New York Sun Salutes Sarah Palin’s Outreach To Union Members

By Gary P Jackson

One of the things that sets Sarah Palin apart from the heard of politicians out there, is she’s for real. She’s actually had to work for a living. She’s a self-made, successful woman.

The American people relate to her, because she can relate to us. She is, in fact, one of us.

When it comes to taking on the corrupt union thugs, Sarah again separates herself from the pack. As a former union member herself, in a family of union members, she understands it’s the corrupt, greedy union leadership, and some hand picked thugs, not the rank and file workers who are the problem.

Unlike others in the Republican Party, Sarah has no problem reaching out to the rank and file union workers, and as we are seeing, she has credibility among those workers.

We think the GOP could learn a thing or two from Sarah, if only they weren’t too “smart” to listen.

Our friends over at Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin sent us this from the New York Sun:

In this respect, Wisconsin can be a teaching moment. It puts at a premium politicians who, like Mr. Walker, have the grit for the fight. It also puts at a premium leaders with ability to reach out to labor and make this argument.

This is one of the reasons we’ve been savoring the strategy of Sarah Palin, who stepped onto the national stage by announcing that her husband, Todd, was a “proud member of the United Steel workers” and who herself is a one-time union member from her days as a telephone company dispatcher.

She is the only Republican who has pointedly reached out to labor and bid its rank and file to join the commonsense, conservative, constitutional cause.

We don’t mean to suggest this struggle is about Mrs. Palin, only that this is a moment to think about where the true interests of labor lie and about the possibilities of the labor movement.

The Cold War taught that there can be hinges in our history when free labor and free enterprise are on the same side. Government is a zero sum game for organized labor, as for the rest of us, while in the private sector the possibilities are wide open.

There is no natural limit to growth in private enterprise, in the creation of wealth by human ingenuity and effort. One of the things to watch for after the victory in Wisconsin is the one who can make that case to labor itself.

This is spot on. The Republican Party has ceded the union members, the rank and file workers, to the democrat party, simply because the thugs who run these organizations use member dues to buy-off democrat[and some Republican] politicians. The Republican Party has no idea how to reach these members.

As Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch’s landslide victory in Wisconsin prove, you can reach out to union workers, if you are doing the right thing. It’s reported that 38% of union households voted for Walker and Kleefisch. That’s significant.

I know the GOP will want credit for the win, but it was all Walker and Kleefisch, along with Tea Party groups who were out there making a difference.

Like any other voter, if you have a compelling record, and solid proposals, union workers will be receptive. We used to call these men and women Reagan democrats. It’s looking more and more like we can start calling them Palin democrats.

Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch prove that good, solid public servants are appreciated by the people they serve. But on a national level, only Sarah Palin gets it right.

The GOP could learn a lot from this woman, if only they smart enough to realize it.

Here’s a reminder of how Sarah does it, with a little Breitbart as a bonus:

Mitt Romney and his crew could learn a thing or two from “that woman!



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