I Guess Rick Perry Forgot About Needing [Begging] Sarah Palin to Save His Campaign in 2010

By Gary P Jackson

Back in 2010, Governor Rick Perry was in trouble here in Texas. He was running for re-election and faced stiff competition from not only a Tea Party challenger [whose campaign would later implode after she was exposed as a 9/11 truther] but Washington insider Kay Baily Hutchison as well.

What did Perry do? He called in the closer, Sarah Palin:

Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in support of his re-election campaign on Sunday, Feb. 7 in the Houston area.

I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom,” said Gov. Perry. “Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign.”

Gov. Palin will campaign with Gov. Perry to highlight the positive momentum Texas is experiencing through conservative leadership that has cut taxes, created jobs, strengthened education and secured our border.

Visit http://rickperry.org/sarah to sign up now!

On Super Bowl Sunday in Cypress, Texas [Houston] Sarah spoke to a packed house:

Perry was overjoyed! And of course, he won re-election, thanks, in no small part, to Sarah’s endorsement.

Old Slick Rick is singing a different tune today though. According to the Houston Chronicle he’s not happy that “outsiders” are supporting Conservative star Ted Cruz over the Establishment™ candidate David Dewhurst.

It should be noted that Perry’s runnin’ buddy, Dewhurst, has been endorsed by Mike Huckabee, also an “outsider.” Dewhurst has been bragging about the endorsement [No, seriously, he has] and Huckabee has cut TV commercials for him.

Perry: We don’t need outsiders’ views on Senate race (Are you listening, Sarah Palin?)

Gov. Rick Perry is once again slamming “out-of-state interest groups” backing former solicitor general Ted Cruz in his runoff with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst –this time tweaking Sarah Palin, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint and Rick Santorum by suggesting their states could learn a lot from Texas, but Texas doesn’t need their advice on choosing its next U.S. senator.

Perry, standing staunchly behind Dewhurst, brushed off the question about whether his own tea party credibility may be damaged by his opposition to Cruz, who has been endorsed by national conservative and tea party groups and figures (including Palin, DeMint and Santorum) in the runoff for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.

There’s a whole lot of people who don’t intimately and expertly know how Texas operates that have come in and endorsed in this race, and with all due respect – I respect each one of those individuals, but they don’t know anything about how Texas works,” said Perry after a hurricane preparedness tour at the Austin airport. “And if they did, they would be endorsing David Dewhurst.”

Without naming Palin, DeMint or Santorum, Perry called them to mind by naming their states: “I appreciate everybody paying attention to Texas – as well they should, they could learn some things on how to run South Carolina and Pennsylvania and Alaska.

Come to Texas and learn how to do it right, but don’t come down here and tell us who needs to be our next United States senator, thank you very much. We’ll decide that without your outside, Washington, D.C.-oriented help,” Perry said.

Cruz spokesman James Bernsen said his candidate has overwhelming support among Texas grassroots conservatives, “most of whom Dewhurst has not even bothered to meet with.” And, he said, Cruz has “exponentially more Texas donors than David Dewhurst, including more donors from the Houston area than Dewhurst has in the entire state of Texas.

UPDATE: Some people have written to note that Dewhurst is trumpeting his own out-of-state endorsement from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, so Perry’s outrage may be a bit selective.

Perry’s comments came the day after former ESPN football analyst Craig James (who came in a distant fourth in the U.S. Senate GOP primary) endorsed Dewhurst, earning a “Congratulations to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst” from Bernsen.

His comments also came as Cruz pressed Dewhurst to debate, saying he’s accepted a proposal for a series of five debates to be hosted by the Grassroots Texans Network.

Dewhurst has repeatedly indicated his willingness to take Cruz up on a challenge for multiple debates before the July 31 runoff. His campaign said it’s looking at this invitation, which was signed by Ken Emanuelson.

Emanuelson, as highlighted on the anti-Dewhurst “Dewbious” site, was quoted in January as saying, “David Dewhurst may be Texas grassroots enemy No. 1 right now.”

Selective outrage indeed!

Look, there’s no question that Rick Perry hasn’t screwed Texas up too bad. Texas is a great state and we have policies in place that make the state business friendly. Perry has taken advantage of this, and has gone to liberal states like California and poached businesses in a big way. All of those newly minted Texans are keeping our state rolling, but it’s laughable that he thinks he could teach Sarah Palin anything about running a state!

For those who don’t know the difference, Texas, like many southern states, has a relatively weak Governor. The Lt Governor has as much if not more actual power. On the other hand, when Alaskans wrote their state’s constitution, they wanted a strong executive. Someone they could look at and know “the buck stops here.” So, Alaska’s Governor is a true CEO, one of the two most powerful state executives in the country. Sarah used her position to bring about sweeping ethics reforms well as massive fiscal reform.

When it looked like Sarah was going to run for president, our Whitney Pitcher compared the fiscal records of all of the Governors who were running. While Sarah’s record was the best, Rick Perry’s record on fiscal matters was downright horrific in comparison.

Sarah took office as Governor at the end of 2006. Her first budget was fiscal year 2008, written in 2007:

During the fiscal years for which Sarah Palin exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Alaska (FY08 through FY10)

•   Debt outstanding increased 12.7%, or 4.2% per year
•   Per capita debt outstanding increased 7.4%, or 2.5% per year
•   Total liabilities decreased 34.6%, or 11.5% per year
•   Total liabilities per capita decreased 37.7%, or 12.6% per year

During the fiscal years for which Rick Perry exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Texas (FY02 through FY10)

•   Debt outstanding increased 184.2%, or 20.5% per year
•   Per capita debt outstanding increased 140.4%, or 15.6% per year
•   Total liabilities increased 60.6%, or 6.7% per year
•   Total liabilities per capita increased 35.8%, or 4.0% per year

Outstanding debt grew a whopping 184.2% or 20.5% PER YEAR on Perry’s watch! [as of FY2010]

Yeah, I’m sure he can teach Sarah Palin a whole bunch of things.

Look, I know it’s all just politics, but you’d think Perry would remember who helped him stay in office, and have a tad more respect. People across the nation are backing Ted Cruz because they want a real Reagan Conservative in Washington, not another Establishment™ hack.

Texans know David Dewhurst’s record, and understand the mediocrity he brought to Austin has no business in D.C. We need someone who will fight for Texas and fight for America. Someone who will defend Liberty and Freedom with his last breath. We need Ted Cruz.

This Texan is glad Conservatives across the nation are supporting Ted Cruz against the Republican Establishment’s machine!


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8 responses to “I Guess Rick Perry Forgot About Needing [Begging] Sarah Palin to Save His Campaign in 2010

  1. cbiagi1963

    Reblogged this on Game On! Grassroots and commented:
    I guess “outsiders” is a relative term in the Perry dictionary.

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  3. william wallace

    The difference betwixt SARAH as most politicians
    being that they look to the past where SARAH as
    HILLARY as the other example look to the future.

    Those whom in looking back are as will be losers
    those looking to the future being winners…………
    an example on the political stage being nations
    whom already forming close political relationships
    with CHINA as maintain relationships with RUSSIA
    they see the road map of the future / and prepare
    for such seeing the reality of what the future holds.

    Those in looking back still bow before the USA in
    failing to see the downfall of the USA as in having
    failed seeing the downfall of the ROMAN EMPIRE
    and what is the USA but a re-creation of the past
    ROMAN EMPIRE which in another time in another
    place once again crumbles under the weight of its
    own harvested decades of lies / deceit /corruption
    having become so corrupt it has turned on its own
    a brutal force in failing to achieve world domination
    now vents its wrath its anger upon its own people’s.

    The USA needs those whom look to the future whom
    look to reality not that of fancy as of illusion & fiction.

    A further term of BARACK is one voting to take their
    family on a repeat trip on the TITANIC … One needs
    change captain as many of the crew if the American
    people are to find a safe port / from present as such
    future troubled waters. People’s must now awake as
    engage the brain / bringing needed development in
    understanding /// as unto their intended destination
    present 24/7 govt media brainwashing as corruption
    but only brings self destruction / in pointless conflict.

    One needs to focus on that which unites / not divides.
    One need give focus on the cure/not the punishment.
    One need turn from revenge/unto that of compassion.

  4. John Dillon

    I was security in fact i was stasnding just to the right of her in front of the stage.

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  6. Tim

    Some claim Perry really didn’t need Sarah’s help. If that be the case, then Perry used Sarah like a trained animal for his ego and cash. If so, Perry is a jerk.

    You don’t call in the heavy artillery at the last minute if you don’t need it. Unless you’re a narcissist.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Trust me, he needed her help! Perry has been primaried every single time he is up for re-election. In 2010 he was on the ropes big time. He had a Tea party candidate who was gaining traction, until Glenn Beck exposed her as a Ron Paul clone, and a 9/11 truther. And of course, Karl Rove and the Bush clan were pushing Kay Bailout Hutchison.

      In 2006 he won re-election with 39% of the vote, as he had two heavy hitter indies run against him in the general. In Texas, we don’t vote for democrats for statewide office. Usually the Republican primary winner is the one taking office.

      Sarah was in Houston on Super Bowl Sunday, a religious holiday in Texas, and the joint was packed! I’ll give Perry his due though, he ain’t stupid. You know how it usually goes, the guests always speak first, then the candidate speaks last to a hail of cheers.

      Not this time, Perry knew who everyone came to see, and it wasn’t him!! Sarah spoke last.

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