This is Rich: David Dewhurst, Who Consistently Thwarts Attempts to Secure Texas, Now a Border Hawk!

By Gary P Jackson

In his latest fundraising letter entitled: Let’s Shut it Down Lt Governor David Dewhurst, who has repeatedly thwarted common sense attempts to make it harder for illegals to call Texas “home” is now trying to sound like a border hawk. In the letter he decries President Obama’s “backdoor amnesty” and adds:

We can’t rely on entrenched Washington insiders to do the job. In fact, pro-amnesty groups are spending millions of dollars, attacking Texas with false ads. We don’t need D.C. telling us how to vote, and we don’t need a Senator beholden to their agenda.

Still whining about so-called “Washington Insiders.” You know, those hard core GOP Elites™ like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin. If this Senate race wasn’t so essential, so important, Dewhurst’s nonsense would be great comic relief.

Oh and he reminds readers that he served in the Air Force and the CIA. So you know, he knows EVERYTHING about national security. Hell, maybe he does. Now keeping TEXAS secure is a whole other matter altogether.

This, dear readers, is what good old fashioned industrial grade Texas bullshit looks and smells like.

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has sparred with Lt Governor Dewhurst on numerous occasions over legislation Dewhurst has killed. For those that don’t know, in Texas, the Lt Governor is much like the Vice President of the United States. The Lt Governor is the President of the Senate. Unlike the Vice President, in Texas, this comes with actual power. I fact, in many ways the Lt Governor has more power than the Governor. One of the things the Lt Governor has power over, is the legislative process. The Lt Governor can champion or kill legislation, and that’s the problem.

Senator Patrick has specifically called out Dewhurst for killing a bill that would have effectively banned sanctuary cities for illegals [in Texas] as well as anti-groping legislation, that would have criminalized some of the more aggressive pat-downs by TSA agents. Both bills had wide support among Texans, with Governor Perry touting the anti-groping bill during the run up to his presidential campaign.

Senator Patrick told the Houston Chronicle that Dewhurst, who is in the pocket of special interests in the homebuilding and retail grocery business, who are for open borders, and rely in cheap labor to maximize their profits: [emphasis mine]

Yesterday, Patrick accused Dewhurst of undermining his anti-pat down bill on the Senate floor. Today, he took his complaints a step further and accused the Lite Gov of kowtowing to the federal government and sinking sanctuary cities legislation.

Apparently, for political reasons… he came up with this elaborate political play to kill the bill without his fingerprints,” Patrick said, speaking to the drama over the anti-airport pat downs bill that failed yesterday.

When asked about how would affect his relationship with Dewhurst, he paused for a while before answering the question.

I have to ask myself,” Patrick said, before trailing off again.

After another pause of several seconds — seemingly to consider his words — Patrick said, “We’ve had a good relationship. But someone who will undermine his members and someone who will not stand up to the federal government; you have to ask yourself is that the kind of person that we need in the US Senate.”

If you refer back to Dewhurt’s fundraising letter, you’ll note his last shameless ploy is to bring up human smuggling. [while asking for your money, of course] Now I’m all for stopping human smuggling, but guess what, the coyotes wouldn’t have anywhere to smuggle people to, if the laws Dewhurst has opposed had passed.

While people are angry that illegals are taking jobs, as well as costing Texans tens of billions of dollars for services, people forget that it’s no bargain for the illegals either. Since they can’t legally work, those that don’t steal some poor unsuspecting American’s identification, work off the books for cash. And generally at what most would consider slave wages.

So it’s kinda maddening to see Dewhurst talk about human smuggling, when his actions have actually helped facilitate it, in an indirect way.

It’s not just the ban on sanctuary cities that Dewhurst opposes. One of the best ways to stop illegals from getting jobs, their only reason for sneaking across the border, is the e-Verify system. Dewhurst opposes this as well.

Maria Martinez, Executive Director of the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas wrote this of Dewhurst. Note that he consistently ignores the people of Texas:

I can’t tell all of you how important this Senate race is to Texas.  I’m sure that you remember how hard we worked during the last 2 legislative sessions in Austin to get a single bill passed to stop or even slow down the effects of illegal immigration.

 IRCOT met with Dewhurst’s staff in 2009 urging him to get behind an E-verify bill but were politely shown the door.  

In 2011, we brought him the Texas Tea Party Coalition Letter on Illegal Immigration signed by nearly 3,000 Tea Party activists and never heard a word from Dewhurst.

Dewhurst had every opportunity to do something to pass an anti-sanctuary city bill and DID NOTHING. When he could have used the rule to suspend the “blocker bill” and yet chose not to!  This was even the most watered down bill that could have been written, and still he allowed it to be killed.  
Many of you may have supported another candidate but we so need to defeat Dewhurst and keep him out of Washington where he will again do nothing.  

I think it’s important to get the truth out that the very person who has accused Cruz of amnesty is the very one who was part of the “team” that killed all legislation to address illegal immigration in Texas for at least the last 3 legislative sessions.

He must be defeated and I urge all of you to get the word out to your contact lists that Dewhurst is the real enemy on illegal immigration.  He must be forced to a run-off. 

The Texas legislature meets every two years, so Dewhurst has a long record of defeating legislation that would help curtail illegal immigration in Texas.

You know what’s more despicable than Dewhurt’s shameless pandering on immigration, after spending years fighting with the other side? Back in April Dewhurst accused former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, an opponent in the primary, of pledging to make Dallas a sanctuary city during his tenure.

Even left wing PolitiFact called BS on that deal.

Dewhurst’s 11th hour conversion on immigration would be laughable if this Senate race wasn’t so essential to Texas and the nation’s future. This election is about replacing the weak, squishy Senator that is representing Texas now. Dewhurst would just be more of the same, if not far worse.

Kay Baily Hutchison is has been hit or miss for Texas, but Dewhurst is the sort that will actively undermine Conservatives in order to take care of special interest groups and cronies. It’s really despicable, the underhanded way Dewhurst operates.

Ted Cruz has consistently said he wants to secure the border and enforce the laws we have against illegal immigration. Check out Ted’s website, especially the section on Dewhurt’s many lies.

Not sure whether to call Dewhurt’s fundraising letter a flip-flop ….

…. or just more BS from a well known BS artist.

All I know for sure is Dewhurst must be defeated!



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4 responses to “This is Rich: David Dewhurst, Who Consistently Thwarts Attempts to Secure Texas, Now a Border Hawk!

  1. People say there’s this “racism” problem. They say this “racism” problem will only be solved when people from the Third World pour into every white country… and only white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan and Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve their “racism” problem by bringing in millions of Third World immigrants and “assimilating” them.

    But they do say the solution to this “racism” problem is for every white country, and only white countries, to “assimilate” (which means: have kids with) all those other people… who outnumber white people many times over.

    What if you said there was this “racism” problem which could only be solved by bringing hundreds of millions of non-Black people into every Black country… and only Black countries? How long would it take someone to realize you weren’t really talking about solving a “racism” problem, you were just talking about a genocide? And what kind of Black person wouldn’t object to that?

    But if I tell the obvious truth about the campaign of genocide against white people, then liberals and “respectable” conservatives all agree: I must be a “racist”.

    They say they’re “anti-racist”, but what they really are is anti-white.

    “Anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The race baiting is part of it, but both political parties also play a role. Democrats know if these illegals are allowed to come in unchecked, they’ll also illegally vote in our elections, and vote for democrats. They also figure if the can shove mass amnesty down America’s throat, they’ll have democrat voters for life.

      Many Republicans are weak, and buy into what you are saying, but others [along with many democrats] want open boarders because of cheap labor. David Dewhurst [and Rick Perry] are in the pockets of several big donors who own businesses that hire tons of illegals, and depend on the below market wages they can get away with paying them.

      This amounts to slave labor.

      Either way, liberals democrats and Republicans alike have managed to create a two class system and what amounts to a form or slave labor.

      Conservatives are the ones left out, as all we ask is the laws we already have on the books are enforced, and all of the illegals go home.

      • Quite right. But the Republicans are playing a losing game. The more the Democrats engineer a demographic shift, the more states will turn into one party states (like California). Non-whites – even those supposedly socially coservative Hispanics – are too fond of the welfare state to ever vote Republican. As politics drift steadily away from what the traditional white majority has wanted, the country will fall apart – or go the way of South Africa.

        There is no reason why whites should accept immigration that shifts our demographic balance away from whites towards people with fundamentally different loyalties, values and interests. No other people anywhere in the world would do such a masochistic thing, such a suicidal thing.

      • Gary P Jackson

        To me it’s not race, it’s ideology. I know every region is different, but in Texas, LEGAL immigrants [Mexicans]are Conservative. In fact, one of the candidates for US Senate, a Hispanic of Cuban decent, and a legal immigrant, is a sure ’nuff Reagan Conservative. He’ll make an excellent US Senator.

        Generally those who take the time to do it right and follow the rules make good Americans. It’s the ones who sneak across the border who are up to no good. Sadly, politicians in both parties think we “owe” these criminals something.

        President Eisenhower had the right idea. He deported millions en mass.

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