Allen West Talks to Greta About ObamaTAX and How Wrong Romney Is

By Gary P Jackson

Allen West tells Greta that he feels ObamaCare is still unconstitutional, and also takes on Mitt Romney, who is 180 degrees out of step from where the American people are on this treacherous, tyrannical decision by the Supreme Court.

He says the fight is not over, and notes that he and his fellow colleagues have sent a letter to the nation’s Governors imploring them not to implement any part of ObamaCare.

Video Courtesy SarahNet



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11 responses to “Allen West Talks to Greta About ObamaTAX and How Wrong Romney Is

  1. bbmomof3

    That’s why Romney is going to lose!! And that’s why Sarah should be the nominee!! I’m praying for a brokered convention, that people’s eyes will be opened and the delegates will revolt and get Sarah in there!!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Romney is the nominee. There ain’t gonna be a brokered convention. Obama MUST be defeated. If Romney doesn’t do right, Sarah can and likely will primary him in 2016.

      • bbmomof3

        It isn’t cemented in stone yet. At this point, I still believe anything is possible. I will vote for him if I have to because I’m for ABO…However I will hold on to the hope as long as I believe there is still a glimmer left. In my opinion, I think It’s ridiculous how everyone has given in so quickly to following after Romney when he is so weak. His Romney care being a huge one. The “O” camp will really use that one against him if he becomes the official nominee.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Hope is good, but there is absolutely no way that anyone but Romney will be the nominee. He has legally and rightly won more than enough delegates to secure the nomination. It is what it is.

        Face it, he had no credible competition in the primaries. As bad as Willard is, the rest of the candidates were far worse, and would have been an even bigger disaster.

      • bbmomof3

        Gary, after this mess “O” has gotten our country into…If he wins again…I doubt we will ever have any chance again. For me I now is the time for Sarah…I feel it’s do or die time for our country. We are tired of mediocre politicians…and that’s how I see Romney….very mediocre. It will take an act of God and the people revolting, but I hope it happens and we get Sarah in there. Romney may have got the delegates, because everyone else was so weak compared to him, but he didn’t get those with much enthusiasm from the public. The question is can he keep those delegates in Tampa? I hope not.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah, it’s all over if Obama wins re-election. I try to be an optimist, and hope that Willard Romney will turn out to be OK, but it’s hard to keep it up. Our best hope is Willard beats Obama, and then doesn’t screw up too bad. There is always 2016.

  2. True Americans Don't Submit

    Exactly, American people are not stupid~ And Allen West shows clearly, there are still those “few” fighting alone; in the midst of the corruption, on behalf of the American people~ I will say again this is not Europe! < Herman Cain explains it well here~

  3. Jim Thompson

    Obviously, We Americans Need someone else other than Mitt Romney to challenge President Barack Obama For The Presidential Election. Unless we get some divine intervention here, America as we know it now will be ‘History.’ Romney will be thrashed. He’s a joke.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, I know. But Willard Romney is all we got. I would LOVE for Sarah to have run, but she didn’t. Instread she’s trying to remake Congress. So, we gotta help her do that!

  4. Why are people still calling Romney the “presumptive” nominee? He reached 1,144 delegates in the Texas primary on May 29th. Isn’t he officially the nominee?
    Oh, and I. LOVE. ALLEN. WEST. 🙂 I can’t say Romney/West 2012 enough! (Even though I know it won’t happen.)

    • Gary P Jackson

      It’s kinda what people say. Honestly, in this article it was me showing my frustration at what a squish Romney is. No backbone.

      The media says it because until it’s official at the convention he’s not the nominee. [officially] That said, there are a fair number of both delusional Ron Paul cultists and some equally delusional Palin supporters who think “divine intervention” is somehow gonna make Sarah or Herr Doktor the nominee.

      For the record, I DO NOT believe in unicorns that pee rainbows and poop Skittles© and I DO NOT believe anyone but Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President.

      That can be either good or bad, depending on how much you love squishy no back bone Republicans.

      Of course, I would vote for a moldy ham sandwich [on stale bread] before I’d vote for Obama, so Romney it is!

      Allen West would make an awesome Vice President which is exactly why Romney would never choose him.

      Sarah Palin has been singing his praises since she endorsed him in 2008, and has said in every interviewed this year, when asked, that West is who SHE wants for VP. I think most intelligent people agree!

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