Mitt Romney is Pro-Choice … On Education: Supports School Vouchers

By Gary P Jackson

One of the most evil things brand new president Barack Obama and his crew did, was immediately shut down the incredibly successful school voucher program in Washington, D.C. The program allowed the parents of students, who had been forced to attend some of the worst schools in the country, to instead have a voucher, that would allow them to shop around and find a more suitable school in the District.

This voucher plan for D.C. schools was a bi-partisan effort to improve education.But being more interested in helping the teacher’s unions than students, President Obama knew that the stunningly positive results of this voucher program would eventually start a nationwide education revolution.

Oddly enough, the most pro-choice, abortion promoting president in our nation’s history, is absolutely against pro-choice when it comes to education. And this is a stance shared by most of his fellow travelers.

While I would rather see the Department of Education, a remnant of the Carter presidency, dismantled and educational responsibility returned entirely to the states, I’m also a realist. Ronald Reagan ran on dismantling, what was then a brand new agency, and was unable to stop it. He had a hostile, democrat Congress standing in his way. Firmly entrenched, I’m not sure how we can dismantle this disaster of an agency now.

Knowing the realities of it all, it’s encouraging to see Mitt Romney come out for school choice, and embrace the idea of school vouchers. We all lament the quality of schools. We all are concerned that once a teacher gains tenure, it’s almost impossible to fire them, no matter what they do. A voucher system would be closer to the free market than anything we’ve seen before, in education. If parents and students are allowed to shop around, looking for quality and comparability, that will do more to reform education than all of the new legislation in the world.

Under a voucher program, poor schools will be forced to get their act together, or close. Good schools will only get better.

Good education is essential to America’s future. I firmly believe a voucher system will benefit everyone concerned.

H/T: Gabby Hoffman


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