Congressman Ben Quayle Talks to Neil Cavuto About SCOTUS Decision

By Gary P Jackson

Congressman Ben Quayle talks about the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration law.

Video courtesy of SarahNet


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6 responses to “Congressman Ben Quayle Talks to Neil Cavuto About SCOTUS Decision

  1. The mask covering Ovomit’s power grab has now been totally stripped from his ugly face – and, frankly, Quayle & Cavuto are just tap-dancing around the REAL issue and the dreadful things that the BHO Regime has enacted in the past two weeks, starting with his presidential fiat announcing de facto “Dream Act” privileges to illegal aliens.

    That was followed yesterday with the SCOTUS decision to deny 3 out of the 4 provisions in AZ’s immigration legislation. This whole process has been wrapped up in pretty gift wrapping & commie red bow when, like a pre-planned military assault, the Regime (& DHS)cancelled all its immigration agreements with AZ (the only state so “honored,” BTW). Next, DOJ set up a “hotline” for potential (or, more probably, false) claims of civil rights abuses by AZ cops & highway patrolmen.

    As Mark Levin angrily pointed out on his radio show, what all this has accomplished is de facto AMNESTY in AZ – i.e., if you’re here illegally, but have no (other) felonies on your record, you can stay here indefinitely! A real “hands-off” federal policy that, again, has chosen to NOT enforce a federal law of the land.

    At this point in time, I don’t care if Romney were Daffy Duck – I’d vote for him for POTUS in a NY minute!! “ABO!!!” writ large!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh yeah. Not only did the regime take away Arizona’s access to the system used to verify status, mass murderer Eric Holder has a team standing by with a hotline so illegals can call in and whine.

      Obama must be defeated, and then prosecuted.

      • Actually, I view this action by Eric The Red Holder to be as dangerous as – if not more so than – Big Sis’s challenge to AZ about non-cooperation: Namely, this “hotline” will be more than an open invitation for illegals to merely “whine,” but will endanger BIG TIME all law enforcement officers for just doing their duty by the law (both federal and state). They’re likely to be falsely and maliciously accused of everything from profiling, intimidation and harassment. Even bodily harm and assaults might be cooked up to throw at them just to gum up the works and tie up everything and everyone in ligitation for years!!

        My confidence in Mittens to rectify this border & immigration situation with AZ withing his first month in office is not strong or assured, but I’m hoping & praying that even squishy-middle-RINO Romney will do the right & just thing in this dreadful case!!

  2. mytorpor

    And Obama is doing all of this to American citizens BEFORE he gets the self decribed “flexibility” he claims re-election will give him!

    • Gary P Jackson

      This is why one MUST hold their nose and vote for Mitt Romney in November! Obama is simply too dangerous to give a second term to.

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