Krauthammer: Politics, Not the Constitution Behind Robert’s Decision

By Gary P Jackson

I don’t always agree with Charles, but I think he is on the right track. Basically, Krauthammer is saying that Chief Justice Roberts was more concerned with the reputation of the Supreme Court, that it would be attacked by the Obama regime, than he was about following the Constitution.

There are all kinds of theories being formed as to why Roberts changed his mind and sided with tyranny rather than the Constitution, but this makes a lot of sense.

As Hannity points out, the Justices who wrote in dissent were aiming their anger at Roberts.

Very much worth your time to listen to Krauthammer here:

Video courtesy SarahNet


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2 responses to “Krauthammer: Politics, Not the Constitution Behind Robert’s Decision

  1. Good points, Gary, and I tend to agree – although I think the (self-administered) pressure on Roberts may have begun with the Citizens United ruling – not so much Gore v. Bush. But all that’s moot, now – as Roberts confounds both sides for reasons that AREN’T based solely on
    the Constitution (and that’s where I concur with you & Krauthammer).

    In fact, I tend to be a bit depressed – echoing Rush & Mark Levin’s remarks nearly 100 percent; this doesn’t quite square with Sarah Palin’s relatively optiministic view that now it’s back in the hands of “We the People” (although at least she’s sensible and cynical enough to “not put her trust in any one person” – most esp. Gov. Romney!). However, IF the GOP gains both the Senate & the House in November, as well as the White House, there might be some chance of repeal.

    And that’s where I disagree with Krauthammer’s assessment of the Roberts’ decision: Namely, there was NOT adequate or fair “debate” on the legislation prior to its passage by the Dem-controlled Congress; rather, most negotiations were done behind closed doors with not a Republican within shouting distance! Further, the BIG winners (albeit mainly only in the short term), the insurance companies, were also behind those closed doors; and, in fact, they played a more active role than even those most RINO of RINO Republicans!!

    One thing’s for sure: This decision will be discussed by Constitutional Law classes for generations to come!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yup. You’re right. ObamaCare wasn’t debated. The democrats used every trick in the book to ram it down our throats. It was passed in the dead of night after billions in payoffs.

      I am very disappointed in Roberts. When one starts worrying about the politics or the Court’s “reputation” rather than following the Constitution, then it’s time to quit.

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