Slate Warns Women Not to Make Their Fetus Sound Like a Real Person

By Gary P Jackson

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw a tweet by TheRealFeminist

In an article entitled Photoshopping a Fetus Onto Your Pregnant Stomach Isn’t Just Tacky, It’s Bad for Women, Allison Benedikt bemoans the relatively new practice of women photoshopping their baby’s sonogram onto their bare stomach. This seams like a sweat idea to me, but Benedikt spends four paragraphs berating women who do this, and even includes a photo of a pregnant woman with the dire warning: “Think before you photoshop” Oh my, how evil this photoshopping must be!

You can read the whole thing, but I’ll cut to the chase. The radical left is scared to death that America is changing. Human beings have come to realize that an unborn child is one of us. A human being. They have feelings. They are not a blob of tissue, as the murderous liberals would have you believe.

By putting an image of their baby, to go along with their pregnant belly, women are telling the world they have a CHILD, not a useless blob. This is very, very bad for the culture of death liberals have created. And the author of this piece is freaking out.

It is, of course, dubious to even call this thing on the Internet a trend. But it got us thinking about how the more we treat fetuses like people—including them in our family photo shoots, tagging them on our Facebook walls, giving them their own Twitter accounts—the harder it will be to deny that they are people when the next, say, personhood amendment comes up, with legislators and activists arguing that “the unborn child” inside a pregnant woman’s womb should have the same rights as the living among us.

Of course everyone has the right to celebrate their impending kid however they see fit—we would not have gone the sonogram photoshop route, but perhaps that’s because the 3-D smush face ultrasound printouts we walked out of our OB’s office with always could have been titled, “Ben Franklin on a Very Bad Day.” Still, casually and publicly assigning human attributes to not-yet-human embryos—including an avocado-sized embryo in the family portrait—does not seem like the best way to argue against measures that seek to treat that avocado like a member of our collective American family. Our advice: If you’re not, for instance, OK with the movement to dole out harsher punishments to a woman caught smoking pot if that woman is pregnant, then please don’t go superimposing a blunt onto your sonogram to then Photoshop onto your stomach. That’s just tacky.

Notice how the author puts quotation marks around “unborn child” as if to say it’s not really a child, it’s just an avocado seed!

She is also extremely angered that people think of an embryo as a human, and scared to death we might want to make sure a baby has rights the rest of us have.

What kind of twisted mind thinks this way? More to the point, what sort of sick mind then puts these thoughts on the internet for all to see?

These are the same sort of moonbats who think animals and trees should have the same rights as humans. Think I’m making this up? Meet Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Senate Confirmed™ regulatory Czar.

Liberals are sick, depraved creatures. Nothing is more sacred to them than the ability to slaughter innocent children. Yet, you can always bet when it comes time to administer the death penalty to a cop killer, or other deserving criminal, these are the same people who’ll stand in the rain, holding a candle-light vigil, and proclaiming how wrong capital punishment is.

By reminding everyone that an unborn child is still a child, it makes it harder for the liberal death cult to continue. Makes it harder to get government to give them your tax dollars too!

All I can say is women, be proud of your children. If you want to photoshop your their sonogram on your belly, go for it! Fetuses are people too!



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20 responses to “Slate Warns Women Not to Make Their Fetus Sound Like a Real Person

  1. Once upon a time I was reluctantly “pro-choice”, but this is becoming an untenable philosophical and scientific position. There’s much more than a clump of cells in there, and if you need further proof, just check out the evolving panic on the pro-choice side.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’ve always thought all life was sacred, but in the last decade or so have become more outspoken. The hypocrisy, along with the militancy of the far left, is simply more than I can bear.

  2. Yes, I always found 2 Samuel 12:14 appalling. What do you say Gary P Jackson, isn’t it terrible that God kills newborns that didn’t do anything wrong?

    How about Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28? God causing abortions by cursing unfaithful wives? Deplorable?

  3. Actions are actions. Gary, have you not heard about fallacy of argument from authority. Our actions are those who make us what we are. If abortion is barbaric then God’s caused abortion is barbaric as well. Stop being a hypocrite! Abortion is either bad or it is not who does it doesn’t come into play here.

    • Gary P Jackson

      God’s actions are different than man’s.

      BTW, why is it the same people who demand abortion be accepted are the same ones who lose their minds because people hunt animals, and go absolutely apeshit over the death penalty for criminals?

      Liberalism is a diseased ideology, that makes no sense in the real world.

      • BTW: Religion makes no sense in the REAL world yet you seem to cling to it. Why is so?

        Which is more likely: that the whole natural order is suspended, or that a jewish minx should tell a lie?

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh do tell. Let’s see, 90% of Americans are religious, believe in God. Worldwide the numbers are about the same.

        So are you telling us 90% that we’re all stupid but you, some insignificant commenter on the web is all seeing, all knowing, and brilliant?

        Sounds more like you’re just ignorant, bigoted, and quite hateful because you and your kind are being called out as barbaric murderers.

        Man can’t control what God does, but they can control what they do.

        The idea that a baby in their mother’s womb isn’t a human being is ridiculous and ignorant.

        Liberals always tell us they believe in “science” well, science proves beyond a shadow of doubt that babies, in the earliest months of a pregnancy can feel things. An “avocado seed” can’t feel things.

        You have gone off on an incoherent rant, but this article is about a hateful leftist who is pissed off women are PROUD of their children. This loser is pissed because people knowing a baby is indeed a human being completely destroys their abilities to push the slaughter of innocent children on demand.

  4. Annie

    Last I heard, Iztok, God has never gone in with forceps and dismembered a developing child.

    • Annie, so forceps are the issue? So what you are saying it is the way that one gets rid of the fetus that is the issue? Got it! So forceps no go, are coat hangars ok? What about drugs? How about starving?

      • Annie

        Following your erroneous initial supposition that God performs abortions, no one has heard of God using coathangers or drugs either. Ditto for any hypothetical metaphysical scenario you can dream up as you follow your convoluted pathways of desperate illogic.
        What’s your next rediculous argument…voodoo? Oh wait…that’s the bailiwick of those who don’t believe there is a just but loving god who, unlike the radical left, allows us the free will to make our own choices and suffer our own consequences.
        Don’t try sarc on us. You don’t have the intellectual or moral equipment to pull it off.

  5. Gary, afraid to publish when I showed the fallacies you committed?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Nope, just trying to save you from looking more idiotic than you already do.

      Besides, you’re incredibly tedious and boring. Our readers deserve a better class of troll.

  6. Annie

    Gee Gary, now we may never learn why Iztok’s opinions on religion and life are somehow more valid than those of others. Did he have had a near-death experience…or is it voices only he can hear that tell him he, and he alone, knows all truths? (You his, ahem, REAL world.)

    And does Izzie know a “minx” refers to a female..often a rascally teen girl, or a wanton woman.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m all broke up about that too!

      You let these people have their say [over and over and over] and they have nothing to actually say, then get angry because you get sick of wasting your time.

      Reading it’s comments, I doubt he knows what a minx is, or well, much of anything else.

  7. Annie, opinions are dime a dozen, knowledge and facts (which religion lacks) are what are important. Not all opinions are equal. Those based on facts are those that count.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Interesting. So in your world, only YOU are right? Only YOUR opinion matters?

      [Obviously grammar doesn’t]

      Face it, you are nothing more than a hate filled, religion hating loon. Since you add absolutely nothing of value to the conversation, and insist on being an ass, I’m done with you.

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