Bristol Palin: Praying for Robin Roberts

By Gary P Jackson

ABC News Anchor Robin Roberts made the sad announcement that she is suffering from complications from her cancer treatments. She has a tough road ahead.

Bristol Palin was on ABC talking about her new show Life is a Tripp when she learn of Robin’s health issues.

On her blog Bristol writes:

Though I’m never really excited about being on morning talk shows, I always look forward to seeing Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. She’s kind, respectful, and her calm manner makes it much more comfortable to be on camera. She’s the most down to earth celeb I know!

When I was in New York, I found out that Robin, a breast cancer survivor, is battling a blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome. This was likely caused by her cancer treatment.

Please join me as I pray that God gives her strength as she goes through “pre-treatment” and her bone marrow transplant. Also, I’m praying for her complete healing. We love you, Robin!

We join with Bristol in prayer, and offering our support to Robin, and wish her a full recovery.

More at Bristol’s blog, here.


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