Sarah Palin Talks About Obama’s Failures, the Pitfalls of the GOP Establishment and Her Future

By Gary P Jackson

A nice little interview for a Saturday. Sarah Palin talks with Fox’s Uma Pemmaraju. Sarah manages to rip President Obama’s policies and says he is “out of whack” with reality. She also manages to shred the Republican Establishment™ for good measure.

Viewers were asked on Friday, in advance of today’s interview, to send in questions. One viewer asked about the possibility of a third party emerging if the GOP dismissed Conservatives. Always candid, Sarah says yes, it’s possible.

I want to caution my friends who will run with this saying: “See, Sarah said she’ll run and save us from Mitt Romney!” Remember, to Sarah, anythings possible, because she’s lived and accomplished so much. She rarely slams any door shut.

But before anyone starts printing up the “Sarah 2012 Or Bust” t-shirts, remember she has also said, many-many times, that a third party run would spell disaster for the country, and do little more than re-elect President Obama. And she is right.

If anything, this is her way of keeping the GOP Elite on their toes. Just don’t over-think things. At this point, Sarah is following the path Ronald Reagan took after he left office as Governor of California. She’s looking to strengthen Conservatism, and elect more principled men and women to Congress.

I’m more interested in her comments about bringing a bit of Alaska to the nation via Todd’s Piper Cub! That would be a fun way to see the country.

Video courtesy SarahNet:


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