DNC Fires Debbie Wasserman-Schultz You Can Help Florida Do The Same

By Gary P Jackson

The democrat party chose Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as it’s chairman, and it’s been a circus ever since. DWS is one of the most hateful partisan hacks in politics today. She has done more to raise money for Republicans than she has democrats. Now it looks like the DNC is cutting her loose.

From Erika Johnsen at Hot Air:

When it comes to facepalm-worthy political gaffes, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has given Vice President Biden a run for his money. While nobody could doubt her fierce loyalty to President Obama, the execution of her vociferous defense is often somewhat… wanting.

From insisting that Republicans hope to “literally” drag the nation back to the era of Jim Crow laws (and then trying to deny she had said any such thing, after she had said it on camera), to calling Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal a “tornado through nursing homes,” her tenure has been fraught with hostile and outrageous comments that provide Republicans with continued gifts of political fodder.

From the Shark Tank, it looks like Democrats are just about ready to call it quits with Debbie’s leadership, and are giving her a gentle shove out the door after November’s elections regardless of the results.

Read more here.

A little something from American Crossroads about Debbie Downer:

DWS is just as pathetic as a member of Congress, and Florida deserves much better.

We support business owner Karen Harrington as just the person to send Debbie packing. Karen is a Common Sense Conservative. And she has the backing of some of the nation’s leading Conservatives.

Florida, and America, deserves better than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. We deserves someone who understands how business works. Someone who understands what America is all about.

Florida has yet to have it’s primary, and Karen Harrington does have a few challengers. It’s not too late though, you can still help her with your support. Check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t let this opportunity to send a principled Conservative to Congress pass you by.


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12 responses to “DNC Fires Debbie Wasserman-Schultz You Can Help Florida Do The Same

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’d much rather see DWS join the unemployment line! That’s why we want to see Karen Harrington win. Karen would not embarrass Florida!

      • Here’s my concern with her (one of the few I have)– she was the GOP candidate for the same seat in 2010 and she lost. Why will she win this time?

      • Gary P Jackson

        She got a pretty respectable 40%. From what I understand it’s a fairly lopsided [democrat] district. Her competition is horrible. One guy beats his wife and the other one has been lying and saying Sarah Palin endorsed him when she did not. We’ve called him out on that, as has local news.

        From what I’ve seen of Karen is she’s honest and a hard worker. She’s been campaigning hard and has the endorsements of Mark Levin and Michele Bachmann, to name a few. I rarely endorse candidates, and when I do, I look at their record. I like what I see in Karen. The fact that she’s interested in reforming Congress is quite appealing.

      • Pat

        Gary, your a GREAT AMERICAN my friend!

      • Gary P Jackson


  1. 40% is definitely great against DWS. I understand what you’re saying.
    Who beats his wife?! I know the other is Kaufman but not this one.

  2. Pat

    Karen has one of the best grassroots campaign around! We will defeat DSS this time! http://www.firedebbie.com

  3. Republican Voter in District 23

    @ Bethany, Karen ran against DWS in 2010 with only 5 months campaigning and got close to 40% of the vote. This time Karen will have over a year and a half of campaigning with some of Marco Rubio’s 2010 staff working for her campaign. Her grassroots & resources are one of the best around and Karen has the best name I.D. in the race. An independent polling organization said Karen had a 5-1 name I.D. over all her opponents. Mark Levin indorsed her as well and Mark does not endorse just anyone.

  4. I think one of the strongest reasons to back Harrington is the fact that she’s standing proudly and smilingly with Allen West in that photo!! “By the company ye keep are ye known…” (to paraphrase a more famous biblical sentiment).

    Sarah has been silent of late re important endorsements – but maybe she’ll weigh in here to support THIS particularly FL “Mama Grizzly” to at least win the primary. Who knows if the Dems in her District will cross the aisle if they’re really fed up with Debbie Blabbermouth…

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