Important: Tammy Bruce Interviews Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke

By Gary P Jackson

Jamie Radtke is another real deal Conservative superstar. She running for the United States Senate against über Establishment™ candidate George Allen.

George Allen is a big spender and if elected, will support raising taxes, and do absolutely nothing to stop the spending that has gotten us into the financial mess we are in. Electing George Allen would be a disaster.

If you saw Stephen K. Bannon’s The Undefeated, the documentary detailing Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, you saw Jamie Radtke talking about her own experiences as part of the Palin movement. Jamie is a Mama Grizzly, for sure!

Jamie has been actively spreading conservatism and fighting for Liberty and Freedom for a long time.

She just completed an interview with Tammy Bruce. To hear the public broadcast, click here.

This is a very important election. America needs to send every strong Conservative we can to the Senate. There are far too many entrenched Establishment™ Republicans. Weak kneed, milquetoast, appeasers. We need fighters. Jamie is a fighter!

The election is only days away, Jamie can use all of the support you can muster. Click here to go to her website, and make sure you follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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4 responses to “Important: Tammy Bruce Interviews Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke

  1. Mikey

    How on earth can you said George Allen will raise taxes? He has NEVER raised taxes!

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, he just allowed for more runaway spending!

      Allen Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling Four Times, Increased National Debt By Over $3 Trillion. PolitiFact Virginia wrote, “Radtke said debt increased by $3 trillion during Allen’s Senate term, a figure equal to $16,000 per second. The actual figures were $3.202 trillion, or $16,896.68 per second. She also said Allen voted to increase the debt ceiling four times, and she’s right.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, PolitiFact Virginia, 4/12/11]

      Don’t even get me started on George Allen.

  2. So glad you alerted us to this race, Gary – yes, Jamie Radtke is a terrific Tea Party/Conservative candidate and would be a strong opponent of Tim Kain (sp?). George Allen’s time has come and gone; and only if he were a real Conservative, would he be worth supporting in this primary election next week.

    But it’s the real (or perceived) intrigue that’s really captured my interest: As you had pointed out in passing some time ago, Tammy’s not as thrilled with Sarah Palin these days – and a little of that “lack of enthusiasm” showed when she mentioned Hatch. Of course, she conveniently didn’t mention the fact that Lilljenquist isn’t exactly the perfect Conservative and/or Tea Party candidate that’s really needed to challenge Hatch. In fact, that’s proably the reason – in addition to their personal relationship – tha Palin endorsed Hatch.

    Now, I’m wondering – esp. since Radtke was in The Undefeated – why hasn’t Palin come out & endorsed her? Knowing what we know about Radtke and her strong Conservative/Tea Party connections, it would seem a slam-dunk for Palin to jump in with an endorsement. Wonder why not? Any ideas or suppositions, Gary?

    • Gary P Jackson

      I have no idea as to why Sarah hasn’t endorsed. But I wouldn’t read much into it. Sarah has her own way of doing things, and no telling when and what she’ll do, or how she does it.

      I know Jamie Radtke is a supporter of Sarah’s, and I doubt there is any bad blood. Could be timing.

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