Sarah Palin: Obama Lies Freedom Dies

By Gary P Jackson

I think all of us are stunned that the Supreme Court of the United States just gave government the power to force individual Americans to do absolutely anything it wants them to.

This mandate, which forces American to purchase health care insurance, is unprecedented.

When Obama was selling this to the country he looked the American people in the eye and said ObamaCare was not a tax.

Ronald Reagan warned the nation of the evils to come if something like this ever occurred, and also reminded Americans that Social Security was passed in the same manner. While in the legislative process, it was asserted over and over that it was NOT a tax, only to have democrats admit later that indeed, it was a tax.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin: Obama Lies Freedom Dies

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  2. C.A. Bamford

    John Roberts just handed the election to Mitt Romney. The corrupt Obama regime, in their quest for power, has shamefully and fully prostituted itself by accepting that the “penalty” is indeed a tax.

    I’d encourage all who can, to send $17.73 (or increments upward of those numbers) to Romney’s campaign to send a message on how we feel about excessive and unfair taxation. Just as the British did before, the democrats will rue the day they trampled upon the rights of Americans. This is going to be an election year like none other in our history.

  3. Miss ya R.R,

    The system has been breached by a leviathan; it has B.E. written all over it~ However, faced with an enormous problem creating a David vs Golliath situation, the American people are now the Davids~ So, my faith is unbreakable on the matters~
    Democracy is fine to an extent and like Reagan implied there should be safegaurds put on majority rule; I see it is because if you ever have a bad majority such as Americans are faced with now to a high degree (politically correct fear /mindset), and in various forms, the results can and most likely be destructive to the American quality of life~ Monarchy can come out of a Democracy (eeek)~ Constitutional Republic is more feasible being ran by laws; a great portion of Judeo Christian believers (most part conservatives)~
    All this being said, the American people taking back control of voting and picking who leads states or the country; not some handful or room full of elites doing it, is imperative~ The people running things all the way to the highest courts must know they will have to answer to an authority higher then them ( The people )~ And in essence fear consequences for how they perform for the people~ If they dont have anyone to fear and no one to answer to they will walk all over the people and change things in a manner that is not co-equal with the American quality of life~ This isn’t England or all of Europe this is America!

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