Breaking: Senator Orrin Hatch demands Eric Holder’s Resignation Over Fast and Furious

By Gary P Jackson

From the Daily Caller:

Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch has joined his congressional colleagues in demanding Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious.

Hatch made the call during a Wednesday interview on former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s radio show. “Well if he doesn’t cooperate with the Congress on this Fast and Furious, where one of our agents was killed because of the stupidity of this administration, then he ought to step own,” Hatch said.

He’s basically a nice man, but by gosh he’s been so partisan in that job that I’m very concerned about him and tend to support Sen. Cornyn and others who think that he ought to retire.

Huckabee said he calls Holder by the nickname “Eric withholder” because “he seems to be withholding so much more information than he’s coming forth with.

Hatch becomes the fourth U.S. senator to demand Holder’s resignation over the scandal. Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn demanded Holder’s resignation to the attorney general’s face during a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Republican Sens. Jim DeMint, Johnny Isakson and James Inhofe did so beforehand.

Two sitting governors — Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Rick Perry of Texas — join those senators, as do 129 House members and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in pushing for Holder to step down.

Say what you will about Senator Hatch, but he is right and pointing out that it was the stupidity of the Obama regime that got all of these hundreds of people killed.



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4 responses to “Breaking: Senator Orrin Hatch demands Eric Holder’s Resignation Over Fast and Furious

  1. Winghunter

    Hatch must be up for his re-election bid otherwise he wouldn’t be acting like a Republican. That RINO MUST go!

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, Hatch is just doing the right thing. As for being a RINO, that would be Dan Liljenquist, the phony baloney “Tea Party” candidate. Liljenqist is pretending to be a Conservative, but he’s nothing of the sort.

      Before acting a fool, and trash talking, I suggest you look at Hatch’s record of fiscal responsibility, as well as his championing of Conservative judges. There’s a reason why people like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin are backing Hatch over Dick Armey’s boy Liljenquist.

      Liljenquist is not a Conservative. He’s just another establishment con man.

      • Aaron Allen

        Hi Gary: Orrin is correct to demand accountability for the apparently fail-
        ed ‘plant and distribution’ of the automatic weapons in Mexico…Perhaps
        we can prohibit such poorly conceived and executed ‘operations’? If I
        had been involved, I wud have sabotaged the guns so they wud have
        failed or exploded: Think of the surprise and fear such an ‘Operation
        Exploding Cigar’ wud have caused! What if every magazine of the bad
        guys’ ammo had at least one dud round…What if many gun barrels or
        breechblocks had a weakened zone that wud blow up, injuring or kil-
        ling gangstas, murderers, traitors [to Mexico]. What wud the bad guys
        do when they realize the ‘gringo-guns’ are garbage? Hooded/masked
        heads wud roll? Wud failed weapons be returned to the manufacturers
        for warranty repairs? To ‘Fast-n-Furious’ suppliers for refunds?..Dur-
        ing ‘The War’ [WW II] many of the guns made in nazi prison camps
        were deliberately sabotaged by the slave/prisoners employed there. If
        the bad guys have to go abroad for reliable weapons, an opportunity to
        really screw these roaches up may present itself?..If the cartel-crowd
        had to wear safety gear and body armor to protect themselves, wud
        they be more easily spotted?..Aaron Allen…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah, the Fast and Furious thing is more sinister though. The Obama regime knew people would be slaughtered. The knew the guns would be traced by to American gun dealers. This was a ploy by the democrats so they could demand sweeping gun control legislation. They figured these mass murders would create an outrage they could capitalize on. As Rahm Emanuel has said, never let a good crisis go to waste!

        People need to go to prison forever over this.

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