Sarah Palin is so Irrelevant The Daily Caller Has TWO Articles Begging Her to Endorse Romney

By Gary P Jackson

The Daily Caller’s collection of what I’ll loosely call “journalists” prove once again, when you have nothing to say, throw up something with Sarah Palin’s name in the headline, and you’ll have eyes on your article.

In what looks to be your basic “open thread,” catch-all sort of post, that has several subjects of marginal interest, The DC’s “Senior Editor” Jamie Weinstein chose the title TheDC Morning: The missing barracuda. We all know who the Barracuda is when we are talking politics.

Anyhow, in what may be this dumbest opening statement ever written, “Senior Editor” writes:

Sarah Palin has become increasingly irrelevant, but her endorsement still remains sought after by GOP candidates.

Yeah she’s so irrelevant that her’s is the nation’s most treasured and sought after endorsement, and your own website has not one but two articles begging her to endorse Mitt Romney, and do it now.

Our happless “Senior Editor” ends with a rather desperate:

Sarah, Sarah where are you?

If she’s so irrelevant, why is “Senior Editor” on his knees begging? [At least that’s how I picture “Senior Editor,” on his knees, hat in hand, begging!]

That brings us to Alex Pappas, who “Senior Editor” quotes in his piece.

Alex rambles:

While Sarah Palin has made it concretely clear that she’s opposed to President Barack Obama’s re-election, the former governor of Alaska has not yet offered a formal endorsement of the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

Palin — the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, who admitted to voting for Newt Gingrich during the GOP primary — said earlier this year that she would support Romney “100 percent” if he became the nominee.

But she hasn’t been very enthusiastic about supporting the former Massachusetts governor since he clinched the nod.

I honestly believe that anybody running on a GOP ticket would be infinitely better than what we have today, with these failed socialist policies,” Palin said on NBC’s “Today” show in April — after it was clear that Romney would be the nominee.

Aides to Palin did not comment on questions posed by TheDC on this topic Monday.

It’s no surprise that she’s not Romney’s biggest fan: Fox News reported over this weekend that in giving a keynote speech to conservative activists Friday at the RightOnline convention in Las Vegas, Palin did not mention Romney once during her 35-minute address.

Not sure why any of Sarah’s “aides” [Todd? Piper?] would give TheDC the time of day.

Remember, this is a website whose publisher, Tucker Carlson, once tweeted that Sarah was a “MILF” and has a record of saying similar things about other Conservative women. Not quite Bill Maher territory, but the two share a fence line.

It just so happens I had a discussion earlier today with someone knowledgeable about the Right Online conference, and Americans for Prosperity. It seems, as a non-profit, they have a policy of not allowing individual endorsements at their events. In fact, as a 501(c)(3), the law [and the IRS] demand that no endorsements be allowed. So Sarah Palin didn’t endorse Mitt Romney, at Right Online, because it simply wasn’t the time nor the place.

Too bad TheDC’s crack team of writers couldn’t have found this out before writing not one, but TWO articles begging on Romney’s behalf.

I find it hilarious that this bunch truly thinks Sarah is irrelevant, and yet, the fact that she hasn’t endorsed the Republican nominee for president yet, warrants TWO articles mentioning this.

It’s a rare person who has so much relevance that their non-action can garner as much attention as their actions.

No doubt Sarah will do everything in her power to help remove President Obama from power. I just find it interesting that a group who tried so hard to keep Sarah from running for president herself, now act like Romney’s victory hinges on what she says or does.

Maybe all of those Romney staffers, who have attacked her since before the 2008 election was over, should have thought of that beforehand!

Don’t worry “Senior Editor” Sarah doesn’t want Obama to win re-election. Now get off your knees and dry your tears. You too Alex.

Because we can:

You’d have me down… down… down… down on my knees

Now wouldn’t you, Barracuda?


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12 responses to “Sarah Palin is so Irrelevant The Daily Caller Has TWO Articles Begging Her to Endorse Romney

  1. That is Funny

    Hehehe~ I see Daily Caller; others are recognizing even more now the POWER they DONT HAVE!

  2. idesign

    Hope you don’t mind, I posted a link to your article at the Daily Caller. They deserve all the return fire that they are getting. Thanks..:)

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh heck no! I appreciate it. I love to see you fighting the fight. Keep that bunch over at Hot Gas straight!

  3. jerseyflash

    Someone …please set me straight…does the nominee come out of the convention or not ???…I watched a Surgeon slice and dice the media zombies and the WH Zombies…I watched this women tell her base of who they are and what they have become…Nov 2010 was ONLY a surprise to ERCEL…Wis. recall win was a surprise to MSNBC…hearing about how irrelevant or relevant Sarah Palin is…when they bring up her name…people turn up the volume on there TV or radio…when they write about her…they sell mags or papers… she is relevant…Mitts and Ercel are holding the breath…before the first handle is pulled in Nov 2012…Sarah Palin will be RELEVANT…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Generally the nomination is sewn up well before the convention. The convention is nothing more than an infomercial celebrating the nominee. This year will be no exception. Romney wrapped it up when he won Texas. He’s get more delegates in the remaining primaries.

      We haven’t had a good old floor fight since Ford vs Reagan in 1976, when there was no clear winning going into the convention. I doubt we’ll ever see one again.

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  6. I’m constantly reminded why I cancelled my daily subscription to the DC – too many swipes at ideas, things and people I like (obviously, Palin being Numero Uno!). Tucker, the bow-tied wonder, is alternately smart & incisive and stupid & demeaning. This latest nonsense just underscores why he’s barely nibbling at the hem of the mantle of relevancy himself!!

    I’ve been wondering what Sarah Baracuda will do when it comes to endorsing or not – she’s no doubt plotting her moves VERY carefully! I think much will be determined by whether or not she’s tapped for a major speaking role at the Convention; if not, she can damn well take her time to jump on the Romney bandwagon. I’ll also be watching to see how she uses her presence in Tampa OFF-SITE to meet & greet and wield influence…

    I think she just might wait ’til she’s giving a MAJOR speech somewhere POST-Convention – and couch the endorsement within a warning to Romney and the RINOS, reminding them that THEY aren’t the ones holding all the cards this year… IOW, her endorsement will have to be gained “the old fashion way!” – it’ll have to be EARNED!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sarah kinda-sorta endorsed Willard last night. The old “Anybody But Obama” deal. She did say if the election was today she’d vote for him. But she wasn’t in any hurry to mention the “presumptive nominee” by name!

      She also set the record straight by mentioning what I had noted in the article, that AFP is a 501(c)(3) organization, and endorsing a candidate is simply not allowed.

      I imagine she’s going to keep a close eye on Romney even after the election.

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