Wayne Mazza: Are We United or Are We Divided

Publisher’s Note:

There is a bit of a an ongoing division among supporters of Sarah Palin. While most have accepted that she did not run for president, and will not be the Republican nominee for president, there is a still a group that refuses to accept this hard, cold fact.

These people see Mitt Romney as the Great Satan™ and think he’s as bad, or worse, than Barack Obama.

I don’t subscribe to that thinking. Like many Conservatives, I’m more concerned about the future of our country, than settling old scores. And believe me, there are plenty of old scores to settle with Team Romney, when it comes to Sarah Palin. And I do mean plenty.

Personally, I’m quite disturbed by those who refuse to accept that Mitt as the Republican nominee. It’s counterproductive, and wastes time that could be spent supporting actual candidates who are running for office. I’ve been and will continue to be quite vocal about this.

The only way we are ever going to reform the Republican Party, and ultimately government itself, is to support and elect principled Conservatives to Congress.

Sarah herself has constantly said one can’t place their hope in any one politician, and she’s right. You can’t tie your hopes and dreams to any politician. No matter who they are, they will let you down. All you can do is make the best of the situation in front of you.

Wayne Mazza is someone who’s thoughts we’ve shared with readers before, been well received. He’s a member of many Palin oriented groups on Facebook. Though he’s talking to these groups, he’s also talking to the rest of us as well.

While I don’t share Wayne’s idea that somehow there will be a divine intervention that will make Sarah the presidential nominee, I do share, and applaud, Wayne’s common sense approach to it all. He knows what is most important.

Sarah has a strong, passionate group of supporters. More loyal than I’ve seen to any candidate since Ronald Reagan. But there are some who get highly upset every time she endorses someone they don’t like, even though Sarah always explains herself and makes a solid case for that endorsement. Then there are those who refuse to accept reality, and for them it’s either Sarah or nothing.

Here Wayne tries to bring everyone together, and reminds everyone we must work toward the common goal of defeating Barack Obama. In order to defeat Obama, we’ll have to elect Mitt Romney. That’s our only option.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be critical of Romney, Lord knows I’m not going to let up on him one little bit. But I understand the future viability of the United States, as a nation, hangs in the balance. We have to decide which is more important, holding grudges as we watch America destroyed, or do something to stop the bleeding and at least get us back on the road to recovery.

The best way to honor Sarah Palin is to do everything in our power to help elect Conservative across the nation.

~ Gary

With that, take it away Wayne:

Are we United or are we Divided

By Wayne Mazza:

There are many groups and pages on Facebook dedicated to supporting Gov. Palin. It is great to see all the enthusiasm in spreading the ideals of this wonderful Northern light from Alaska, our Sarah.

Many of us have tried and continue to try to see that Gov. Palin is our nominee for president and insist she will be our next president. Others have accepted the fact that she will not be our nominee and are continuing to support her in other ways. Some of these ways are making contact with candidates she has endorsed to promote their election, putting together a game plan to see that if 2012 is not viable, she is our nominee in 2016.

These are good efforts on both sides of the coin. The important thing is that WE ALL ARE STILL SUPPORTING GOV. PALIN. That is where we are United in cause.

However, some are allowing emotion, not thought, to interfere and this is dividing us. I have seen groups disappear, people leaving one group for another, people being outright rude and cruel because other peoples thoughts do not line up with theirs.

There are people being criticized that have put a lot of effort into not only trying to get Gov. Palin elected, but to provide us all information to chew on. There are people leaving groups, going to other groups and using the new group as a platform to criticize the people of the group they left. What good is it to tear fellow conservatives down when we should be building them up. Hell, the DNC, LSM, and RNC is already doing that.

None of us are experts, at least I know I am not getting paid for my political knowledge, but we are all trying one way or another to support the most honest, trusted, and accomplished ex-politician since Reagan to see she becomes president this year or at another time.

This is no time to cannibalize one another just because we have differences. What we need to remember is to have respect and follow the rules of each group. In other words, if you want to talk “Sarah for president”, do it on groups that are pushing it, if you want to support her in other ways, go to the groups supporting that. We can do both, its not that hard.

How can we say we are supporters of Gov. Palin when you hear things like:

1. If Gov. Palin supports Romney, I am done with her.

2.She supported Hatch, she is a sellout, I am through with her.

3.If she is not the nominee, I am not voting.

I myself have had a change of thought. I myself had said I would do number three above, but I know in my heart that is foolishness and letting emotion rule my thoughts.

For Christians, we know the rules of this world mean nothing to God, that all things are possible with God regardless if Mitt Romney has 1144 delegates or 2000 hard delegates.

I know we are all praying for a miracle at the convention and I will hold strong for Gov. Palin. If it is God’s will for her to be the nominee it will be, but if that is not to be, then after that convention my priority shifts to what is best for this country.

I will not sit home on Nov. 6, 2012. My sole responsibility will be to go into that booth, and pull the lever for the Mittster if he is our nominee. But, and hear this but loud and clear, I will continue to help Gov. Palin in any way I can to save this country and that includes helping her get elected in 2016.

Try and look at the situation like a football team. Not everyone plays offense, or defense, or special teams. Not everyone is a quarterback or a running back, or a line backer or a lineman. But they all have one thing in common, they are a cohesive unit with the goal of winning. And winning is not the result in all games, but the big picture is to win enough to qualify for the Super Bowl, to win all the marbles “THE BIG PICTURE”.

Are we not all in our individual groups doing the same thing? The only difference is we are a bunch of parts trying to operate separately instead of together.

When I say together, I mean we can continue to work in our groups & pages but also help out in others and respect each other.

This bickering solves nothing, it only makes enemies. Good Grief, that is the DNC way not conservatives.

Again, I remind you all, if you truly support Gov. Palin, remember what Gov. Palin has said numerous times “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA”!!

I am sure what has been done to her and her family has been a bitter pill, but she has NOT LOST FOCUS ON THE PRIZE, and that prize is removing Obama from office.

We made two big mistakes this year, failure to educate the public on the her accomplishments, and getting state delegates early for her. We will not repeat those mistakes.

If we really have faith in Gov. Palin, follow her lead, help where you can, keep her and her family in your prayers. I trust her political instinct much more than myself.

I have made many friends on Facebook, and I will continue to have respect for your points of view.

God bless all of you, God bless Sarah and her family, and God Bless America.



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8 responses to “Wayne Mazza: Are We United or Are We Divided

  1. susan pevenise

    what you fail to understand is that mitt romney is a mormon and that IS A CULT and he also wrote the first healthcare bill in mass. himself and there is NOTHING you or anyone can do to make us vote for him under any circumstances we are sooo not staying home we are NEVER voting for him and ONLY voting for SARAH PALIN and no one but no one is changing our minds. we are writing her in if we have to but GOD’S ALREADY TOLD MILLIONS OF US SHE IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT AND WE WON’T BUDGE. we leave the fb groups after we are called sic and obama lovers and communinists because we are refusing to accept the lesser evil for any reason. yes we will fight and expose those who bow their knee to the gop nwo puppet. it’s not just mitt it’s the way we’ve been used and screwed by the gop for years and we are tired of it and we are never having anyone for potus who won’t put American FIRST AND THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THAT IS SARAH PALIN.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Dear readers, this is what real supporters of Sarah Palin are up against.

      This poor unfortunate, delusional, soul doesn’t understand that she sounds just as insane as the members of the Ron Paul cult and the Obama Zombies, ranting like this.

      It dishonors Sarah, it dishonors Conservatism, and it’s dishonors everyone who wants to sincerely see sudden and relentless reform.

      Sarah chose not to run for President, but a number of deluded souls simply refuse to accept reality.

      The bottom line is we must beat Obama. Anything that stands in the way of defeating Obama is misguided and deplorable.

  2. Good point, Gary – and excellent exhortation, Wayne Mazza! Yes, as tough as it is to get much enthusiasm up for Romney (and, frankly, if he wins and is even half-way good, challenging him – with Palin – in 2016 will be one tough road to hoe!!), we must not let Ovomit have another 4 years! Yes, we’re between a rock and a hard place – and it’s AMOST (but, thank God, not quite) a lose-lose situation!

    On the bright side, however, a Conservative GOP Congress – BOTH houses! – will go a long way toward keeping Romney on the straight & narrow. So, that’s where our battes will be fought – and must be won! – if we’re to survive as a country.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yup. Beating Obama is a must, and like it or not Romney is “our” guy. So we must do what we must do. I’m all for protest votes, but not this time. The nation hangs in the balance. Getting Obama and his crew out of office is more important than “purity.”

      I figure two possibilities. One, Romney fools us all, and is actually a decent President, and deserves re-election, or he turns out to be too timid, and doesn’t do enough.

      All I know for sure, is every office Sarah Palin has ever held, she got there by taking out a sitting Republican. So if anyone is likely to primary Mitt in 2016, if he deserves it, it will be Sarah.

  3. Susan, check you local election laws and you may find that unless Gov. Palin has filled out the paperwork and declared herself as a write in candidate in your state, that your write in vote will never be seen. It will simply be disposed of and Obama will have one more unopposed vote. If you are going to the polls, why not have your vote count. Vote for Mitt Romney if his ends up being the name on the ballot. He isn’t perfect by a long stretch, but with three to four new Supreme Court Justice appointments coming to the next president, I will take a first term Mitt Romney, over a second term Obama and his self declared “flexibility” every single day of the week!

    • Gary P Jackson

      I can tell you for certain that Sarah Palin is making no effort to be placed on any ballot. She’s making no effort to be the 2012 nominee. She’s focused on the Senate races.

      All I can say is any vote that isn’t for Romney is a vote for Obama. That simply isn’t acceptable.

  4. mymati

    Gary, Sarah may mpt be overtly making an effort to be on amy ballot, but simply by being who she is and making endorsements that matter more than even the nominee’s do, she has become the one that Mitt cannot ignore.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, she’s not trying to be the next president. That ship sailed September 3, 2011. Sarah is trying to get real conservatives elected to the Senate.

      I’ve been running some ideas through my head about a possible Romney-Palin ticket, stay tuned.

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