Breaking: Union Thugs Allegedly Busing in Voters from Michigan to Vote in Wisconsin Recall

By Gary P Jackson

According to someone named “Mike” claiming he’s in a caravan of buses, union thugs rounded up a large number of Michigan democrats and shipped them to Wisconsin to vote in the recall election today. “Mike” says he managed to infiltrate the group, and is supposedly on one of the buses as he calls into The Chris Plante Show.

As of now, this hasn’t been verified, but democrats are known for this sort of thing.

From what I understand, Wisconsin allows voters to register the same day as the election, and of course, no I.D.s are required to vote. This makes Wisconsin ripe for these kind of illegal tactics.

From Fox Nation:

On WMAL’s The Chris Plante Show today a Michigan resident by the name of “Mike” called in to discuss how he had infiltrated a Michigan Union’s organized bus convoy, en-route to vote in the Wisconsin recall election for Democrats.

The caller claimed that Michigan’s “Democrat Unions” had organized a convoy of 4 buses, filled with Michigan Democrats, with the intention of voting for Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election.
Caller “Mike” describes “Greyhound size buses, filled to capacity” with a good amount of “freebies” available, “They treated me to lunch!

The caller also points out that the organizers did not tell union riders that it is illegal to vote in Wisconsin if you’re from another state.

For Fox Nation has the transcript of the call here.


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6 responses to “Breaking: Union Thugs Allegedly Busing in Voters from Michigan to Vote in Wisconsin Recall

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  2. Gee

    This is hilarious for anyone who actually lives in Wisconsin, where your rumor is cracking us up on the blogs. Get a map!

    One of the largest bodies of water in the world would make this a loooong bus drive, especially through Chicago traffic, as anyone here knows.

    Oh, wait, Lake Michigan is BLUE. No wonder! It’s a conspiracy! Arrest the alewives and the carp, which are looking darned guilty on our beaches!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Seriously, democrats have been caught doing this in every election. You’ve got reports of 119% voter turnout around Madison, and 182% elsewhere. Only voter massive fraud explains that.

    • princetrumpet

      Really, gee, are you that stupid? Consult a road map and see if you ca figure out how to get from Detroit to WI. on a land route.

  3. C.A. Bamford

    Nonsense Gee. One can just head north over the Bridge and hang a left (figures). Or head down and follow the southern shore and hit the bottom near Madison. For Alaskans, that’s just a Sunday drive to visit the relatives.
    You know that compared to Superior (the largest freshwater lake in N. America) Lake Michigan is just a big pond, right?

    Now quit carping. Scott Walker has just been declared the winner.
    WI, and America, has resoundingly announced this is going to stop. If the union thuggeroons decide to go forward with Plan B of filing numerous frivilous lawsuits (hmm..where have we heard this before?) they’re in for a surprise.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Scott Walker didn’t just win, he won in a LANDSLIDE. So did Rebecca Kleefisch and the 4 GOP senators up for recall! An absolute blowout!

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