Michael Williams: A Record to Stand On

By Gary P Jackson

A brand new online video from the Williams campaign. Michael Williams is the only candidate running in District 25 with a proven record of Conservatism.

Michael’s record through the years has not gone unnoticed. Leaders from across Texas and the US have stood up and made note of his exemplary history in office. Here’s what just a few of them are saying.

Today is election day!

Polls are open from 7am – 7pm on Election day. To find out where you go to vote, please visit the Texas Secretary of State’s website. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to contact us by calling HQ at (512) 482-0682 or by emailing info@WilliamsForTexas.com


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2 responses to “Michael Williams: A Record to Stand On

  1. Gary, thank you for the post. I like him but then I feel like District 25 was his last choice being that it was his 3rd race to run this election cycle alone. Can you verify something I found on the internet? It was something from an energy group in Texas from 2003 that said since M Williams supported some Senate Bill (I think 310) that it led to a lot of trouble for independent energy producers in Texas. It said that under William’s regulations, the industry produced less than 1,000,000 barrells per day for 1st time since records were first kept in the early 1930s.

    I am not saying it is fact, but wondering if you know of this. thanks.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Originally Michael was looking to be appointed to Kay Bailout Hutchison’s seat. She PROMISED, win or lose, that after the 2010 Governor’s race, she would step down. She lied, and everyone in the GOP let her get away with it.

      Long story short, Michael was going to run for the Senate, but with Ted Cruz, he did the right thing and stepped aside, choosing to run for the House, instead. This was great strategery. It would have been a huge battle, between those two Conservative superstars, and it might have just allowed that rat bastard Dewhurst to sneak in under the radar.

      As it is, instead of one great Conservative, Texas now has the chance to send two to Washington. This is a huge win, and a tribute to Michael for not letting ego get in the way of good sense.

      As to Senate Bill 310, from what I’m seeing this was a way to stop small companies from drilling, then abandoning oil wells. There is a high risk of polluting ground water. This law was to reduce the number of these orphaned wells.

      This was back in 2002, and it’s mostly critics, who would have to pay higher fees, designed to weed out these marginal operators, who were running around with their hair on fire.


      History proved them wrong.

      I guess one of William’s desperate opponents must be dragging this 10 year old story up. Michael’s record as RR Commissioner is solid.

      BTW, as Governor, Sarah Palin forced Exxon-Mobil to either “use it or loose it” over their 30 year lease at Point Thompson, that they refused to explore. The brass at Exxon-Mobil lost their minds, and threatened her. She won in court and they were soon drilling!

      I’m pro energy and pro-exploration. I’m also pro-business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to watch these cats like a hawk watches chickens. Both Michael and Sarah were right in what they did.

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