Ha! AFL-CIO Thug Richard Trumka Tries To Claim They Weren’t Part of Recall Effort in Wisconsin

Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan ~ Unknown

By Gary P Jackson

Oh this is just delicious. From Weasel Zippers:

The AFL-CIO’s fleet of Jesse Jackson minivans unavailable for comment.

The Washington Post has more:

The AFL-CIO was heavily involved in the recall campaign against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). But on the day after Walker soundly defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), the union’s president downplayed the results and distanced the national organization from the recall effort.

We didn’t decide on this recall,” Richard Trumka told reporters on a conference call this afternoon. “It was the workers in Wisconsin and the voters in Wisconsin who did.”

Trumka also repeatedly argued that the recall results had little larger significance for the labor movement, calling it an “an off-year special election.”

Isn’t it just like the union thug leaders to put the blame for this fiasco on the backs of the workers!

If these thugs hadn’t worked their members into a frenzy, trying to save their phony-baloney jobs, none of this would have happened.

The far left Daily Beast notes: [emphasis mine]

Over the past month, We Are Wisconsin has raised more than $5.5 million. Of that total, the group has received three donations from individuals totaling $720. The rest of its funds came almost exclusively from organized labor.

This included nearly $2 million from the AFSCME, the public-employees union, and $1.25 million from the AFL-CIO, along with other six-figure gifts from unions such as the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Teamsters.



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