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Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus Reacts to SCOTUS Ruling

By Gary P Jackson

Appearing on Neil Cavuto’s show, Bernie Marcus reacts to today’s obscene Supreme Court ruling.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Video: Rick Perry Calls SCOTUS Ruling a Stomach Punch to the Economy

By Gary P Jackson

Texas Governor Rick Perry had strong reaction to today’s Supreme Court Ruling.

Sadly, Perry used what was a great interview to shill for David Dewhurst, thus ruining what was an otherwise great interview.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

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Karen Harrington, Allen West, Marco Rubio on SCOTUS Ruling

By Gary P Jackson

The Shark Tank has reactions to the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling today from Karen Harrington, Allen West, Marco Rubio, and other prominent Florida Republicans:

As expected, the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of Obamacare, has outraged millions of Americans, as well as some prominent Republican legislators and politicos. As you can imagine, every Republican politico is chiming in on the SCOTUS decision.

The U.S. Supreme Courts ruling on Obamacare is nothing more than an outrageous misstep by the court that ignores the constitutional parameters that were initially put in place to keep the federal government in check.

As Americans we must help elect conservative minded individuals to the U.S. Congress this fall, that will help in the future effort of defunding and repealing this unconstitutional healthcare law that will further damage our ailing economy

~ Congressional Candidate Karen Harrington

The United States Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by extending the power of the United States Congress to tax Americans’ behavior. This is a sad day for Americans, as they will be taxed to pay for benefits they may not need or want as part of the insurance they are forced to buy. With this decision, Congress has been granted infinite taxation power, and there are no longer any limits on what the federal government can tax its citizens to do.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will hit the middle class especially hard, as hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost as businesses try to avoid the penalties and costs created by the healthcare law. The healthcare law will cost trillions of dollars, raise costs for employers and create huge incentives for them to drop health insurance.

Benjamin Franklin did indeed state, ‘In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ However, Dr. Franklin never envisioned the federal government would use its power of taxation to punish people for not purchasing health care. Today, individual sovereignty in America has been defeated.

~ Congressman Allen West

What’s important to remember is that what the Court rules on is whether something is constitutional or not, not whether it’s a good idea. And while the Court has said that the law is constitutional, it remains a bad idea for our economy, and I hope that in the fall we will have a majority here that will not just repeal this law, but replace it with real solutions that will insure more people and cost a lot less money.

~ U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

Rather weak tea from Rubio, compared to the others, wouldn’t you say? For all of the reactions, click here.


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Stocks Tumble After ObamaCare Ruling All Dow Components Negative

By Gary P Jackson

From CNBC:

Stocks added to sharp losses across the board Thursday after the Supreme Court upheld a key part of President Obama’s health care overhaul and amid skepticism that European leaders would be able to form a solution to tackle the ongoing debt crisis.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply, led by JPMorgan, after finishing higher for the second day in the previous session.

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq also dropped more than 1 percent. Nasdaq briefly turned negative for the month of June. The CBOE Volatility Index, widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, jumped near 21.

All 10 S&P sectors were trading in negative territory, led by financials and techs.

[ …. ]

Experts were mixed on the announcement.

The follow-through from this in the next few days and weeks is that more money will come into health care now that the cloud of uncertainty has been lifted,” said Credit Suisse’s Charles Boorady. “And as a country, we’re going to spend about $2 trillion more on health care with this law and that’s all money coming into health care, which will ultimately be good for the managed health care stocks.”

Meanwhile, Barry Knapp of Barclays said public policy uncertainty will continue to rise, putting further damper on business confidence.

It’s a pretty clear negative,” said Knapp. “Markets were going down anyway and this is just going to be a pretty clear negative catalyst over the next or two as opposed to something to stop the bleeding.

Read more here.

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Sarah Palin: SCOTUS Issued It’s Ruling on ObamaCare, In November, We the People Will Issue Ours

By Sarah Palin

Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O.

Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. It will slam every business owner and every one of the 50% of Americans who currently pay their taxes.

The other 50% are being deceived if they think they’re going to get a free ride – because Medicaid is broke. Recipients of Obama’s “free health care” will have fewer choices and less accessibility. Trust me – this much more expensive health care WILL be rationed; to claim otherwise defies all economic and common sense.

We will not retreat on this. A newly elected legislative branch is key to defending our Republic and fundamentally restoring all that is good in America.

SCOTUS now rules this is a tax? Well, Congress has the ability to create taxes – and also has the ability to rescind them. Upon their return from the July recess, Congress should act immediately to repeal this terrible new tax on the American people, and indeed they must repeal all of Obamacare.

This is the most brazen and sweeping new tax and government overreach imposed on us. We the People did not ask for this tax, we do not want this tax, and we can’t afford this tax. This is not an answer to America’s health care challenges.

It’s time, again, for patriotic Americans to rise up to protest this obvious infringement on our economic and personal freedom.

November is just around the corner. Today, the Supreme Court issued their ruling on Obamacare. In November, We the People will issue ours.

~ Sarah Palin

FYI, as of now, 20,609 people “like” this on Facebook. I’m sure that number will greatly increase as the day wears on.

~ Gary


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VIDEO: 2008 Obama: Health Care Should “Never Be Purchased With Tax Increases On Middle Class Families.”

By Gary P Jackson

Obama lied to the American people. Over and over Obama claimed ObamaCare was not a tax, but when his lawyer argued before the Supreme Court, he asserted that it was indeed a tax.

While running for election though, Obama said that a new health care law should: Never be purchased with tax increases on middle class families.

ObamaCare is the largest tax increase in the history of the entire world!

Once again, Obama lied to the American people, and now every single American has had their Liberty and Freedom stolen from them, and all generations to come.

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Sarah Palin: Obama Lies Freedom Dies

By Gary P Jackson

I think all of us are stunned that the Supreme Court of the United States just gave government the power to force individual Americans to do absolutely anything it wants them to.

This mandate, which forces American to purchase health care insurance, is unprecedented.

When Obama was selling this to the country he looked the American people in the eye and said ObamaCare was not a tax.

Ronald Reagan warned the nation of the evils to come if something like this ever occurred, and also reminded Americans that Social Security was passed in the same manner. While in the legislative process, it was asserted over and over that it was NOT a tax, only to have democrats admit later that indeed, it was a tax.


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Mark Levin Rips Obama While Talking to Cavuto

By Gary P Jackson

This is Mark Levin at his best. Nothing I can add except ENJOY!

Video courtesy SarahNet


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The Molly Pitchers of the Healthcare Reform Battle

by Whitney Pitcher

The Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare will come down on the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth, which took place during the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Monmouth  was fought in Monmouth, New Jersey on June 28, 1778. The result of the battle was essentially a draw. However, the battle showed the essentially untrained Americans were able to hold their own with the trained British soldiers. Most famously, perhaps, was that this battle is where the legacy of Molly Pitcher was born. As you can probably tell by my ” pen name”, I’m a big “fan” of Molly Pitcher. I played her in a play in elementary school and have been intrigued by her legacy ever since. For a little bit of background on her, here’s an excerpt from a post a wrote a couple years ago:

One of the earliest prominent woman in American history is Molly Pitcher. Historians have debated whether or not such a woman ever existed or if she was merely a woman of myths–a persona attributed to all women who fought or assisted in the War of Independence in some way. Some historians, however, believe that Molly Pitcher is really Mary Ludwig Hays, wife of John Hays. She enlisted in the Pennsylvania artillery in 1778, 2 years after her husband enlisted . During the heat soaked Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778, Mary tirelessly provided water to the fighting soldiers, earning her the nickname Molly Pitcher. When her husband could no longer fight due to heat stroke, Mary (Molly) took his place at the cannon.[As a correction, it was not her husband who fell, but another man] This battle proved to be a strategical victory for the Continental army as it showed that the informal trained Continental army could hold their ground against the British army and was the last major battle in the northern theater. Two places at this battle site have since been deemed “Molly Pitcher Spring”. She would later receive recognition from General George Washington.

Much like the weather we’re seeing throughout the country this week, that day in 1778 was extremely hot as well. Mary Hays was simply doing what she felt she could to refresh the soldiers fighting that day. However, when the need presented itself, she took to engaging in the fight herself–to be a part of the fight for independence and against tyranny.

Fast forward to today. To be sure, there have been both men and women who have fought the fight against the government overreach present in the healthcare reform bill. However, it was women who have taken to engaging to the fight most passionately. Governor Palin, of course, was one of the leading voices against greater government involvement in healthcare during that healthcare reform battle in 2009; it was something she had already fought for as the governor of Alaska. She wrote against the bureaucratization of healthcare. She called for tort reform in healthcare.Of course, this was never discussed by Democrats who receive far more campaign contributions from lawyers than Republicans. She provided testimony in the New York legislature against financially incentivized  “end of life” counseling. Most famously, she spoke out against rationing of healthcare by “death panels“. Two words that send the media and the Left in a tizzy to this day. However, in this “death panels” post, Governor Palin linked a video of another women, Congresswoman Bachmann, who was fighting against the rationing and warped view of bioethics present in the Obama administration:

It wasn’t just politicians who spoke out against this legislation. It was everyday American men and women. They organized Tea Party rallies and made phone calls and sent emails to their representatives. When legislators went home to their districts to have townhall meetings, people let their leaders have it. This video clip from a small business owner in California went viral when she called for government leaders to respect their constituents and implement common sense reforms:


We will find out shortly what the Supreme Court rules on the healthcare reform bill. If they rule the entire bill unconstitutional, a victory for the Constitution will be won, and those reform minded conservatives will continue to fight for greater individual freedom and and smaller government. If parts of the bill are ruled constitutional, those women and men who fought for greater freedom and smaller government will continue to do so.  Governor Palin has already re-iterated the call for repeal if the Supreme Court upholds the law. Much like Molly Pitcher did in her day, these women saw a particular role they could play in the battle for freedom, and they did so. Lord willing, in all cases the ultimate victory lies in the Constitution.

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Hollywood Honors Julianne Moore for Her Politics

By Stacy Drake

I have never seen another industry hold as many award ceremonies to honor itself than the narcissist-class in Hollywood. Most professionals don’t have the low self-esteem required to devote so much time, effort, and money on events for the purpose of patting themselves on the back. To each their own, I guess.

Recently, Julianne Moore was honored at one such event, the “Critics Choice Television Awards,” for her role in HBO’s anti-Palin movie, Game Change.

Moore took home a little trophy in the “Best Actress in a Movie or Mini Series” category. Upon receiving her award, Moore stated:

You can’t give a great performance without a great story. So I thank the Republican Party for fostering such a truly amazing American Story.

I have some news for Ms. Moore… It wasn’t a “great performance.” Far from it actually. She portrayed Governor Palin’s accent completely wrong (Moore sounded like she was portraying someone from Minnesota), and she didn’t pick up on any character traits or mannerisms that the Governor possesses.

Then there’s the fact that Moore played a character in that movie who doesn’t even exist. This “truly amazing American story,” is actually a truly amazing political hatchet job. But yes, by all means, Ms. Moore, thank the Republican Party for your new trinket. Especially the ones who used that “truly amazing political hatchet job” to cover their own behinds after they failed at their jobs. And the ones who stood by and watched silently as those covering their backsides, lied and maligned one of the people representing their party on a national ticket. Moore owed them a thank you.

Now that she has been given her first award for misrepresenting Governor Palin (in every aspect) to millions of Americans, she is being called “the ‘get’ star.” From Randee Dawn at the LA Times:

W]hen HBO, Roach and Strong approached her about playing Sarah Palin in “Game Change” — a movie based on a portion of the book of the same name by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin — the opportunity was impossible to resist. At least, in the first few seconds.

I got a phone call saying, ‘They just offered you Sarah Palin, and can you talk to Jay,’ and it all happened really fast,” recalls Moore, a leggy fair-skinned redhead who does not, initially, call to mind the rogue Republican 2008 vice presidential nominee. “So I kind of said yes before I really thought about it. My first thought was, ‘OK!’ and my second thought was, ‘Oh, no! I really, really, don’t know how to do this.’

And she never figured it out… Dawn continues:

Capturing any real-life individual on film is one thing; when she’s still living is yet another; when she’s as polarizing as the former Alaska governor is — and you’re part of the “liberal Hollywood elite” — it’s on another plane altogether.

At least the writer had the decency not to insult her reader’s intelligence by suggesting that Moore is anything but a left-wing elitist. But Hollywood can cloud one’s vision of reality, and it certainly did in this instance. Moore didn’t capture anything remotely close to the real world, or a “real-life individual.” The writer states:

Moore in many ways is the polar opposite of Palin: Committed to LGBT rights…

Stop right there… No, Governor Palin doesn’t support gay marriage, but she certainly supports the rights of every American. The left has trouble discerning the difference between rights and privileges though, don’t they? Trust me, if Governor Palin was the “polar opposite” of someone who supports the “rights” of gay people, she wouldn’t have the support she does have from the non-left-wing “LGBT community.

If anyone from the LA Times is reading this, I implore them to email me at so I can put you in touch with some of the numerous gay Palin supporters that I know. It would probably make an interesting article.

She continues:

…getting rave reviews for edgy roles in such films as “The Kids Are All Right”and “Boogie Nights

Okay, there she’ totally right on this point. Governor Palin is the polar opposite of someone who would play a whore in a horrible movie about the porn industry. Yep.

The article goes on for a long time about how they got Moore to look like Governor Palin using makeup and dress. Then it goes on to discuss how excited all of the Obama fundraisers who made the film were when Moore put on the wig and glasses. Danny “Victory Fund” Strong stated:

Other actors are essential in the piece, but the whole film rode on her performance. If Sarah Palin didn’t work in the film, the film was not going to work.

Gee, I wonder why that is? The book wasn’t even about her, but the movie certainly was. And it certainly was (in the planing stages anyway) about the election in 2012.

The next part of the LA Times article is where it gets interesting. Dawn writes (emphasis):

Moore’s out-of-the-park performance surprised many viewers not only because she was spot-on with her characterization but also because she tapped into the emotional well she and Roach were aiming for, creating a level of empathy for Palin that gave her a common humanity among even her detractors.

These people put together an entire movie to trash Governor Palin’s character; they LIED about her having a nervous breakdown, and then claim they were actually “creating empathy” for their victim. If this movie created any empathy in people for Governor Palin, I would hate to see what their opinions of her were before they saw the movie.

This isn’t the first time someone has been awarded for attacking Governor Palin, and it probably isn’t the last trinket Julianne Moore will receive from her industry for doing the party’s dirty work. They will continue to perpetuate their lies, while lowering their standards to honor the talentless and agenda-driven.


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