Photo: Dana Loesch Channels Her Inner Breitbart UPDATED

By Gary P Jackson

I love this, and just had to share with our readers!

This is Dana Loesch at the annual NetRoots convention put on by the far left Daily Kos, and sponsored by Big Labor, Google, and various Soros groups. This is THE event to see and be seen at, if you are a democrat politician.

Note, that Dana is standing in front of the Democrat Socialists of America’s booth. [But don’t call Obama or any democrat a socialist]

Andrew Breitbart is still with us all!

Thanks Dana and thanks Martha for sharing a good laugh!


Dana recounts here experience at the NetRoots event and added more photos. This is priceless! Click here for more.

****UPDATE II****

The reaction from liberals is just as loving, tolerant …. not to mention classy …. as expected.

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