Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Greta: Obama Regime Told Us Drop Dead

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Jan Brewer talks about the Supreme Court ruling, as well as the continued harassment by the Obama regime.

It’s apparent the regime is out of control.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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4 responses to “Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Greta: Obama Regime Told Us Drop Dead

  1. Enforce Immigration Laws; Deport

    If there wasn’t a block to properly enhancing national security by rounding up illegals and deporting them in mass then the unemployment rate for America in a whole would see sudden drops at least, by 2/3 I could comfortably, say~ So, in a strong sense, it is another part of an already implemented economic attack keeping Americans from getting a job~ Moreover, fixing the economy IS fixing this illegal immigration problem as a major first step ( drains resources)~

  2. jerseyflash

    Yesterday when Ercel and Homeland took the phone off the hook…they told 196 countries…IF YOU CAN GET HERE…YOU CAN STAY HERE…and just because I’m a nice guy…I’m going to give you Mr Jones job…yes that Mr Jones…the one who lost his house…had his car repo’d…ran out of Unemployment $$$…but…he’s on FOOD-STAMPS…and he and his family are living in the one bedroom…ECONO-Motel…but for all you illegals…just get here…it’s alot better then EATING DOG…what about papers ??…do not worry…just carry a newspaper from Arizona…if your stopped…the copper’s CAN’T ASK YOU ANYTHING

    If anyone thinks that this is a joke…let me know…I live in Tucson, Az

    Let me leave you with this true life experience that I had with the police force in my section of Tucson…I walked out the rear door of my business and noticed that a pick-up truck was parked on a crazy angle next to my NEW SUV…I see a ground crew guy with a blower walking between my vehicle and the truck…I walk up to my vehicle and notice a large black mark on the rear quarter panel of my SUV…I find the boss of this crew and tell him what I know what happened…he said that I was crazy and if I didn’t leave the lot…he would kick the SH@T out of me…I think that would have been a mistake on his part…before I confront him I turn on my cell so that everything he says is now recorded…here comes the best part…I then call the local police dept and tell them I am being threaten…shortly a officer arrives…the guy who did the damage can not speaker English…so the call a Spanish speaking office…they ask the offender…due you have any papers…NO…do you have a phone…NO…at that point the police dept TOLD me to get in my car and take up this problem with the people I lease from and if I wanted to fill a complaint…go to the police station
    I was told by the leasing company that Mr NO ID doesn’t work for them anymore…they LIE like Ercel…he still works for them…only on a different team

    WAKE-UP AMERICA…there is a light at the end of the tunnel and time is running out


  3. jerseyflash, I was spitting nails and imagined that I had a bomb and went totally jihad on those effin’ brown bastards!! God, I hate the whole lot of those “in-your-face” illegals – and, the worst offender, the Fraud-in-Chief who’s doing his Hugo Chavez wannabee to a fare-thee-well!! I simply cannot imagine how I would have reacted – no doubt, since I’m a woman and VERY emotional, after using every f-bomb in the book, I’d just burst out in tears and call them all every name in the book, too!! HOW did you restrain yourself? When the fish stinks from the head down, we know our society is threatened with anarchy – and, just as bad, a total breakdown in civility.

    Ovomit MUST be defeated in November – and I don’t care if Mittens totally screws up – at least, NOBODY could be WORSE than this rotten SOB POS that’s currently defiling our “People’s House!!”

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