Latest Dewhurst eMailer Doubles Down On Lies About Ted Cruz

Am I the only one who looks at David Dewhurst and sees this guy?

All you need is the cartoon thought bubble above Dewhurst’s head saying “I’m not a [crook]liar” to make it complete.

By Gary P Jackson

Politics is war. Texas politics usually go thermonuclear before it’s over, but David Dewhurst, who doesn’t have much of a story to tell, and certainly doesn’t give voters a compelling reason to vote for him, just continues to lie about Ted Cruz, even after being repeatedly called on it.

In his latest campaign e-mail, Dewhurst not only doubles down on the already refuted lies about Ted Cruz, he embraces Rick Perry’s “outsiders” comment, disrespecting those who endorse Ted Cruz as “Washington insiders.”

Here’s the disgusting text from the mailer:

The TEXAS Convention

The Texas GOP Convention began today in Ft. Worth. I look forward to seeing thousands of Texas conservatives rally our collective support to end President Obama’s war on Texas.

It is vital we send a conservative with business experience to the U.S. Senate to implement the Texas success model, cut spending, and balance the budget

Governor Rick Perry made it clear that the Washington insiders would be wise to visit Texas and learn a thing or two about the model for success that we have created.

But Washington politicians and pro-amnesty special interest groups have no business choosing our next Senator.

Texans can make their own decisions.

Washington has already eroded our liberties and Texas values too much. We don’t need them telling us how to vote.

This is where, once again, we remind readers that one of those “Washington insiders” Dewhurst is referring to is Governor Sarah Palin, who has visited Texas often, and someone his co-hort, Rick Perry needed to come to Texas in 2010 to bail his sorry behind out in the gubernatorial primary!

It’s sickening to hear Dewhurst slander Governor Palin, Senator Jim DeMint, and Mark Levin as “pro-amnesy,” especially since it’s David Dewhurst who is in the pockets of pro-illegal pro-amnesty businessmen like Bob Perry [a major home builder, no relation to Governor Perry] and mega-grocer Charles Butt.

It was David Dewhurst who killed legislation that would have banned sanctuary cities in Texas, and it is David Dewhurst who opposes common sense solutions such as eVerify. Dewhurst also supports a guest worker program, but has no solutions for America’s overwhelming problem with illegal aliens.

Politics isn’t hopscotch, but this is unacceptable.

Dewhurst is a craven liar who will do and say anything to gain more power. We already have enough of his kind in Washington.

The Cruz campaign has put together several videos calling out Dewhurst on all of his lies. Instead of being a stand up guy, Dewhurst just continues to lie.

I’m sick of the Republican Establishment and these greasy characters who represent them.

Texans have a chance to send a principled Conservative, with an outstanding record of fighting for Liberty and Freedom, to Washington. A Conservative who has stood up to Obama, stood up to the United Nations, and stood up to the World Court, and prevailed.

Ted Cruz has successfully argued for our freedoms in front of the Supreme Court. He’s a real Reagan Conservative who doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.

Texas, and America, needs Ted Cruz!

Check out Ted Cruz on the issues and request an early voting ballot here:


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2 responses to “Latest Dewhurst eMailer Doubles Down On Lies About Ted Cruz

  1. Calling Sarah Palin (of all people!), Sen. DeMint and Mark Levin “Washington insiders” is one whoppin’ ginormous LIE – and Dewhurst has hubris (and chutzpah!) to burn… He seems to be the ANTI-Curz in this instance – sure hope you Texans send him packing/!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Rick Perry was almost booed off the stage at the Texas GOP convention for merely mentioning Dewhurt’s name! I’m pretty sure Cruz will be our next Senator!

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