By Gary P Jackson

For the first time in our nation’s history a sitting Attorney General has been held in contempt of Congress.

The vote was 255-67 as many democrats chose to run and hide rather than go on the record.

The Congressional Black Caucus had pulled the race card, of course, but clouded the issue saying:

Contempt power should be used sparingly, carefully and only in the most egregious situations,” said a letter from the 42-member Congressional Black Caucus to colleagues. “The Republican leadership has articulated no legislative purpose for pursuing this course of action. For these reasons, we cannot and will not participate in a vote to hold the attorney general in contempt.”

Let me get this straight. We got hundreds of dead Mexicans and one, possible two dead federal agents, and the CBC doesn’t consider this a “most egregious situation“? I don’t even have the words ….

These investigations and hearings have been going on for 18 months. The entire time Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama regime have been doing everything in their powers not to comply.

This evil regime has facilitated mass murder in Mexico and capital murder at home. President Obama has claimed “executive privilege” in order to keep Congress from finding out that he is up to his eyeballs in this murderous scheme.

Being found in contempt is nothing compared to what needs to happen to both Holder and Obama. Both need to be indicted, tried, and convicted for the murder of each and every innocent dead Mexican. And then indicted, tried, and convicted for the capital murder of Brian Terry. [and any other federal agent who is killed as a result of fast & Furious.

Here Darrell Issa hammers John Dingle who shamelessly claims to represent Brian Terry, the murdered border agent:

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  1. Thank You Brian Terry

    Brian Terry influences today’s justice although, he is passed which I believe, is an important point to make~ Hate and immorality always self destruct; fall apart before they ever succeed so, I can’t fret much~

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