Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Sarah Palin [Her Supporters] and Strong Leadership Win in Wisconsin

Thor Tolo/UW Election Eye photo

By Gary P Jackson

First let me say, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch are real heroes. They stood up to armed union thugs, suffered death threats, and other acts of violence, just to save the state they love so much.

Governor Walker has a plan for Wisconsin that works. He’s taken a $3 billion budget deficit and turned it into a projected $275.1 million surplus on June 30, 2012 and a $154.5 million surplus on June 30, 2013. That ain’t chickenfeed!

By short-stopping the union thug bosses and ending collective bargaining for government workers, Governor Walker was able to save hundreds of union jobs those thug bosses would have gladly sacrificed for a fatter payday.

In short, Governor Walker is showing the way out for blue and purple state governments, and well as the federal government. Hopefully he’ll inspire a national Right-to-Work movement so that all of America can be as prosperous and productive as the states that already have Right-to-Work laws.

Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch prove that all any politician needs is courage and a good plan.

That’s not what has me all jigged-up though.

After the landslide win by Walker and Kleefisch, democrats … who just days before were declaring this the election to end all elections …. the most important of all time …. where whining about the money spent [never mind both sides spent roughly the same] and declaring the whole thing meaningless.

Then we have the Republican Establishment sitting back and grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Yes, I know Reince Priebus, the RNC chair sent some resources, but it wasn’t a big effort. Frankly, listening to the after-talk, it seems to the RNC, this was more about setting up a large GOTV structure for November, rather than making sure Walker won. Maybe I’m too sensitive to this stuff, but that’s how I see it anyway.

One of the things the “conservative” talking heads, who were busy patting themselves on the back election night, were pointing out was the fact that Barack Obama was AWOL, sending a rather pathetic little tweet in support, late into the process, rather than going to Wisconsin. Well, that’s actually better than Mitt Romney managed. [and the democrats had no problem pointing it out]

Noted Profile in Courage™ Mitt Romney waited until the networks called the race for Walker and Kleefisch, at which point it was apparent that we were looking at a landslide victory. Then Mitt decided it was time to speak up about Liberty and Freedom.

Don’t even get me started on Karl “Tokyo” Rove and the rest of the clowns. Rove has yet to acknowledge any of the hard work by the Tea Party groups and the regular American people who came to help out. Evidently, to Rove, they don’t exist.

What is missing, even on many of the bigger “conservative” sites, is mention of all of the hard work by the Tea Party groups, Americans for Prosperity, and Sarah Palin, as well as many of her strong supporters.

It was an Americans for Prosperity event that brought Sarah Palin to Madison, Wisconsin last year. This is the famous “Game On!” speech where Sarah not only took on the union thugs, but told the GOP Establishment that they needed to “Fight Like a Girl!,” her cute way of saying “grow a pair why don’t ya!

As you see in the video, Sarah, and the Tea Party crowd was surrounded by armed, violent union thugs, who had been terrorizing the streets of Madison in the months previous. She never blinks. Instead, she talks above the thugs, and reaches out to rank and file union workers telling them they didn’t have to be intimidated by their union leaders, and that Governor Walker was looking to save their jobs, not take them away.

It worked too. We’ve learned 38% of union households voted for Walker and Kleefisch.

Part of the reforms Governor Walker put in place, mean the state government is no longer the bag man for the unions. No longer collecting the “tribute” workers are forced to pay to the union thugs just to have a job. Without government automatically taking the union dues out of their checks, tens of thousands of workers abandoned the unions. AFSCME the powerful municipal union saw more than 30,000 members, over 50% of their membership, take a hike.

No wonder the union thugs were steaming bloody murder! It turns out, if workers are actually given a choice, most would rather not pay “tribute” to these fat cats!

I can’t imagine any member of the Republican “leadership” being able to give the speech Sarah did, or inspire so many to follow her lead. It takes courage to walk into the middle of a hostile mob, look em in the eye and say “Bring it!

Americans for Prosperity and their people did a yeoman’s job of raising money, setting up a GOTV effort, and so on. If you aren’t keeping up with all of the good work they do nationwide on your behalf, here is their website, check it out.

Then there is the Tea Party Express. If you are on their mailing list, you know just how busy Amy Kremer and her crew were. After working brilliantly in Texas, TPE took their brand new mobile call center, a bus filled with phone banks, to Wisconsin to make last minute phone calls to voters.

Both AFP and Tea Party Express are great groups of patriots. If you have any spare change lying around there are a lot worse ways to spend it!

That brings us to Sarah Palin’s top supporters. Organize4Palin was well represented in Wisconsin.

Contributing Editor Whitney Pitcher, who is also the Illinois organizer for American Grizzlies United [O4P] traveled to Wisconsin, not only to take in a few rallies, but man the phone lines, smilin’ and dialin’.

Hard working Texan Michelle McCormick, who also spent a lot of time organizing in Iowa last year, was there. Here’s a bit from a note I got from Whitney a few days ago that I’d like to share:

Michelle and I went up to Wisconsin and attended the Madison Tea Party Express rally on Friday and the Racine Tea Party rally on Saturday morning. We spent the rest of Saturday at the Racine Victory Center making phone calls and did some block walking too.

Bill, the O4P coordinator in WI, has worked tirelessly the past several months making phone calls and other grassroots activities. Brian Lerch, one of our Illinois O4P volunteers, came up Saturday too. Janne Myrdal, the former ND O4P coordinator, came for several days and was even a poll watcher on election day. There were a few other O4P folks who helped leading up to the election as well.

Here’s Michelle McCormick and Whitney [Michelle is wearing the dark jacket]

This is [L to R] Brian Lerch, State Senator Van Wanggaard, Michelle, and Whitney at the Racine Victory Center:

[L to R] “Converted Democrat” Tamra, former IL state rep candidate Danielle Rowe, Whitney, Michelle:

Makin’ calls:

Big Crowd in Racine:

Whitney also sent along this video of Rebecca Kleefisch at the rally. No wonder Sarah Palin likes her so much. This woman has some fire in her belly!

Rebecca is definitely someone we will be watching. She is one of the rising stars of the Conservative movement.

I admire each and every one of these patriots who gave up their time to save Wisconsin from the big democrat machine and the union thugs, who were sucking the lifeblood out of Wisconsin before Governor Walker came along. These people, the members of Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party Express, [and all of the Tea Party groups] and all of our friends at American Grizzlies/Organize4Palin, are who we should be thanking. They, along with Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch are the winners here, along with the people of Wisconsin.

These are the folks who are showing all of America how it’s done.

The Republican Establishment may be crowing over “their” big victory, but we all know that it was a much larger effort by a lot of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things.

Sarah Palin reminds America often that one doesn’t need a title to make a difference. The great victory in Wisconsin proves it.


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2 responses to “Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Sarah Palin [Her Supporters] and Strong Leadership Win in Wisconsin

  1. Dear Gary,

    For me, as Sarah Palin noted, the real congratulations in last week’s victory went to the people of Wisconsin, Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. That is what gracious leaders do.

    What did the RNC Chair do? Priebus used the term “GOP victory” the very next day.. I am sure it is for fundraising and GOTV like you mentioned, but these are examples of why we feel disenfranchised, ignored and disrespected. There are wounds that just dont heal easily, especially after such an unwanted nomination of Mitt Romney this year. Much was said and done that cannot be taken back. I know this is politics, but we cannot forget. The MACHINE has a history now of taking our favorite TEA PARTY candidates and churning them into proper little Progressives over time. Perception is everything in politics and it feels like betrayal, so it is. We are trying to be good sports in spite of it all, and yet, there is very little good will reciprocated. Can you blame us for being so disenchanted (and angry)? No!

    Scott and Rebecca must continue to be beacons of hope for all of us, and the GOP needs to stop poking at the sore that is dividing the Republican Party. WE are reminded each time how the Party elite do not want us to be part of the party or the process. Reince used an interesting choice of words the night Wisconsin won – that it was a good night for Conservatives AND Republicans (interesting as he separated the two). Instead of choosing to encourage, excite and unite, Priebus patted the party on the back. Not us.

    IF this is any indication of things to come, then I can assume that the GOP will take credit if ROmney wins in November (even if the base gets out the vote). And IF he loses, I am sure Conservatives will be blamed. That is the truth. I see it coming. Either way, we will never get the credit.

    As disappointing as all this is, no matter what is said, everyone knows the real fire and energy in our party comes from the base. So stick it, GOPe!

    Thank you for writing the piece. I will highlight it on my wall as TEA PARTY Conservatives do not get a whole lot of positive attention these days.


    • Gary P Jackson

      Sadly you are 100 percent spot on correct. It always works that way. If the Republican wins, the RNC wants all the credit. But if a “moderate” [man I hate that word] gets out there and loses, it’s OUR fault for not fawning all over them.

      Look at 2008. John McCain was a disaster. The only smart thing he did, was pick Sarah Palin. Past that, complete disaster. I blame the morons he had running his campaign. One quit as soon as Obama was the nominee, because he couldn’t bring himself to run against such a historic candidate. Nicole Wallace admitted she voted for Obama, and I’d wage considerable money that Steve Schmidt did as well. And those two worked for McCain.

      You had all of the “thought leaders like David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker, and George Will swooning all over Obama. Pretty sure every damned on of them voted for him, and no telling how many dumb voters they brought along for the ride. Then you have Colon Powell and Condi Rice. I KNOW Powell voted for Obama, because he endorsed him. Pretty sure Condi did as well. There are more high profile “Republicans” but you get the idea.

      This year, as far as the presidency goes, we’re between a rock and a hard place, because Obama must go, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean we lay down. We may be forced to vote for Romney to save the nation, and frankly, I’ll sleep just fine after I do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t elect Conservatives to Congress, and stop feeding the GOP.

      I used to be proud to say I was a “card carrying Republican.” No longer. I quit sending a dime to the RNC or state party. Instead I support individual candidates, and groups that share my values. I think we’ve seen it’s far easier to support the right candidate than to trust the NRCC or the NRSC to choose for us.

      We’re in for a long fight, not only against the communists who have taken over the democrat party, but the GOP machine. My money is on us!

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