EPA Gone Wild: Oil Refiners Required to Use Fuel Blend That Doesn’t Exist, Fined For Not Doing So!

By Gary P Jackson

The Environmental Protection Agency is well known for being a rogue agency, but this is unreal.

Since 2005, the EPA, has demanded oil refiners use millions of gallons of a cellulose blend of ethanol. The problem is, the out of control agency wrote the specs for this fuel, thinking someone would actually make the product. Seven years later, this product is not available. It simply doesn’t exist.

Doesn’t matter to the EPA.

Instead of realizing their spec fuel doesn’t make business sense, as absolutely no one on earth is making it, the EPA has been collecting huge fines from the oil refiners, for not using this imaginary product. Incredible as it seems, the EPA has been getting away with this for years.

Fox News’ Jim Angle reports on this:

Oh, and good news. Now that refiners are fed up, the EPA is going to lower it’s requirements for the use of unobtainium by 98%. They’ll still be holding a gun to the head of the refiners and stealing 2% of the fine money they’ve been collecting though.

For any number of reasons, the EPA is one of those agencies that needs to be shut down. The agency has far too much power, and obviously zero accountability. The EPA is a perfect example of government not being the answer and instead being the problem.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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17 responses to “EPA Gone Wild: Oil Refiners Required to Use Fuel Blend That Doesn’t Exist, Fined For Not Doing So!

  1. all these refiners need to get together and stop paying the fines.. what are they going to do shut them down? i don’t think so.. by paying they are allowing this scam to continue and it will continue as long as payment is made………

    • Gary P Jackson

      I agree. It’s time to shut this Nixon era bureaucracy down though. The EPA, which right now is headed by an avowed communist, Lisa Jackson, is accountable to no one. They are actually using military drones to spy on farms. One could spend the rest of their lives doing nothing but cataloging the EPA’s unconstitutional madness, and still never document it all.

  2. Wonderful to see the criminal overreach by this administration gaining some traction. The EPA, along with HHS, the FDA, and the ATF all need to be, if not neutered, then put on a very short leash.
    They have far too much power for any government agency, and the way they are wielding it is scarier still.

    We touched on this a while back as well, Gary, when the story first hit the wires. Obviously, the media didn’t cover it so it failed to create so mmuch as a ripple in the news.

    BTW: love the use of “unobtanium” here. I used to only hear it when speaking with engineers, but it fits perfectly in this context.

    Solid post, sir!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks! We use the term unobtainium in drag racing a lot too. When Tony Schumacher and Allen Johnson were racking up 6 straight world championships for the Army Top Fuel dragster, we used it often, as the entire car seemed to be made of the stuff!

      When Ronald Reagan ran for president, one of his promised was to dismantle the Department of Education, a dangerous agency that had just been put in place by Jimmy Carter. Of course, Reagan failed, but he had a hostile Congress all 8 years he was in office. One wonders what a reform minded president and Congress could accomplish.

      We MUST stop these out of control agencies.

  3. Also, we just added your site to our blogroll.
    My apologies: I actually thought I had already done so.

    Thanks again for the post, and keep shining the light on these idiots.

  4. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: I’ve sort of soured on ethanol use generally but think that fleet ve-
    hicles cud do well–especially in the rural and suburban parts of the Sunbelt
    or in places like HI, PR, VI, where there is good biomass [other than food]
    and if the affected cars/trux have ‘classic’ [before ’67] or flex-fuel program-
    med ECU with an HHO gas generator to recover most of the energy-lost
    due to the alcohol…Think of a Sheriff’s patrol car which chugs around for
    8-10 hours a day and the many trades-vans and pickups that drive to the
    job once or twice a day–then sit while the driver works onsite…By soaking
    up the ‘easy’ users, petro-fuelers and ‘grassoline/algae-diesel’ customers
    can beat the half-a-buck-a-gallon cost of the ‘Big Banks’ phoney, specula-
    tive ‘market’…Hopefully, the airlines and other corporations that buy their
    own refineries will sell the gasoline left after jet fuel is ‘cooked’ to the non-
    ‘big oil’ market–direct to the end-customers?..What wud this do to the ‘us-
    ual suspects’ who rip us all off?..Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      The problem with ethanol is energy density, or lack there of. It takes about twice as much energy to make ethanol than you get out of it. It’s truly a junk fuel for every day consumption. Plus it takes thousands of gallons of water.

      It also destroys engines and fuel systems, as it’s highly corrosive. Vehicles that are designed to use ethanol, even have problems. If you put ethanol is an older car, you’re screwed.

      This is no different BTW, than using methanol, or other alcohol blends used in racing. Hard on engines and fuel systems.

      Which brings me to the one place where ethanol is actually useful. Racing.

      Though ethanol isn’t energy dense, and it takes more ethanol than gasoline to do the same work, which is why “flex fuel” vehicles get better mileage on straight gasoline than ethanol, ethanol does have a higher octane rating. Though that octane rating isn’t consistent from tank to tank.

      Higher octane means less likely to detonate. [cause engine knock that destroys engines] Racers using ethanol make up for lack of energy density by simply adjusting the air/fuel ratio, burning more fuel. You don’t go as far on a tank, but who cares. If everyone is using the same fuel, everyone is effected equally.

      If, and this is a big if, ethanol could be produced without government subsidies of any kind, and be competitive in the marketplace, then you’d have something. The problem is, ethanol only exists, commercially, because the government [using our tax dollars] props it up.

      BTW, the process you are talking about is the one the EPA is demanding refiners use the product of. Problem is, no one is making it.

      The idea of ethanol sounds right, but Henry Ford tried, and abandoned it, when he was still making the Model T!

      For me, natural gas makes more sense and it doesn’t need a dime of tax payer subsidies.

      • Aaron Allen

        Hi Gary: Touche’–I will eliminate ethanol from my ‘dreamstation’–leaving:
        1. Grassoline ‘Hiway-Hay hydrocarbon [not alcohol] 100-1o2 UL ‘gas’…
        2. Compressed Natural Gas [CNG]. Source is NG utility ‘industrial service’.
        3. Green-Algae [swamp/pond ‘scuzz’] diesel/heating fuel [no sulphur]…
        4. LPG [propane–on separate island with cage-of-25# BBQ tanks] Fill up
        campers, farmtrux, cookout fuel…
        Fuels are $1.25-$1.50 per Gal [or equiv.]
        Uncle Sam’s Roads/Bridges/Elim-RR X-ings ONLY = .25
        ‘Tip’ to station/fueling site [.10 – for profit; .05 – for nonprofit]
        State retail sales tax on fuel ONLY.!
        Absolute Ceiling Price to end-cust = $2/ USGal.
        Want ethanol? Buy and add a bottle of ‘Heet’ or ‘Dry Gas’!
        Also avail onsite: BBQ lighter fluid and K-1 kerosene [green cans]…
        Tire Air and HHO ‘top-up’ water are Free..How’s that?…Aaron Allen…

      • Gary P Jackson

        In 2008 Hot Rod Magazine’s Bill McGuire wrote a decent article extolling the virtues of E85 as a “performance fuel.” It goes into great detail about why it’s “better” than even some racing only blends of gasoline. He also goes into all of the special parts you need in your fuel system to prevent destruction of said system. Carbs, fuel lines, fuel pumps, and so on.

        It’s an interesting article. While I agree it has some great properties as a race gas, it’s simply impractical is a real fuel.


        BTW, both NASCAR and the Indy Racing League use ethanol. The IRL has used it for some time, first it was sugar based ethanol from Brazil [because the sugar growers paid them a train load of money] now it’s American corn [because the corn producers pay them a boat load of money!]

        The American corn growers also pay NASCAR a boatload of money.

        Both the IRL and NASCAR go the whole “save the earth” route, but it’s all about the Benjamins.

        With both racing series it’s just a marketing ploy.

  5. Byron McElfresh

    epa, the taxpayer funded enemy of The United States of America. We should treat the epa like the enemy they are!

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