Four Time Iron Dog Champ Todd Palin Looks to Earn His Stripes on NBC

By Gary P Jackson

NBC has a new show coming this August called Stars Earn Stripes.

Todd Palin will be one of the stars competing in the competition. And the best part, is it’s all for charity.

For those that wonder what credentials Todd has to be competing in what looks to be a military themed competition, he is a four time Iron Dog World Champion.

The Iron Dog is the world’s longest snow machine race. The nearly 2000 mile course varies from year to year, and compasses some of the roughest, most dangerous terrain, you can find. Racers have to contend with temperatures well below zero, for days. You gotta be in top physical and mental condition just to survive, never mind win.

The new show will feature General Wesley Clark as it’s host.

From Entertainment Weekly:

NBC’s upcoming military-themed competition series Stars Earn Stripes has lined up a celebrity cast, plus enlisted a former NATO commander as its host.

Stars Earn Stripes will feature celebrities competing in tough military training exercises and has the exclusive online cast scoop. NBC has tapped General Wesley Clark (ret.), the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO and 2004 presidential candidate to host the show along with TV personality Samantha Harris (Entertainment Tonight, Dancing with the Stars).

The celebrity competitors include boxing champion Laila Ali, actor Dean Cain (Out of Time), former NFL player Terry Crews (The Expendables), singer Nick Lachey (The Sing-Off), Sarah Palin’s husband Todd Palin, Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, The Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince and WWE star Eve Torres.

I am thrilled to join Stars Earn Stripes as host and look forward to watching the celebrity cast members test themselves as they step up to take on these tough challenges,” said Clark in a statement. “This new series pays tribute to members of our dedicated armed forces and civil law enforcement and I know that the winnings, which will be donated to first-responder charity and veterans groups, will make a difference and send an important message.”

The eight competitors will gather at a training facility where they will tackle complicated and difficult “missions” inspired by real-life military exercises. Like on Dancing With the Stars, each celebrity will be partnered with an expert — in this case, an experienced member of the U.S. military or a law enforcement agency. Contests range from helicopter drops to long-range target shooting, with the celebrity and the veteran competing as a team. Each week, one team is eliminated.

Stars Earn Stripes is executive produced by Mark Burnett (The Voice), Dick Wolf (Law & Order) and David A. Hurwitz (Fear Factor). The show will debut with a special two-hour episode on Monday, August 13, at 8 p.m.

As you remember, Mark Burnett was the Executive Producer, along with Sarah, on the wildly successful Sarah Palin’s Alaska travel/adventure series on TLC.

This looks to be a nice bit of summer fun, and it’s all for a good cause.

Here’s a photo of the cast:



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6 responses to “Four Time Iron Dog Champ Todd Palin Looks to Earn His Stripes on NBC

  1. Anthony Chad

    That is right as rain~ Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good for Todd!! As I remarked to some ePals, the Palins are always ahead of every curve!! Should be a great series, with lots of exciting competition!

    • Gary P Jackson

      This should be fun. Todd is in great shape. I’m not big on NBC, but since it’s for charity, I’ll have to watch.

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