Dear Press Corps, Erased Your Hard Drives! Love, Mitt

By Gary P Jackson

Mitt Romney is showing us that he has a sense of humor after all. First it was the bus, which has it’s own Twitter account. Now Romney is taunting the media.

It seems Mitt went on the press bus that follows his campaign around and left a little note:

Ridicule is a powerful weapon.

Check out all the details over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy



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10 responses to “Dear Press Corps, Erased Your Hard Drives! Love, Mitt

  1. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: While Mitt’s note was intended as a ‘joke’ I’m afraid that some peo-
    ple will be reminded of his younger ‘hi-jinx’ of yore and think he’s just mean-
    spirited–not a funny guy?..Surely he must have a few ordinary Americans
    in his group that can make him look a bit more desirable and less like a nay
    sayer?..His ‘they’ really need to present some practical ways, means, and
    solutions rather than just blaming OB for everything–whether it’s his fault,
    or not?..Romney also needs to disclose his tentitive Cabinet–tell us who
    the real movers shud be–and WHY?..Otherwise, he sounds like another
    CEO spouting jive…We got enuf of them ripping us off, such as evil bank-
    ers who are driving up the price of our fuels!..Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      It turns out those stories of his youth were greatly embellished and exaggerated. I don’t have the article at hand, but the supposed victim of his “bullying” came out and said it never happened.

      Anyhow, I love the fact it angered the left wing media. Anytime you anger them, you throw them off their game.

      I’m still not all that excited about Willard, but I don’t mind giving credit where credit’s due!

  2. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: I just had an idea for how Mitt might ‘introduce’ his Cabinet and ot-
    her critical staffers/team-members: Mitt appears onscreen saying,”Hi, I’m
    Mitt Romney and here’s thelatest list of my ‘team’.” [Here his ‘team’ makes
    brief onscreen ID like, “John Doe, Secretary of [whichever]”…Captions in
    both English and Spanish give name and job?..In the end, the ‘team’ is
    seen in a line or group with ‘cheer leaders’ holding a banner, ‘Romney in
    2012!’ Mitt walks onscreen and sez, “‘I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this
    team!” How’s that?..

    • Gary P Jackson

      That would be great, but I doubt he will. It would open him up to attacks, but it would certainly give us an idea what kind of a POTUS he would be.

  3. I’m just glad to see him loosening up a little. He’s always seemed really stiff to me, so this is even better than it would have been otherwise! I hope his VP pick is someone energetic and young– but I have a feeling it’ll end up being someone like Rob Portman; so, we’re going to have to depend on Mitt to keep doing things like this! Still not overly enthused about him, but he’s better than what we have now.
    By the way, Gary, I thought you might be interested in checking out my newest video!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, it’ll just be more of the same. As Reagan would say, pale pastels instead of bold colors.

      Great video. I’ll post and share.

      • Speaking of Reagan, I just watched his 1981 Inauguration speech– if he was giving it today it would be just as legitimate! It’s incredible how relevant it would be; he even addresses the idea of the Buffett Rule. Pale pastels are the opposite of what we need, but there’s really no way to get anything different. The establishment is set on Portman.

      • Gary P Jackson

        That’s why Ronnie is still so loved and admired. The truths he spoke are universal and never changing. I often watch the speech he gave at the 1964 Republican convention, called “A Time For Choosing” [I named my blog after it]

        It also is just as relevant today as it was 47 years ago.

      • And thank you about my video! 🙂

      • Gary P Jackson

        My pleasure!

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