Ron Paul Joins Democrats in Defeating Sex Selection Abortion Ban, Allowing Genocide to Continue UPDATED

****UPDATED at the bottom of the page*****

By Gary P Jackson

A society is judged by how it treats the least among us. Today, I’d give us an F!

It seems there really is a war on women being waged by the democrat party. A vile, wicked war of death. Ron Paul and six other Republican have joined democrats in supporting this mass murder.

A few days ago pro-life advocate Lila Rose released a disturbing tape recounting an investigation into Planned Parenthood. The tape, made at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Austin, Texas, shows a woman talking to one of the workers about aborting her baby, if it’s a girl, because she’d rather have a boy. The Planned Parenthood worker then goes into detail telling the woman, actually an undercover investigator, how to get things done.

Today, Live Action, Rose’s group, has released the full tape documenting this encounter. It’s long, a little over an hour, but is a must see:

We also have tape of her talking with Bill O’Reilly about this despicable practice:

The idea that a mother can just go in and destroy a human being on a whim is sickening enough for most decent people, but the idea of murdering one’s child, just because they are a little girl, rather than a boy, is just too horrific to think about, let alone put into words.

Obviously, this has outraged Americans, and for once, Congress decided to take swift and decisive action. Unfortunately, to try and rush this through quickly, under House rules that limit debate, you need a two thirds majority for the bill to pass. Thanks to Ron Paul, and six other Republicans, the bill failed to receive the required number of votes needed to pass.

Much to their credit, twenty democrats joined Republicans in the attempt to stop this unnecessary genocide.

Republicans who don’t care about the slaughter of little girls, joining Ron Paul, are Justin Amash (Mich.), Charlie Bass (N.H.), Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Richard Hanna (N.Y.), and Nan Hayworth (N.Y.).

The democrats who DO care about stopping this vile, pagan ritual are: Jason Altmire (Pa.), John Barrow (Ga.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Jerry Costello (Ill.), Mark Critz (Pa.), Henry Cuellar (Texas), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), John Garamendi (Calif.), Tim Holden (Pa.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Daniel Lipinski (Ill.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Nick Rahall (W.Va.), Silvestre Reyes (Texas), Mike Ross (Ark.) and Heath Shuler (N.C.).

There were seventeen cowards from both parties who didn’t vote. They are just as guilty as those who voted against the bill. For the complete vote count, click here.

It’s bad enough that, as a society, we put up with the wholesale slaughter of children. The idea of allowing these sex selection murders to continue is incomprehensible to me.

It’s downright evil.

It makes one wonder when it will end. We already murder children just because they are disabled. Recently Bristol Palin, whose brother Trig has Down Syndrome, penned an article talking about the 8% of Down Syndrome babies who are allowed to live.

Scientists are said to be working on a way to determine if a fetus will turn out to be a gay or straight child. Will liberals be so understanding of murder if parents start killing their gay babies? Or will they finally draw the line?

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a hero of the progressive movement, was a eugenicist. It was a popular thought among early 20th century liberals that man could control the “quality” of human beings through selective breeding, and the murder of those who didn’t meet the standards set by these scientists. Sort of an early incarnation of “death panels.”

Sanger and her contemporaries were quite successful. One of her targets were Negroes. She called them “human weeds.” Today a black baby is more likely to be aborted, than born. If you want to see some truly horrific statistics, I suggest readers check out the website Black Genocide for details.

Adolf Hitler was a fan of Sanger’s and other eugenicists. Reading their works inspired Hitler, and Mengele to embark on their journey to create a “master race” of Germans, which ultimately led to the slaughter of six million Jews.

The sort of thinking that allows the mass murder of infants always ends up bad. The inherent evil of it all ensures it will end badly.

There are a lot of battles the American people are fighting. All of them are essential battles. We are battling a big, bloated government, runaway spending, unsustainable debt, and massive losses of Liberty and Freedom. These are all battles we must win, but nothing is more sacred than innocent life. If we can’t stop the slaughter of innocent little girls, then one wonders if we deserve, as a society, to continue.

The liberal mindset has always confused the hell out of me. The same liberals who DEMAND we allow the mass murder of tens of millions of children to continue, unchecked, go crazy when people hunt, fish, or other wise kill animals. Even if they are doing it for food.

The same loud, nasty protesters who show up to protest any attempt to stop abortion on demand, will then go to the local prison to protest the death penalty for some cop killer. In the liberal’s mind, it’s their right to murder innocent children who have harmed absolutely no one, but don’t you dare punish a life long criminal who has killed.

It’s been long said that liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s hard to argue with that.

Shame on Ron Paul for voting with the democrats. This is a character who used the fact that he was a doctor to claim he was pro-life. Has featured in it’s campaigns for years. And yet, when he had a real opportunity to prove it, he sides with the far left. Kind of like when he had a chance to support the Republican ticket in 2008, and help stop Barack Obama, he chose to endorse Communist Cynthia McKinney for president, instead.

Shame on all of the Republicans who care so little about human life. May they all be soundly defeated in their elections.

Shame on those who didn’t vote. That’s a cowards way out.

One more thing. Austin’s Planned Parenthood slaughter house isn’t the only location helping women kill little girls just because they are little girls. Today Live Action released a video from New York City:

NEW YORK, May 31 — Today, Live Action released a new undercover video showing Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger clinic in New York City helping a woman determine if her unborn child was female so she could have a sex-selection abortion. The video is second in a new series titled “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” exposing the practice of sex-selective abortion in the United States and how Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry facilitate the selective elimination of baby girls in the womb.

The new video can be viewed at, a hub of research and information on sex-selective abortions.

In the video, Planned Parenthood social worker Randi Coun advises the woman on an early, definitive method to tell the gender of her child in the late first or early second trimester:

So if you were to have what’s called a CVS test, which is, do you know what that is?” she asks, referring to the genetic Chorionic Villus Sampling test. “It’s done between 11 and 13 weeks, so it is a test that you could do now.” CVS tests have a risk of miscarriage of about 1 in 100, which Coun did not mention, and are typically done to test for genetic disorders in a pregnancy.

Coun also reassures the woman that she can carry her pregnancy farther into term before her abortion. “An abortion at any stage up to 24 weeks is considered a safe procedure,” she asserts. ” It’s not that it’s unsafe, or that there’s a lot more risk involved, it’s just there’s more steps involved and it’s just a little more complicated.

Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Center in New York City does abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and is the organization’s national headquarters.

I can tell you that here at Planned Parenthood we believe that it’s not up to us to decide what is a good or a bad reason for somebody to decide to terminate a pregnancy,” Coun adds concerning the woman’s request for a sex-selective abortion. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards yesterday opposed a ban on sex-selective abortions on the grounds that it would “limit [a woman’s] choices as she makes personal medical decisions.”

Planned Parenthood has built their abortion empire on their belief that any abortion is a good abortion, even if it is motivated by the very discrimination against women that they claim to abhor,” says Lila Rose, president of Live Action. “Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first mentality leads them to defend targeting baby girls for extermination. When any of Planned Parenthood’s other ideological commitments comes into conflict with their abortion-first mentality, it’s clear that abortion always takes priority.”

Six studies in the past four years indicate that there are thousands of “missing girls” in the U.S. from sex-selective abortion. The U.K., India, Australia, and other countries ban sex-selective abortion, but the U.S., save for three states, does not. This afternoon, the House of Representatives will vote on the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), which would ban sex-selective abortions nationally.

Live Action is a youth led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending the human rights
abuse of abortion. They use new media to educate the public about the humanity of the unborn and
investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless. More information at

For further information, please contact Dan Wilson or Jameson Cunningham with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or (800) 536-5920.

I want readers to think about this for a minute: Pretty soon, in New York City, you won’t be able to buy a 20oz Coke, but you can murder your baby girl with no repercussions whatsoever!

Yes, liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s also downright evil.

We must demand these barbaric rituals be stopped.


Just wanted to point out this legislation also included a ban on race-based selection as well as the sex-based selection ban on abortions. This is something democrats would rather you not know.

Mark Levin discusses it all here.

****Note to our readers****

We’ve gotten a lot of nasty comments from Ron Paul supporters. Most too vulgar to print. I have however posted the ones that were printable, and have engaged the commenters. Nothing new there, but if readers sense a certain tone to the replies, it’s because I’ve had just about enough of Ron Paul and the cult of personality that surrounds him. And I’m sick of those who have a ready excuse for whatever he does, no matter how far out of the mainstream it is.

I honestly feel that standing with the democrats, standing on the side of pure evil, should be Ron Paul’s lasting legacy. Before leaving Congress, Ron Paul, for once, had a chance to stand for something decent. He failed. So did the other Republicans who joined him.

As always, we’ll post any reply to any article here. However, long incoherent rants, as well as profanity laced tirades will be deleted. Got no time for either.



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71 responses to “Ron Paul Joins Democrats in Defeating Sex Selection Abortion Ban, Allowing Genocide to Continue UPDATED

  1. Alan

    I’m confident Ron Paul voted against the bill because he knows that our country’s Constitution is one of limited powers, more specifically it vests in the Congress of which he is a member only enumerated powers (primarily listed in Article I), and that the power to prohibit sex-selection abortions is not one of those powers. However, I am confident that were Ron Paul voting in a state legislature, rather than the U.S. Congress, he would have voted for such a bill, because the Constitution leaves such policy-making power to the states.
    I know what you’re thinking: But that’s a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo! There are babies lives at stake here!!! That doesn’t make it right to exceed the authority delegated to you by the people you govern, by who’s consent you govern. That’s what the Supreme Court did in Roe v. Wade and subsequent cases, which is why the state legislatures are now hamstrung in exercising their rightful power to restrict abortions. Two wrongs never have made a right. If you disagree, the logical end of your reasoning is to go shoot an abortionist.
    Please don’t shoot at Ron Paul for being a principled man and making a righteous choice not to exceed his authority when the pressures are great to do so.
    I suggest you watch “A Man for All Seasons” and play close attention to the scene in which Sir Thomas Moore makes his famous quote to his zealous son-in-law, which makes the same point much more succinctly and effectively than I did.
    William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!
    Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    William Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Ron Paul is NOT a principled man. He’s a con man. He’s a fake, and he’s a phony, but principled, not so much.

      Ron Paul is the same useless human being who is OK with Iran developing nuclear weapons, even though they are on record saying they want to destroy both Israel and the United States. Iran already has missiles in Venezuela capable of hitting targets in the United States. These missiles are nuclear ready. But this moron Ron Paul is cool with that.

      Some things are pure evil, and must be stopped.

      Somehow I knew one of his cult members would show up trying to justify his vote as “following the Constitution” but he really isn’t. There’s plenty of precedent for stopping evil practices, without amending the Constitution. The entire civil rights legislation was done without a constitutional amendment. It saw sweeping protections enacted. Of course, after reading his newsletters, I imagine Herr Doktor would have voted against ensuring civil rights for all Americans.

      BTW, if Ron Paul is such a man of principle, why is it, this con man who claims to be a fiscal Conservative is the only Republican who refused to honor the voluntary ban on earmarks? Ron Paul is the biggest porker in Congress, much of the money going to his cronies, just like every other corrupt politician. Over the years, Paul has taken tens of billions of dollars in PORK. He’s a fraud.

      There’s not a principled bone in Ron Paul’s body.

      There is no excuse for anyone who voted against stopping this evil. NONE.

      • He voted NO because of the thought crime issue . Women would still have abortions, just give a different reason. Has it ever occurred to you women would just lie? Check his pro life credentials. The real reason for this attack on paul is his stance on Iran as you stated. You are dealing with the fact you are a big giant PUSSY and wouldnt last 10 seconds fighting in a war. Your chicken hawking is the real reason behind this post, as it has clearly blocked your logic.

      • Gary P Jackson

        There are numerous reason to dislike Ron Paul, his insane cult members who don’t have a clue about what they are talking about being chief among them.

        Ron Paul is the coward.

        He’s also a supreme bullshit artist. He claims to be pro life, but won’t stand with those who want to stop the slaughter of innocent children.

        He claims to be a fiscal hawk, and yet he’s the biggest porker in Congress, and refused to stop earmarking, even after everyone else has.

        He claims to be pro American, but he blames all of the world’s ills on America, just like Barack Obama and every other liberal.

        He doesn’t care that a bunch of maniacs in Iran are building a nuclear weapon, and WILL use it. In fact, he claims it’s their right. The man is a fool.

        Oh, and he claims to be a Republican, but in 2008, instead of backing the Republican ticket, he endorse an America hating Communist nutcase, Cynthia McKinney.

        Ron Paul claims to be a LOT of things, but in reality, he’s a fake, a fraud, and a phony. Keep sending him all of your money though, he’s used it to make his family rich. He certainly hasn’t done a damned thing to advance Conservatism, Liberty, or Freedom.

        Even the people of Texas rejected the hell out of him on Tuesday. The American people are sick of this side show circus clown and his crazy cultists.

        The fact is, Ron Paul doesn’t care about little girls. His ya vote could have made a made a statement. His nay vote certainly has statement

      • Cindy

        So I guess you prefer the politicians who look out for their lobbyist friends before the American people. At least Ron Paul brings his constituents tax dollars back to their district. The reason he voted against this is the federal government has no business with this issue! It should be handled at the state level! Government is out of control and before you know it we will all be forced to say and do as the government says. Enough is enough! Ron Paul is a man of high morals and integrity and he has achieved that without the government as well as millions of others.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Ron Paul is not a man of integrity. He’s been caught double charging the tax payers for his trips back and forth to Texas. He’s used his position, as well all of the money his zombie supporters send him to make his family richer.

        He is a man of low morals and poor character.

        He gets on TV and rails about deficit spending, and yet he’s brought home billions, all of it borrowed money. When every other Republican voluntarily swore off earmarks, he was scooping them up, and using them to pay off his cronies.

        The man is a fake, a phony, and a fraud.

        Oh, and yeah, the federal government CAN ban abortions. I’m a firm believer in states rights, but Roe v Wade made abortion a federal issue. And it works both ways.

        Because of Roe, the federal government most certainly can ban the slaughter of little girls as a way of sex selection.

        It’s amazing to me. Every decent human being in the country is sickened over this barbaric practice and is trying to stop it, and yet the Ron Paul cult is more interested in making excuses for the old fraud. And they wonder why absolutely no one takes them seriously.

      • rosemary

        PIG murderer,why did you not tell us you were a murderer from start Mr. Paul SICK why were you not aborted,O forgot wasnt legal then.In GODS eyes your done. And all that were going to vote for him murderers to

      • Gary P Jackson

        That’s a bit harsh. I don’t think we want Ron Paul aborted. Just for him to fade away.

      • Barb

        So it is still ok to abort a baby as long as you don’t make the choice by sex. this is what the bill does. The wording of the bill was piss poor and I don’t blame anyone for voting against it. I am pro life

      • Gary P Jackson

        No, it’s NOT OK to murder a child, but one has to start SOMEWHERE.

        There’s an age old question: “How do you eat an elephant“? Answer: One bite at a time.

        America didn’t run off the rails all at once. It’s taken about 100 years. We’re not going to restore America overnight either. But we can damned sure do it!

        Ron Paul stood in the way of that effort, as usual. The only good thing is after the end of the year, Ron Paul will no longer be relevant.

      • Durka

        Ron Paul did not endorse Cynthia McKinney. He endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Nope, he endorsed Cynthia McKinney. Oh, he endorsed Baldwin, as well, but he endorsed McKinney too. Instead of helping defeat Obama, who has terrorized the nation for 4 years, Ron Paul endorsed a bunch of fringe loons.

        With Ron Paul, it’s always about Ron Paul. Never about the nation, or the people. Just Ron Paul.

        That’s why the people of Texas and even the people in his own congressional district, who know him better than anyone, soundly rejected him on Tuesday. He barely got 20% in his home district against Romney. That’s pathetic.

        The only thing I have for Ron Paul is good-bye and good riddance.

      • joshua ferguson

        yup, this is why the replublican party is dying. so much hate and big govt its crazy. the want to make the govt to restrict womens rights to choose and gay rights to marry. they call themselves pro life but support the death penalty and endless wars which is in itself laughable. its to say aborting a fetus is evil but going to war over nonsense isnt. this party likes to decide who lives and who dies and gives you the freedom to live how they want. then you want to kill ron paul’s character which if i may say, swayed an independent serviceman like myself to believe not all politicians are wolves leading sheep. i mean this is the same guy who has been right about almost everything in the last 30 yrs. he predicted the housing collapse, iraq war, ndaa, gas prices, the failure of our dollar, entanglement in the middle east that will eventually bankrupt us, etc. he spoke up against bipartisan distruction against our rights being stomped on by the ndaa, aviation bill, patriot act, sopa, etc. so in essence you have a choice to back this man or romney who cant tell you his own positions and supported those previous intrusions just like obama, and you call us stupid? an independent committee also found that pauls plan is the only plan that wont add to the debt, crazy right? so he is evil because he wont strip rights from the people to please you insane people who should understand not everyone wants to live how you want them to. say hello to 4 more years of obama…
        p.s. its a reason why we who actuallu serve in the military support ron paul, what happend to replublicans supporting the military??

      • Gary P Jackson

        Joshuah, first, thank you for your service. I don’t know of a single Conservative that doesn’t strongly support our military.

        As for Ron Paul, every person with a working brain predicted the housing collapse, out of control gas prices, and the problems with quantitative easing. Ron Paul is not some sort of genius here.

        In fact, others, like Sarah Palin, said longer, louder, more forcefully, and reached a larger audience. Palin has been leading the charge to make America energy independent. Doing it long before she was chosen tom run as vice president in 2008.

        Ron Paul has a few good ideas, that’s for certain, but for every good one, there’s 100 bad ones. His foreign policy ideas are suicidal and naive. Even Neville Chamberlain had better sense.

        People question Ron Paul’s character because there is a lot to question. From his racist newsletters, to his ties to Alex Jones, the 9/11 truthers, and the rest of the conspiracy theory nut jobs that he plays up to. Then there are the white supremacists over at Stormfront.

        Then you have the fact he claims to be a fiscal hawk, and yet he’s the biggest porker in Congress. The only Congressman to defy the ban on earmarks.

        I’m not a fan of today’s GOP. But they are the only game in town. I’m certainly not going to support Obama, or any other democrat, and voting third party is the same as voting for Obama.

        I don’t understand why your Ron Paul supporters can’t get it through your heads that Ron Paul’s political career is over. Finished. He’s conned his last supporter out of their rent money.

        Mitt Romney, for better or worse, is the Republican nominee for president. I know all of you live in a fantasy world where somehow you come in and act a fool at the convention and install Herr Doktor Paul. Ain’t gonna happen.

        Ron Paul, as is the case every time he runs for president, got fewer votes and fewer delegates than anyone running. The America people in every state rejected him, and rejected him in a big way.

        In Texas, his home state, he barely broke 10% of the vote against Romney. In his home DISTRICT, the people who know him best, and who have benefited from tens of billions in pork over the years, REALLY rejected him. Romney won Paul’s district with 80% of the vote.

        I’m not a Romney fan, but I want Obama GONE. As do everyone else not caught up in the cult of Ron Paul.

        The candidate I hoped to vote for decided not to run. Was I heartsick, you damned right I was, but guess what, shit happens. I care more about saving my country than being a member of a dead end cult.

        Ron Paul was in Congress for 30 years, and accomplished absolutely nothing.

        If we are to save the country, first we must take control of the Republican Party. We need to send actual Conservatives to Congress. The House isn’t completely screwed, but the Senate is run by losers. The Republican leadership is spineless, and too much of a good old boys club.

        Ronald Reagan, God rest his soul, tried to remake the GOP, but they fought him at every step. Thankfully, he inspired several generations of real Conservatives who are now ready to do battle with the Republican elite.

        I constantly remind my colleagues that it too the socialists, communists, and assorted 60’s radicals 100 years to take control of the democrat party. Thankfully, it won’t take that long to change the direction of the GOP, but it’s still going to be hard work.

        It’s just sad that the Ron Paul cult is more worried about following a failure, than helping fix the problems.

      • Ronda Wintheiser

        The reason Amash and Paul voted against this bill is because if it were to pass, abortion clinics would simply hand women yet another waiver to sign before they get her flat on her back that states she is not seeking an abortion based on the sex of the child.

        Amash and Paul are astute enough to realise this. The bill is worthless.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Blah, blah, blah.

        You cats can spin yourself into the ground, but the facts ain’t on your side.

    • Here we go again with the attempts to paint Ron Paul as a pro-abortionist or a hypocrite. To support this bill preventing abortion ONLY for sex selection is to say abortion is OKAY if it’s not for sex selection! Ron Paul and Justin Amash voted CORRECTLY on this bill. They upheld the principle that ALL life is sacred.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Spin away. Here’s the problem with you “ALL or NOTHING” Ron Paul cultists. ALL abortion is murder, but it’s almost impossible to stop this mass slaughter because so many think it’s just fine.

        HOWEVER, if you can prevent 10-15,000 murders a year, possibly many more, by banning this mass genocide of little girls, then only an idiot or murderer would vote against it. Period.

        I see the same crap from you nutters concerning the presidential election. Since Ron Paul, yet again, was rejected by the American people, including 88% of those in his own Texas district, you loons have decided, wrongly, that Mitt Romney and the communist devil in the White House now, are somehow “exactly alike” and are doing everything you can to insure Obama stays in office, rather than understand if Obama isn’t defeated and defeated in a massive landslide, America is finished.

        You people are too ignorant to understand that while Romney most certainly isn’t a true champion of Conservatism, like say Ronald Reagan, or Sarah Palin [or RAND Paul, for that matter] he’s STILL better than a communist devil hellbent on America’s absolute destruction. Better to get Obama out of office and save America, THEN worry about starting over, than to allow America to die.

        You people do not understand any of this.

        This is why Ron Paul cultists will always be nothing more than fringe elements of society. People to be laughed at and shunned, but never taken seriously.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Well. that’s one more back-stabbing wack-a-doo we certainly can live without. Terrific!!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thank God he’s gone after 2012! Ron Paul is such a joke he barely broke 10% of the vote here in Texas.

      In his home district, where he’s been representing off and on for 30 years, and brought home tens of billions in pork, he just got 20% of the vote against Romney! The people who know him best completely rejected him.

      Ron Paul has been dead weight in Congress for three decades. Glad to see him go and good riddance!

  3. Yes liberalism is a mental disorder but so is pretend conservativism. This bill is nothing but pandering to the right (of which I count myself) It would accomplish nothing and it discriminates against baby boys. The purpose of the bill was NOT to restrict abortions. The purpose of the bill was to give the pretend conservative establishment Republicans an issue to run one – another way to fool the American people into believing that they really are conservative when in fact they are not.

    Ron Paul was the ONLY representative to see this for what it was – a sham, a fraud. He rightly voted no.

    The only proper vote is an up or down vote to ban ALL abortions. The gutless coward, pretend conservatives who control the House will not allow that vote. The reason is, it will expose them for what they are fakes.

    The real problem in our nation is people like this author who keep putting the same Republicans back in office. These are the pretend conservatives who have given us a 3 trillion dollar budget (the House could have voted it down), these are the pretend conservatives who caved on the debt ceiling. These are the pretend conservatives that keep giving is more regulation, higher revenues, more government programs, etc. etc.

    The sad fact is, most of them will get re-elected because they have convinced the American people that they are the hope for our nation. They have fooled you into thinking they are pro-life and care about what is right.

    Wake up America. Quit voting for pretend, fake, establishment Republicans. Send their butts home. Yes, that may put a few more democrats in office but in doing so it will send a clear message to the Republican Party that we will not accept their false motives any longer. You will not change liberal democrats. You CAN change the pretend conservatives if you stop voting for them.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The complete ignorance of the Ron Paul cult is mind blowing.

      For one thing, it’s quite obvious that you didn’t even read the article. Ron Paul was one of seven useless Republicans who don’t care about the slaughter of innocent little girls. He’s no better than the democrats he joined in with. All of them are now on record as sanctioning one of the most evil of evils. This may be his last official vote. A fitting legacy for such a rotten human being.

      If you wanna talk fraud, look at you cult leader. He’s a complete fake and a phony.

      Also, instead of thinking the sun rises and sets in Ron Paul’s ass, you might wanna pull your own head out of there and look around.

      THIS AUTHOR has been leading the charge to throw all of the corrupt politicians, in BOTH political parties, out on their asses!

      We all got called out for exposing Rick Perry as the corrupt loser he is, and are proud of it. We have also exposed just how phony Ron Paul is.

      We’ve backed Ted Cruz against the corrupt establishment here in Texas, and Richard Mourdock against “Barack Obama’s favorite Republican” in Indiana.

      We want CONSERVATIVES in office, not con men and cult leaders.

      Now that Ron Paul’s career of bilking you out of your milk money is over, what are you going to do?

      • Yes I read the article but it is obvious YOU didn’t read the comment. It was not in support of Ron Paul but it was in opposition to this fake bill that would have accomplished nothing. It is obvious that you have been blindsided by the so called conservatives that try to pretend that they are pro life when they are not. This bill was simply an attempt to fool you and other idiots so that you will continue to support establishment Republicans. The bill as written should have never come to the floor. It is a sham and a fraud. When the House – controlled by Republicans – brings a bill to the floor that bans ALL abortions – then they can call themselves the party of life. Until then they are fakes. I am glad you are supporting Ted Cruz – that is a step in the right direction but learn to stand up to false bills that do nothing. That is what this was and it deserved to fail. For all of your hatred of Ron Paul (and there are many reasons for that) at least he got this one right. If you really want conservatives in office don’t offer support to bills that are written by liberals as this one was.

      • Gary P Jackson

        As I said, you Ron Paul cultists would excuse that rotten bastard if he went on live TV and drowned kittens.

        The fact is, the legislation was a statement. A chance to show America whether you stood for the sanctity of life, or the cult of death. Ron Paul stood with the cult of death.

        Don’t lecture me on “good starts” I’ve been backing real Conservatives for a long, long time. Leaders who actually matter, not old fossils who haven’t accomplished anything but building a fanatical cult.

        Ron Paul spent almost 30 years in Congress and has nothing to show for it. No leadership, nothing. Fact is, he’s never done anything for the country. It’s all been about him. I’m glad his pathetic career is over.

        I support people who make a difference. People who actually work to advance Conservatism. Work to restore America. To stop the growth of government, and to restore Liberty and Freedom. Ron Paul has never done any of this.

        Why isn’t Ron Paul up in Wisconsin helping stop the union thugs? Oh never mind, he’d hurt more than he’d help anyway.

        Here’s what real leadership looks like. This was Wisconsin last year after Governor Walker bravely took on the union thugs. Sarah Palin led a rally in support of Governor Walker along with the patriots from Americans for Prosperity. When she showed up in Madison, the union thugs were still tearing up the capital, and at this rally, violent armed thugs surrounded the group. She stood there with steely resolve and rallied a nation.

        Ron Paul could never, ever rally the American people like this. And she did it in a snowstorm.

        We are blessed to have real leaders in this nation. Men and women of great integrity. Ron Paul is not one of them.

  4. John Locke

    Mr Jackson, where in the Constitution would the Congress be granted the power to restrict abortions?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Are you Ron Paul cultists serious? You guys would defend that con man no matter what.

      Ron Paul has falsely claimed to be pro-life for decades, but when it comes time to prove it, he sides with evil.

      There is no defense for this. There’s no rational explanation.

      BTW, I’ve since learned there was also a ban in this thing for race based abortions. Knowing about all those newsletters and Herr Doktor’s ties to white supremacy groups like Stormfront maybe it’s not that he just hates little girls, he doesn’t care for Negroes either.

      The old “constitutional” canard doesn’t fly on this issue.

      Protecting human life is every person’s responsibility. It takes a truly sorry SOB to vote no on something like this.

      Good to know Ron Paul stands with Barack Obama and the far left when it comes to the mass murder of our fellow human beings.

      I am SO glad his career is over. The sooner he and his maniacal cult disappears the better. He’s an embarrassment to Texas, and an embarrassment to the nation.

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  6. Rene

    Very sad for ron paul to make such an evil choice! How could anyone say that our laws (Federal or State) do not protect innocent children against murder???? Reminds me of the audio recording where Ron Paul was denouncing God’s moral law and promoting homosexuality based on his so called “medical” views

    • Gary P Jackson

      I don’t have a problem with the gays, but as you rightly point out, Ron Paul sure does seem to pick and choose his fights!

      There is nothing more evil than the slaughter of innocent children. Ron Paul claims to be pro life, but when he has a chance to really stand up and be counted, he backs the other team.

      Thank God he’s about to be out of politics forever. We don’t need people like him.

  7. Lee

    Its not up to the Federal government to banned abortion or sex selective abortions; do you want to know why abortions are happening?? Because the economy sucks, there are No Jobs for husband to support their wives and children and the Federal government is a major problem with what is happening to this country, and you want the Fed’s to keep the morals of the people??
    Ron Paul has made it clear in Order to Ban Abortion the Morals of the people have to change, if you live in an immoral society abortions are going to happen, Period…….this is a poor lame attack on Ron Paul because abortions have been happening ever since from 1974 which boys and girls have both been aborted.
    This bill Won’t Stop Abortion!!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      As I told the other Ron Paul cultist, Roe v Wade changed everything. You won’t find a bigger states rights federalist than me, but guess what, abortion is a national issue, and thanks to Roe, the federal government can ban things like this evil sex selection slaughter.

      Ron Paul could have stood up for little girls, but instead he sided with those who would murder them at will. This was a damned easy vote for any decent human being, and Ron Paul blew it, as did the other Republicans and all of the democrats who voted to keep this evil practice alive.

      Today, Ron Paul stood with evil. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

      Now you understand why even the people of Texas refused to vote for him for president. We soundly reject his kind.

      • Michael Molloy

        This piece of legislation would not have stopped ONE abortion from happening… why don’t you get real Gary and talk about how the Republican Controlled Congress (from 2000-2006) failed to bring Dr. Paul’s ‘Sanctity of Human Life Act’ to the floor for a vote. This Act would have overturned Roe and actually allowed the States to return legal protection to the Pre-Born. It would also prevent the Federal Courts from making another Roe type decision by removing their Appellate Jurisdiction. Your attacks on Dr. Paul are either out of ignorance or malice but they certainly are not truthful.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Why? Because Ron Paul’s piece of legislation was unconstitutional. That’s why no one supported it.

        It’s funny, Herr Doktor offered up an overreaching bill that wouldn’t have passed constitutional muster, and his cult uses that to justify what he did yesterday. This same cult keeps telling me he voted no because the federal government doesn’t have the constitutional authority to regulate abortions.

        No other group of people on the planet can generate such pretzel logic.

        The fact is, when he had a chance to make a statement, standing up for little girls, and minorities, Ron Paul chose to stand with the cult of death instead. It really is no more complicated than that.

      • Michael Molloy

        Is that the best you have… To continuously insult those who disagree with you? Your irrational hatred is really showing it’s ugly head. Also there was nothing UnConstitutional about the ‘Sanctity of Human Life Act’ and Ron Paul was not the 1st or Only person to sponsor this piece of legislation. It is also the approach that the Constitution Party has advocated since it’s inception. Please cease and desist from the normal drivel that you’ve been responding with and actually address the issues raised.

      • Gary P Jackson


  8. Thanks for posting that list, Gary, and esp. for calling out that nasty RINO GOP-e Bono Mack, “my” Rep in Congress, for whom I have NOT voted in two election cycles – the first one being in 2010, ’cause of her other scumbag libtard vote for Cap & Trade (when she was in another 8_GOP group of weasels as well!). Further, I also noticed that her husband – now running for US Senate from FL – was one of the 17 “cowards” (well-named!!) who didn’t vote at all on this controversial measure.

    As for all the Ron-Bots claiming that the US Gov’t has no business ruling on abortions, you rightly reminded them that with the Roe v. Wade decision, the Feds stepped in Big Time – and all “states rights” arguments were then moot.

    But what NONE of the ‘bots has mentioned – and decried – is the fact that this puts us almost in the same despicable position as the Communist nationa of China – and it’s one-baby/one-girl policy! How bad is THAT?!? Besides, sex-selection abortions are usually “late term” – and wasn’t THAT practice outlawed?

    IOW, this is really a vote FOR late-term abortion (i.e., after – albeit JUST after – the first trimester) – and that also means that the child in utero has developed almost all the features of a nascient baby infant and can, in fact (although it’s a very risky thing), also be delivered pre-maturely at that time as well. Which, of course, makes it a fully viable human being/LIVE baby!!

    Without going into more detail, this basic issue – abortion – is really about fundamental and not even Constitutional rights. That is, the right to life trumps all others; and the taking of life (except in defense of one’s own life or the lives of one’s family, etc.) is totally antithetical to the fundamental right to life – which, of course, is also enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and, by inference, via certain Articles of the US Constitution.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Ron Paul’s little cult always has an answer when he does something that goes against common decency. These people are pathetic.

      You are right about the constitutional responsibility to protect all life. I very much believe in states rights, but the Supreme Court took much of that away with Roe. The federal government already regulates abortions. So the idea that Herr Doktor Paul was following the Constitution doesn’t wash.

      There are few things more evil than genocide. Ron Paul, as well as the other Republicans who voted with him, stood on the wrong side of history. They sided with evil.

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  10. dianne4dees

    Ron Paul touts his pro life position and yet he did vote NAY on this bill. People who could randomly select whether to keep a baby or not based upon its sex (next it will be color of hair/eyes, etc.) is guilty of murder. I agree with Gary in that Ron Paul is a con man, who, unfortunately for those who have figured him out, has quite a following of young people. These young people who are idealistic just don’t see through him.

  11. Barb

    I am pro life…..Has anyone read this bill or thought about the wording of it? So, it still ok to abort any baby as long as you don’t make the decision based on sex. This is what the bill is saying. Also, a person can go to jail if someone reports them for thinking they have aborted a baby sex…THINKING being the key word. The bill was poorly worded and should have never been brought up for a vote.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The bill also made it illegal to murder a baby based on race.

      It’s inexcusable that someone voted against it, but I’ll play devil’s advocate here.

      If the bill was that bad, why didn’t Mr Pro Life Ron Paul offer up an alternative?

      Oh, that’s right, Ron Paul has spent 30 years in Congress and has yet to do anything but collect a check, grab earmarks, and vote no on pretty much everything. One of the most useless members of Congress.

      • Uh, Gary, it’s murder REGARDLESS of the race of the baby. Why are you arguing in favor of hate crime legislation?! Killing a baby is killing a baby!

        Voting FOR this bill is inexcusable. Any “conservative” that did most likely did so without reading it and out of fear from being called out on blogs like this one.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah because our blog is so powerful …. NOT!

        Conservatives DEMANDED this legislation, because it’s the right thing to do.

        Evidently you don’t understand how the world works. Not surprising as most of the Ron Paul cult is sadly misinformed on most issues.

        If I had my way, all abortions would be banned, unless the life of the mother was in danger. But that’s just as much of a fantasy as the one that has Ron Paul being anything more than a failed perpetual presidential candidate, the Pat Paulson of our time.

        Just as the left gave us socialism, and now is leaping toward communism, some reforms take time, and must be done in small, incremental steps. If we can’t ban all abortions, at east we can stop the most egregious ones.

        Any reasonable person would understand this.

      • Michael Molloy

        Why didn’t he “offer up an alternative?” Because the vote was on SUSPENDING THE RULES! If you had bothered to do the most rudimentary research, you would not make such foolish statements.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Seriously? Yeah THAT vote was for suspending the rules. But if he didn’t like the bill, he was free to submit something else.

        Quit while you’re behind.

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  13. Yeah, no conservative in their right mind should have voted for this bill. Did you even READ the damned thing?! I’ll quote Justin Amash, representative from Michigan:

    “When did Republicans start supporting hate-crime legislation? Hate-crime bills, like H R 3541, are apparently okay if they have to do with a baby’s gender but not okay if they have to do with a person’s skin color or sexual orientation. Or maybe they’re okay if it’s an election year and Republicans are trying to make the President look like he doesn’t care about women. I am appalled and outraged that we would take an issue as sacred as life and use it so cynically as a political weapon.

    Republicans, and especially conservatives, should oppose abortion. Period. H R 3541 criminalizes the MOTIVE for getting an abortion. In other words, it keeps all abortions legal except those obtained for the “wrong” reasons. But ALL abortions are wrong. And criminalizing motive makes this simply another hate crime. Literally the only difference between a legal and an illegal abortion under the bill is whether the “abortion is sought based on the sex or gender of the child.”

    The bill also shockingly makes it a crime for a medical or mental health professional NOT to turn in someone who they SUSPECT of having committed this thought crime. They can be thrown into prison for a year if they don’t “report known or suspected violations . . . to appropriate law enforcement authorities.” Free societies do not criminalize inaction.

    I’m pro-life, and I think all abortion should be illegal. But Congress should not criminalize thought. And this bill won’t stop a single abortion if it becomes law. Every person seeking an abortion simply will sign a form stating her motive is not the sex of the baby. Those of us who are pro-life should demand more from Congress. While we waste time on stuff like this, genuine legislation to protect life is ignored.”

    • Gary P Jackson

      As I have repeatedly noted, you Ron Paul cultists will go to the EXTREME to justify any amount of stupidity that Ron Paul is involved in.

      He say’s it’s OK for Iran to develop nukes, even though they already have missiles in Venezuela with the ability to reach America and have vowed to use them. You nuts call people “neo-cons” for actually worrying about our national security.

      Ron Paul takes home tens of billions in pork over the years, and defies a ban on earmarks, and it’s just Ron Paul getting Texas’ money back.

      The man has no principles whatsoever.

      This is NOT “hate crime” legislation. Something ALL decent Americans oppose. It’s something any decent human being would support.

      It’s becoming obvious that Ron Paul’s little cult don’t care about children at all. Just wasting all of our time trying to defend their cult leader.

      It SHOULD be a crime to murder a child. Any child, but what you Paul cultists don’t understand is banning all abortions isn’t gonna happen any time soon. That said, legislating a ban on sex-selection is a damned good start.

      Pretty soon doctors will be able to tell if a baby will be gay or straight. You can bet your ass that many of those babies will be murdered. What then?

      We already slaughter babies who are at risk for birth defects and other conditions like Down Syndrome.

      We MUST draw the line somewhere!

      Face it, as usual, Ron Paul is on the wrong side of history.

    • lwjwl

      Won’t make a stand to draw the line in the sand against Gendercide. What’s next?

      Will you and Ron Paul make a stand when aborting someone like you prevails under the guise of ‘choice’ because, according to genetic testing, you aren’t perfect?

      If you were in danger of being aborted based on what someone elses perception of ‘perfect’ is, would you still continue to stand with evil?

      Every once in a while, we are given the opportunity to see a definitive separation of good and evil and make a choice to stand on the side of one these.
      By their votes, ye shall know them.
      Where you stand on the side of Gendercide, others will know you.

      Ron Paul followers list just shrunk a little more with his “No” vote on Gendercide.

      To who is left of the rest of the Ron Paul
      supporters, I say this: You would rather stand on the side of evil to defend your dear leader, than to stand on the side of life and defend the unborn.
      You have made the choice to stand with Gendercide. Period.

      Check this out: LIVE|EVIL Mirror opposites of each other.
      Are Ron Paul supporters on the side of life, or on the side of death? Will they continue to defend Ron Paul’s choice to be on the side of death?
      Ron Paul thinks that he has chosen more freedom, but he has chosen less freedom.
      Think about the consequences of abortions based on genetics. Think about how far that could be taken. Look at China and how far they have evolved in it’s laws for abortion of certain aspects of a genetic profile, forced abortions, and sterilization.
      Voting not to preserve and protect any part of the genetic makeup of a fetus is a vote for the continuation of genocide and against any fetus that doesn’t meet a certain genitic standard.
      Ron Paul is helping the Left create it’s Utopia.

      Everyone is given the opportunity to choose life.

  14. Jacqueline Kruger

    I am seriously disappointed in Ron Paul opposing this bill. Perhaps I have not been researching him hard enough. I believed that he is a conservative, limited government, etc. What a jolt?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Research him well and you’ll find he’s nothing close to a Conservative. It’s all a con.

      Like Sarah Palin, I’ve always said Ron Paul has a couple of great ideas, like auditing the Fed, but there is so much crazy wrapped around the good parts that it’s not worth it. Sarah stood up for him when no one else would, that’s for sure!

      It’s entertaining watching his crew try to defend this latest nonsense though.

      This legislation was a chance to be heard. We heard Ron Paul and the other non-Conservative Republicans loud and clear.

      Seriously, how bad is it that 20 DEMOCRATS did the right thing, but Ron Paul and his crowd couldn’t?

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  16. adrian

    The Federal Government does not have authority to do this.

    If any conservative actually read the constitution this conversation would be over.

    It’s states. States take care of murders, rapes, etc. Why is abortion any different? Read something every once in a while.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Seriously? The federal government CAN bring murder charges, rape charges, even drug charges. They do it all the time.

      The federal government DOES have the right to control abortions. Ever heard of Roe v Wade? It’s bad law, it was a poor decision, but it’s the law of the land, and that ruling gave the federal government the ability.

      Maybe instead of trying to defend the indefensible with arguments that don’t wash, you spend some time asking Ron Paul why he couldn’t even manage to stand with decent human beings as they try to stop at least a few of these murders.

      Also, you geniuses need to stop pretending you know the law and the Constitution, it’s embarrassing.

  17. Jim Zimmerman

    I can’t read all the replies so maybe this has been covered but – If the Congress bans one kind of abortion they are at the same time making abortion itself legal and essentially regulating it. Once you create regulations for it – defeating the whole entire practice becomes near impossible. Abortion is wrong no matter what the reason. It’s one citizen murdering another and should be treated as such every single time. Prosecutors should arrest any doctors, nurses, billing clerks and receptionists for conspiring to murder every single time there is an abortion. The would be mothers as well. If they had to defend each and every action in court regardless to the reason – abortion as a use for birth control would cease in this country.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh, I agree 100% with you, in theory, but we’re dealing with reality here.

      The good news is, for the first time in decades, the majority of Americans oppose abortion on demand. The bad news is it’s still almost a 50/50 split. I would love for all abortions to be illegal, unless the life of the mother is truly in danger.

      I would also love to see Roe overturned, as it’s bad law. It steps all over state’s rights. Of course, thanks to Roe, the federal government can do more to stop some of the evil.

      Anything that saves even one child from being needlessly slaughtered is a good thing.

      Supporting this bill was a no brainer for any decent person. There is no legitimate argument for Standing with Obama and the democrats. I know Herr Doktor Paul and his minions are trying to expalin things away, but as usual, he, and they are wrong.

  18. Annie

    I’ve watched RonPaul over the years evolve (sorry) from a limited libertarian fringe voice into a cult leader. Each new generation provides him the fodder of young, passionate, and idealistic supporters to supplement the old hippies stuck in the 60s and 70s.

    Like others before him, the man has become the cult. He knows the damage he has caused by inserting himself into the political process, yet he can no more stop his quest for attention than a junkie can turn away from his drugs.
    He’s had the opportunity to do good, but as Gary said, he has done little more than posture and create employment opportunities on his campaign for his family members.

    As a doctor, Paul knows that abortion is the taking of a life. While he may support a woman’s right to make that irreversible choice, he has a responsibility to inform the women of its consequences, and to advocate for the helpless child. A responsibilty to “First do no harm.”

    Furthermore, he has an absolute responsibility to make certain that taxpayers are never forced to fund abortion against their will. If he wishes to be a proponent of abortion, then he is free to start a foundation to fund it. But seems he is quite content with billions in taxpayer money being handed to Planned Parenthood..where millions of dollars are funneled back to the DNC and where over 95% of the women who go there for “family planning” end up getting an abortion.

  19. Since Ron Paul has been the Republican Party’s principled voice against illegal, aggressive wars, he’s clearly the most pro-life guy in the whole party regardless of a ‘no’ vote on what he felt was an unconstitutional bill.

    It is very sickening though to see the deranged statist responses to this poorly written blog. Thank God the Ron Paul revolution is winning for the sake of the future of America.

    • Gary P Jackson

      What illegal wars? You mean the ones CONGRESS approved, as specified by Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the United States Constitution? Those wars?

      You Ron Paul cultists are really something. You have no idea about what goes on in the real world. You’re just as delusional as Ron Paul himself.

      Just because Ron Paul rants and raves like the lunatic that he is, doesn’t make it so. I’m just glad he finished. Now if his cult will just get the hint and disappear as well, the world will be better for it.

      Being anti-war doesn’t make one “pro-life” either. Every left wing communist, hippy democrat out there is anti-war, and yet, they will GO TO WAR, if you try to stop them from murdering innocent babies. They are also anti-death penalty, for criminals, but think it’s their absolute right to murder innocent babies.

      This is the problem with you cult members, you all sound like left wing democrats. When you start sounding like the lunatic fringe, then you need to wake up and realize you got it all wrong.

  20. Mr. Levin was mistaken. The bill originally did include prohibitions against race-based abortions, but that was removed prior to bringing the bill to the House floor. Rep. Franks, the bill sponsor, said it was done to prevent opponents from distorting the issue.

  21. Coster

    Look up “The Sanctity of Life Act,” repeatedly introduced by Ron Paul from 2005 thru 2007. The Republicans controlled both Houses and the Presidency, but a bill that declared that life begins at conception continually died in committee. If anyone’s bothered to read the Roe v. Wade decision, it clearly states that the reason abortion is legal is because the US has never declared when life begins. The Santity of Life Act would have ended abortion in the US, however the Republicans want to keep the Pro-Lifers ever-wanting (just like the Dems treat the minorities.) Wake Up.

    • Gary P Jackson


      The fact is, when people DID try to do something, Ron Paul voted NO. Hell, even 20 DEMOCRATS voted to stop the slaughter of little girls.

      There is no excuse for Ron Paul not siding with those who support life.

  22. Andrew Han

    And I will agree that Ron Paul is obsessive. More specifically, he’s obsessed with following the Constitution to a letter. He appears to have forgotten that a legal document is a means to an end and not an end unto itself. Something is not right because it’s in the Constitution; ideally, something is in the Constitution BECAUSE it is right.

    As for abortion itself, there doesn’t seem to be much of a basis for militant pro-lifers. Using only secular arguments, you can’t really substantiate your opinion that “life begins at conception”.

    Republitards should realize that there is no debate over whether or not life begins at conception (it certainly does); the question is whether or not the right to exist begins at conception. Because it isn’t until halfway through the pregnancy that the fetus develops brain processes, and, IIRC, sapience might not start until actual birth.

    Like it or not, an early fetus, scientifically, is just a sack of protein. To say otherwise is just to invoke your own personal, irrational opinion.

    • Gary P Jackson

      First of all, Ron Paul wouldn’t know the Constitution if it walked up and bit him on the ass.

      Second, we DO NOT get our rights from the Constitution, genius. We get our rights from GOD. The Constitution is a covenant between The People and government guaranteeing government will not infringe on our God given rights.

      In other words, the Constitution is there to restrain GOVERNMENT, not the people.

      All of you Ron Paul cultists think you are constitutional scholars, when in fact, you are illiterate morons.

      Also, you need to get your stories straight. Some of you clowns tell me Herr Doktor Paul was pushing a bill that would proclaim life began at conception, something every intelligent human being already knows, and now you say a fetus is just a “sack of protein.”

      A fetus is a human being. A life. When you abort a baby, you are murdering it, plain and simple. Morally bankrupt liberals, such as yourself, have all kinds of pretty words for it, but it is what it is.

      Ron Paul cultists, in general, disgust me. But brain dead morons such as yourself are the worst. Go back to what ever sewer you crawled out of, as you are no longer welcome here.

  23. Pingback: Gun Ban/ Rand Paul

  24. Ed

    hmmm… Mr. Jackson, if you are going tell us not to use profanity please do so yourself. If I said you were a “bastard” who was full of “bullshit” would you block my comment? because, you used both of those words yourself.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No go ahead, I’ve been called a lot worse for telling the truth about the most useless Congressman to ever step foot in Washington, Herr Doktor Ron Paul.

  25. Lewis Coppens

    Gary and his fellow blind bats,
    This is not a step in the right direction. A step in the right direction would be Abortion = TOTALLY ILLEGAL. Abortion is either legal, …or illegal, NOT, it’s ok as long as your not aborting a mixed race child, or female child… You piss and moan about people’s beliefs and then cuss, badger, oppress, and name call to try and prove your point. You miss the bills point totally,…HATE CRIME LEGISLATION, AND ABORTION STILL LEGAL. Then you try and marginalize others that see this bill for what it is….Belief in states rights, the constitution, and federal power being VERY limited are not marginal, but FACT based beliefs. You have no respect for yourself or any other human being or you would have shown it in your statements above. How you treat your enemy is how you truly are. This bill does nothing but give people like you something to drive home in more than an ignorant way.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it moral. Herr Doktor Paul likes to pretend he’s some sort of moral leader but he’s not.

      Every decent human being on earth is outraged by sex selection. Abortion is a violent, barbaric act. It’s the murder of a human being. Murdering a baby girl simply because you’d rather have a boy is as evil as evil can get.

      You Ron Paul cultists tie yourselves in knots trying to defend every radical belief that old loon has. It’s sickening and disturbing. Thing is, you either believe in the sanctity of life, or you don’t. Oh, and what the hell does this have to do with states’ rights? Abortion became a federal problem after the Court ruled on Roe v Wade.

      Abortion is murder and Ron Paul is all for it.

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