Man That President Obama Sure is a Class Act, Ain’t He!

This is not photoshopped. Obama really doesn’t understand how umbrella’s work.

By Gary P Jackson

I thought President Bill Clinton’s love of cigars and chubby interns was the high water mark for low rent, classless jackasses in the White House. It seems I was a tad mistaken. At his gay and lesbian fundraiser at L.A.’s Beverly Wilshire Hotel …. well, you be the judge:

It’s interesting watching Ashleigh Banfield trying to spin this. Basically, in her world, Obama is just a boob who’ll read anything put in front of him …. or he was so dumb he didn’t get the “joke” and was “blind-sided by the laughter.” Yeah, sure.

As BuzzFeed notes this was first reported by Pool reporter Todd Gilman of the Dallas Morning News. His report and the transcript here.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t anywhere near a big deal, but one expects the President of the United States to have a little more class, at least in public. After all, he represents America to the entire world. So far he’s doing a bang-up job, huh.


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