Video Proof White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Lying About Fast and Furious

By Gary P Jackson

Courtesy of The Right Scoop, video proof the White House is lying about who knew what and when they new it.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney maintained several times yesterday that gun-running was not generated out of Washington DC and when A.G. Eric Holder found out about the tactic of gun-running, he stopped it. But this is simply not true. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden at a news conference in March of 2009 clearly associates A.G. Holder and the Obama administration with the tactic of gun-running.

Not only did mass murderers Barack Obama and Eric Holder “fortify” the Gunwalker program, they use stimulus funds to do it! Let me repeat that. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder siphoned off funds that were to be used to get out economy back on track, to facilitate mass murder in Mexico and capital murder here at home.

You can watch the entire 2009 press conference on Cspan here.

Yesterday I called on our elected officials to get serious about this. Obama and Holder have committed mass murder for the most evil of reasons. They had planned to use this slaughter of innocents, by American guns, as a way to force gun control legislation on the people of America, violating our Second Amendment. Obama and Holder belong in prison. Justice demands it.



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7 responses to “Video Proof White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Lying About Fast and Furious

  1. I’ll give you a thought to dwell on. Fact: Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon met and discussed the Fast & Furious operation as a way to limit the US citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights and also limit Mexican drug cartels’ access to arms on the US side of the border. Fact: Obama and Holder KNOW that if this comes out it will be seen as a conspiracy between the POTUS & US Attorney General and a foreign government to subvert and alter our 2nd Amendments rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. Fact: This act, if proven, is an impeachable offense and can also be deemed treasonous. Now,….what are we going to do about it?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. It’ll be impossible to impeach Obama, because the Senate, which is run by the democrats would never consider. The House could impeach, for sure, but it would be a waste of time.

      Charges of treason, as well as capital much can be levied long after Obama and Holder leave office. There are no statutes of limitations on murder or treason.

      My biggest fear is once Obama is defeated in November, all of this will just be dropped.

  2. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: This project involving the smuggling of guns to mexi-gangstas was
    an opportunity lost: What if all these weapons had been checked and ‘adjus
    ted and ‘treated’by making weak sports in their receivers and/or barrels, or
    weakened the semi/auto select lever? What if a few ‘super’ rounds [overfil-
    led with potent powder] and ‘duds’ were in any preloaded magazines? Per-
    haps weaken or break the tappet or gas-piston? After a few badguy ratta-
    tat-tats, the guns fail or explode–wounding or killing the gangsta? What if
    the entire criminal arms collection becomes suspect and the badguys have
    to wear body armor to protect themselves from their ill-gotten guns? What
    if the shoulder stocks contain C4 or a mini-Claymore which is set to explode
    after a few shots fired? Malos cud blow their minds over that! The bad guns
    wud have a secret mark on them so [US] law enforcement can tell if they
    are ‘bombs’ or not? I got this idea from ‘The War’ where concentration camp
    weapons-makers deliberately sabotaged arms and ammo which surprised
    nazi users–Boom!…Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually the Bush administration had something similar. It was on a much smaller, and more controlled scale. It was also shut down after a couple of guns got away. No bodies go along with Bush’s deal.

      It’s just not a good idea to gun guns to murderous criminals, even if the intentions are good.

      The Obama regime’s intentions were devious, and evil.

  3. Yesterday AM, Rush had, I think, the definitive answer/explanation of the difference between the short-lived Bush program (“Wide Receiver”) and the Obama plot (“Fast & Furious”): Namely, the Bush plan actually had tracking devices on all the guns and they worked in concer with the Mexican Gov’t (at least, they notified them where & when guns turned up). But when the bad guys/cartels discovered these hidden devices, they removed and/or disabled them, which, of course, rendered the whole plan/program mute – so it was discontinued.

    BHO & Holder, on the other hand, did NOT ensure tracking devices in any of the weapons and did NOT alert or work in concert with the Mexican Gov’t (contrary to what AA said, above). Of course, I didn’t know any of these details before, but Rush hasn’t made his sterling reputation on lies and distortions! On the contrary, his ringing truths to bring in ever more audience members, while, at the same time, driving most Lib Prog Regressives out of their rabbit-a**minds!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Exactly. Obama’s program had nothing to do with tracking guns and everything to do with trying to foil the 2nd Amendment in this country.

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