Explicit, Graphic Photo Exposes the Shocking Truth About Compressed Natural Gas!

By Gary P Jackson

OK, now that I have your attention ….

Read this before being shocked!

People who are really interested in the environment, as well as creating jobs, know that natural gas is our bridge to the future. It’s clean, green, and plentiful.

We’ve noted many times that the United States has hundreds of years worth of recoverable natural gas, with 1.67 QUADRILLION cubic feet of natural gas sitting in the Arctic alone.

As a motor-fuel, one would be hard pressed to find a more perfect solution. Natural gas is low in carbon, so it’s as close to a true zero emissions fuel as you are ever going to get. I know the people who push electric cars claim they are “green” and have zero emission, but since most of our electricity is generated by coal fired plants, well, you know where this is going.

Having owned a CNG powered vehicle, I can tell you, it’s low carbon properties contribute to longer engine life, and less maintenance. With little or no carbon build-up, the oil in the engine doesn’t pick up a lot of contaminants. This, in turn, means less engine wear. Those bits of carbon tend to scratch bearings and cylinder walls, causing premature failures.

This is the opposite of what happens with ethanol, which literally destroys your car’s engine and fuel system with every fill up. Oh, and unlike ethanol, which wouldn’t exist without Big Government handouts, the other real benefit to natural gas is PRICE, hence this “shocking” photo tweeted by CNGnow:

This photo was taken at a Love’s Travel Travel Stop [a chain of convenience store usually located on major highways and interstates] in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Notice the price of CNG vs regular gasoline. It’s less than half the price!

One of the arguments those who are pushing government sanctioned solutions, that eat up tax payer money, and make political cronies rich, is there is no infrastructure to convert America’s fleet to CNG.

As we’ve pointed out many times, existing gas stations are the ideal starting point. ANY location that already has natural gas service, including your home, can be a CNG fueling station.

They aren’t cheap, right now, but there are several compressor units that you can install in your home garage, carport, etc., that will fill your car. Phill® is one brand that will refill your car overnight, and uses less electricity than most small kitchen appliances. You can learn more about it here.

Since natural gas is less than half the price of gasoline, you can do the math, but even at today’s prices, a CNG compressor would pay for itself in short order. Plus, we all know how technology works, the more people buy these things, the cheaper they get.

Of course, using existing gas stations, or installing CNG as new ones are built, makes a lot of sense too.

The technology to use CNG as a motor-fuel is mature. We’ve been powering cars, trucks, buses with CNG for the better part of a century now. Modern engine management systems, direct fuel injection, and other newer technology makes CNG even more attractive, and efficient.

Better yet, unlike every truckload of ethanol, which is followed by a separate truck filled with tax payer dollars, natural gas can compete, and compete strongly, in the free market, without government subsidies.

That’s another thing. Ethanol is highly corrosive, which is why it destroys engines and fuel systems over time. It also absorbs moisture, which doesn’t do your engine’s performance any good whatsoever. As such, ethanol cannot be sent through existing oil and gas pipelines. Instead, it must be trucked everywhere it goes. Trucked by all of those smelly, dirty old diesel trucks that the “green” crowd loves to hate.

Natural gas is sent through pipelines that have existed since the mid-century. And by mid-century I mean 1859!

This is a rather mature delivery system!

We all want cleaner air, more efficient vehicles [that require less maintenance] and lower costs. CNG is the answer that has been sitting in front of us for decades.

It’s time to stop wasting blood and treasure on failed gimmicks and dead end solutions. Natural gas works. Natural gas is clean. Natural gas is cheap. Natural gas is plentiful.

America can be 100% energy independent. Natural gas will play a major role, if governments will get out of the way, and let the free market work.

If you want to see America’s economy recover, and millions of new jobs created, tell the politicians who stand in the way of progress, to get the hell out of the way.

Clean, cheap energy is the way of the future. Natural gas can help turn our disastrous economy around.



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7 responses to “Explicit, Graphic Photo Exposes the Shocking Truth About Compressed Natural Gas!

  1. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: HHO gas can be used to ‘cut’ the amount of CNG used: Mentally
    chop a third to a half off the CNG price shown in the photo!..Pay about $50 to $100 ONCE to install HHO. Just add a little water to the HHO gen-
    erator which looks like your windshield washer reservoir/pump [when the level gradually drops]. A few nice used fleet cars are available with CNG tanks and standard fillers. They qualify for reduced tolls and can use the
    special environmental driving lanes on some highways. Honda, Chevy, and Ford cars are ready to go…Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Interesting. CNG just works. It’s cheap, clean, and plentiful. The last time I checked a compressor for your home was around $5000. But if you drive a lot, factoring in the price of gasoline vs natural gas, it wouldn’t take long to pay for that. Plus, as more people buy em, the price will come down. You could see someone selling a compressor for $1000 or less within 5 years if enough people were in.

      Of course, there’s always buying it at the corner gas station.

      I’ve always thought CNG was the answer, but with the latest engine management technology, as well as direct high pressure fuel injection, it’s becoming downright sexy!

  2. I lived in Wyoming for seventeen years and used propane in one of my vehicles, Natural gas was hard to find when on the road so propane was the viable alternate. It was a hands down choice over gasoline even then. Some states went the crony system with propane to profit their friends so when I left Wyoming I went back to gasoline. Natural gas is the way to go, but at my age and diminishing driving, it may be too late for me.

  3. lwjwl

    My dad bought a Dodge Powerwagon back in the 1970s and converted it to propane. We
    have it in Mexico by the Sea of Cortez as a workhorse. It is still running great. It is the body of the truck that has had it’s problems. The engine will still be there and working even if the body of the truck falls down around it.
    Cute story. It got stolen once, but the people who stole it couldn’t hide it because of the propane. They would have to go to a propane place to fill it. It was returned in good condition. I doubt that ever happens in Mexico.

    • lwjwl

      I know that you are talking about natural gas here. I had to I say something about propane because it does the same for emissions and engines. Besides that. I’m partial to propane only because of what I’ve experienced with it on our vehicles. Heck, we even have a propane powered Cadilac.

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    Not to be confused with your average politician

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