citizen and no decision on candidacy was made.

    Shpak to Mitchell: “you know, it is just the way it came out, she’s saying we endorsed her, we’re not endorsing anybody.”
    End Quote.

    Why would he lie about this, then rush to go on national TV to talk about it then, after finding she WAS invited (and didn’t even have to be as it is an open event) end up looking like a dork for not getting his info straight first?

    And then openly lie again this year claiming Palin wanted to “speak” at the event and on top of it all claim that a former board-member in good standing had “no business inviting Palin”??? When it is open to all people, neutral and firmly non-partisan???

    What kind of “neutral” position does this reflect on RT when you come out purely negative and defending lies like this? Is there some special rule for Palin that exclude her from the “everyones invited” theme???? A mother with a serving combat first born son?????

    Please let us all know, and also let us know what you think of Palin honoring a recently passed member of RT in her Facebook note. Are you able to spin that negatively too???


    John Kagen

  5. Christine Colborne

    You have missed the point and have instead preferred to characterize what I and others have said as unpatriotic Palin haters. Here are the facts, whether you care for them or not:

    Mike DiPaulo invited Ms. Palin to speak at the Rolling Thunder Sunday program; a few days before the event, her team issued a press release saying that she was “kicking off her tour” at the Rolling Thunder event. That in itself was unfortunate, as all the attending (albeit warranted) media coverage had the potential for taking the focus off the event and its meaning and focusing it on Ms. Palin. That is, in fact, what happened when she arrived at the Pentagon parking lot. The media ceased to care about why we were there, jostling and shoving to get her photo instead. Some Rolling THunder members, who objected to the shoving, shoved back. They were portrayed as brutish thugs. I was right in the middle of it and I saw everything.

    ANYONE can attend the event, not everyone is invited to speak and that is what the contention was about. The fact that Rolling Thunder leadership was not informed in advance (by Mike) and that the first they knew about it was when they were contacted by the media was what started the entire firestorm.

    Rolling Thunder invites political figures of all bents to speak at their events. It wasn’t that it was Sarah Palin speaking that caused the controversy–it was that her team chose to turn that invitation into an opportunity to capitalize on the event for their own gain by announcing that they were kicking off their tour at the Rolling Thunder event. They had no right to hijack the program and that’s what it began to look like. And as I said in my previous post, despite my pleas to Ms. Palin’s team that her appearance not overshadow the event itself, her arrival in the parking lot was anything but low-key. Not everyone who objected to what happened was or is a Palin hater. They just objected to how the whole thing was handled.

    You can see this any way you choose; again, I WAS THERE. I saw it all and heard it all from every single side, as I had separate conversations with ALL parties, including Mike, Ted, Palin’s team, Artie Muller and others. It was a mess but what it wasn’t and isn’t is a Palin-hating situation. Everyone–yes, even Ted Shpak–is entitled to his or her opinion. There is nothing unpatriotic about free speech and if you choose to call it lies, that’s your decision. I find it interesting how both liberals and conservatives claim that the other side is lying. Everyone seems to have the corner on truth these days. The fact that someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them (or you) wrong.

    As for Ms. Palin’s post in FB about a recently deceased member of Rolling Thunder, I happened to know the man she is referring to–Jay Fairlamb. I’m sure his family is grateful for her condolences and everyone else’s as well. He was a great man.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sarah Palin never planned on speaking at the event. In fact, she went on an entire bus tour and never once gave a speech, even though she was mobbed at every stop by supporters. When she talked to the media, it was to promote Liberty and Freedom, and talk about whatever stop she was at.

      SarahPAC has daily reports archived if you wanna check.

      Hilariously, she proved how stupid the media, and liberals in general are, at almost every stop. Take her comments on Paul Revere. She was right, and historical accounts, as well as historians today, back her up. But the media went nuts. Most people know of the ride from a fictionalize poem that was written almost 100 years after the fact. When historians came out and agreed with her, the left, as always, looked stupid.

      Sarah Palin NEVER intended to speak at the Rolling Thunder event. She was INVITED TO COME AND RIDE. That said, you couldn’t have had a better ambassador for the group.

      You seem to have a real burr up your butt because she even showed up. That’s your problem, not anyone else’s.

      As for the media, Sarah Palin was, and still is, one of the most popular politicians in the country, especially among Conservatives. A poll taken a few months back still had her approval rating at 70% among Republicans and Republican leaning independents. That’s 20% higher than the Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney. My point, is Palin is a star. The media will go to extremes to report on her.

      Remember, the media was thoroughly pissed off that she didn’t hand them her itinerary on the bus tour you mentioned, and were reduced to following bus on the road like a bunch of groupies.

      What you assert Sarah was “planning” isn’t true. That’s not her style. I’ve followed her career for a long, long time.

      As for the bikers who had enough of the media, man EVERYBODY loved that! People hate the media, and that goes double for Conservatives. Those cats were heroes to us.

      As for security, I don’t know about all the lights flashing and other things you claim, I do know Sarah gets death threats almost daily. She actually has to have armed guards at her home because of all of the crazies.

      She had a loon move in next door just to spy on her.

      Speaking of that, there is an entire family, father, son, and mother, who have stalked Sarah since 2008. The father and son were convicted on federal charges. Somehow the mother, who is just as insane, and dangerous, escaped prison.

      These people live in Pennsylvania, and yet, the son managed to turn up in Alaska, after sending Sarah a photo of a gun he said he’d purchased, and promised not only to rape and kill her, but her daughters and her best friend as well.

      The son was released from federal prison yesterday, pending sentencing. The father is still in the mental ward of a federal pen in Alaska.

      So pardon the Palin’s if they are security conscious. Of course, they knew they’d be safe once they were with the riders. Again, everyone appreciated how they were taken care of. Nothing like a biker.

      Back to your rant though.

      Look, all Sarah Palin did was accept an invitation [to an event that is open and requires no invitation] to come ride. Yeah, she may have told people she was going. So what? Any other high profile person would have done the same. She was TRYING to call attention to your noble cause.

      This was never “controversial” until your boy Shpak went ballistic on national TV, the democrat party’s wholly owned subsidiary, MSNBC. THEN it became a thing.

      In looking back in our reporting, we have this:

      Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin’s Participation in Rally

      It should be noted that ABC News was reporting that “Rolling Thunder announced Thursday that Palin accepted an invitation to participate in its May 29 rally.”

      Sadly I had to go back and update the article after your boy Shpak showed his ass on national TV. It’s funny, the national news was already reporting Sarah had been invited, THEN Shpak did his thing. I thought little of it then, but looking at it now, I ain’t buying the idea that Shpak didn’t know she was invited. It’s looking even more as though he had an axe to grind.

      There was no controversy, no negative press until Shpak opened his yap. NONE.

      Of course, the media LOVES controversy, so they gave Shpak his 15 minutes of fame.

      If you want to be pissed off, go talk to him. Mike DiPaulo invited her, evidently
      without informing you guys. Go talk to him!

      As for Shpak, yeah, he’s a liar, and if he was here I’d tell him to his face. First, he’s still giving the impression Sarah and her family “crashed” the party. That’s complete bullshit, and you know it. He’s also asserted that she wanted to speak, and other BS. Also a lie.

      I don’t call people liars offhand. But Shpak has been lying about the event since the beginning. Worse, a year after the fact, he’s lying again, and pissing people off.

      Rolling Thunder is an honorable organization. Our American fighting men and women are the greatest. What the group does to remember those who are still MIA and were POWS is exceptional. That said, you might wanna rethink who is allowed to speak for your group.

      Yeah, Shpak is entitled to speak his mind. Just as you, me and everyone else is. That’s not the problem. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

      Shpak is damaging an awesome brand. He’s created a lot of ill feeling for a group that doesn’t deserve any.

      All I know for sure, that millions of people who didn’t know what Rolling Thunder was, or what your group does, learned about them when Sarah joined the ride. That’s a good thing. Shpak throwing a hissy fit, not so much.

      We covered her mention of Jay Fairlamb as well. Very sad. I understand he was the best of the best. A very good man.

  6. Christine Colborne

    You expressing your opinion, peppered with vulgarity, is an appropriate blog, apparently, while my expressing my opinion as someone who was intimately involved with the entire thing last year is characterized by you as a rant. Good God what is this democracy coming to. I have no “burr under my butt” about Palin’s showing up. I DID have an issue with the way she did it and security had nothing to do with it. Again, I was there–you weren’t. But this is the last post I am bothering to make. It’s clear all you are interested in is Palin Worship and criticizing dissent. Enjoy yourself.

    • Gary P Jackson

      What does “democracy” have to do with anything? If I didn’t care about what you had to say, I just wouldn’t have let your first rant through moderation.

      And yeah, that’s what it is, a rant.

      By the way, we don’t live in a democracy. Nazi Germany was a “democracy” We live in a representative republic.

      It’s obvious the ONLY reason there was “controversy” surrounding last year’s Rolling Thunder event is because Ted Shpak does have the common sense of canned cling peaches. Who in their right mind, on the eve of one of their organization’s greatest events, would go on national television a trash someone who is admired by millions, and someone who would bring a ton of POSITIVE exposure to that event?

      Once Shpak opened his yap, and started spewing lies and half-truths, the event was no longer about saluting the best our nation has to offer, it was all about Ted Shpak going “hey, look at me!”

      We don’t worship Sarah Palin, or anyone else here. We do however respect her and support all of her efforts helping restore, revive, and renew America. Sarah Palin has been a positive force in this country.

      Personally, I have followed her since her earliest days as Governor of Alaska. Didn’t take long to figure out she was a cut above the rest. In fact, I was one of those lobbying the McCain campaign to choose her as his running mate. There were a lot of us doing this, both inside and outside the campaign.

      Lying about Sarah Palin is something we see on a daily basis. Liberals do it all the time, no matter of their party affiliation. You’ll find Palin supporters, and there are millions of us, don’t take kindly to people who lie. Those of us who blog, gladly work to set the record straight.

      My problem isn’t with you, it’s with Ted Shpak, and ABC News, but I gotta tell you, not knowing anything about you, except from this interaction, you sound like a typical lefty, especially the way you talk about Sarah Palin, and get all bent out of shape when you are called out on it.

      Again, the ONLY reason Sarah Palin’s ride with the patriots of Rolling Thunder became an issue is because Ted Shpak went on national TV, MSNBC, of all places, and ran his mouth.

      Your continued insistence on making it about something else leads me to believe you also have an agenda. We know the facts surrounding the event. We also know that statements made by Shpak are completely and totally FALSE. They were false when he made them in 2011 and they were still false when he made them this year.

      Maybe you are the kind of person who doesn’t get upset when people are lied about over and over. Myself, I can’t stand it. Nothing worse than a lying liar who lies.

      Get your own house in order before you come around here bitching. Your problem is Ted Shpak, not Sarah Palin. If I was running Rolling Thunder, I’d clip the boy’s wings and send him packing. He’s a loose cannon who hurts your cause a lot more than he helps it.

      Rolling Thunder is doing God’s work. Surely you can find someone who is media savvy, and honest, to be the face of the group.

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