Bing and Google Honor Memorial Day Quite Differently

By Gary P Jackson

The two largest search engines, Bing and Google, use their home pages to commemorate all sorts of holidays, birthdays, and so on. Google is notorious in how it remembers certain events though, and how it ignores others.

Bing, on the other hand, never fails to show respect.

On Memorial Day, the two internet giants’ home pages looked like this:

At least Google, which goes all out for holidays like Cinco de Mayo, and May Day [the anniversary of the Communist revolution] had something, but not much, and certainly not enough, considering what it does for other holidays.

I would think honoring those who gave their lives for Liberty and Freedom would be a top priority for those who count on free speech to make a living. Without the sacrifices our veterans have made since our nation’s founding, our free speech rights might not exist as they do today.

This isn’t the first time Google has done this, nor will be it the last.

In June of 2010, we covered how both Bing and Google handled the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

I’m OK with both Bing and Google doing their own thing, but is it too much to ask for Google to show a little more respect for our troops?

H/T Sissy Willis



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5 responses to “Bing and Google Honor Memorial Day Quite Differently

  1. Morgan Michaels

    I wish there were an alternative to evil (Google) and the borg (Microsoft/Yahoo). I have tried DuckDuckGo, any other recommendations?

    • Gary P Jackson

      There’s Dog Pile, and a few others. Sadly, Google will usually generate the most content in a search, Bing the second most.

  2. Colt

    And notice, Google ALWAYS includes a yellow ribbon. The original meaning of a yellow ribbon for the troops is, of course, honorable and deeply meaningful in representing the love of families for their loved one(s) in the military and their hopes for their safe return.
    BUT, I have seen it used by liberals in a context of simply saying, ‘bring them home whether their objective has been acheived or not’. In other words, just a ’60’s style, unpatriiotic ant-war protest.
    Is there ANY doubt as to the context in which Google displays THEIR yellow ribbon??

  3. Atticus Finch

    If it makes you feel better there is evidence is working directly with the CIA and NSA to provide data to find all those terrorist using gmail. What’s more American that fighting terrorist?

    • Gary P Jackson

      So what, they also collect data on Americans and sell it to other companies, who then bug the hell out of you with spam.

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