Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won’t Fight Obamatax! Go Hard or Go Home!

By Gary P Jackson

This morning Dan Riehl pointed out that it Didn’t Take Long For Big Government GOP To Cave On Health Care, pointing out that both the Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have just laid down in the wake of the treacherous decision by the Supreme Court to uphold ObamaCare. No fight in the Republican Establishment™ none whatsoever. This is NOT what we need as we watch the nation we love so much being destroyed.

Now Joel B. Pollak at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism is reporting that Conservatives [and Rupert Murdoch] are calling on Romney to either fight or pack it in. To step aside and let someone else do the job.

I must say, never in my life have I ever heard such a thing. It’s obvious that the old guard Republicans are clueless.

From Pollak:

The Obama campaign has seized on remarks made by Romney adviser Eric “Etch-A-Sketch” Fehrnstrom this morning on MSNBC, to the effect that the individual mandate in Obamacare (and Romneycare) is not a tax. Fehrnstrom allowed Chuck Todd to push him off message–and re-ignited the fears that conservatives have long had about Romney’s will and ability to fight. In response, conservatives–who had just coalesced around opposition to what many now call “Obamatax“–exhort: Mitt, start fighting, or give up and let someone else do it.

Fehrnstrom’s point–in defense of Romneycare–was that the Supreme Court was wrong to uphold Obamacare under the taxing power. The individual mandate was never intended to be a tax, Congress never called it a tax, and it wasn’t a tax in Massachusetts, either. Fine–but now that Obama’s lawyers went to court and called it a tax, and Chief Justice John Roberts called it a tax (and spare us the non-distinction between “tax” and the “taxing power”) Obamacare is, undeniably, a massive tax on the middle class. Obama lied. It’s that simple.

The GOP primary is over, and this is not a mistake that Fehrnstrom can merely shake away. It’s going to be used–and already is being used–by the Obama campaign to save itself from the tax argument, and to label Romney as a liar (when that label belongs squarely on Obama, who campaigned against Hillary Clinton’s individual mandate in 2008). Perhaps this is why Rupert Murdoch has been calling openly for Romney to “drop…old friends from [his] team and hire…some real pros,” as he did on Twitter yesterday.

The Tea Party has been ready to rally to Romney’s side over the Obamacare decision, overlooking his past in order to use him as the vehicle for repealing Obamacare and toppling Obama. But if Romney won’t fight for conservative principles, the Tea Party is going to start looking elsewhere–fast. No one wants to live through the frustration of October 2008 all over again. No one wants to watch another conservative capitulate to Obama.

This ain’t Etch-A-Sketch, Mitt. Go hard or go home.

More here.

Back in 2005 the Formula Project recorded The Choice. (Go Hard or Go Home)Espn2 uses this song as part of it’s drag racing coverage. Hard core, and while it exemplifies the spirit of NHRA drag racing, it also exemplifies the America spirit as well. It’s a philosophy that Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment™ need to embrace.

Go hard or GO HOME!



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7 responses to “Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won’t Fight Obamatax! Go Hard or Go Home!

  1. I aint No Dummy

    You could say clueless and backboneless but if they are all working together for the same goal they are doing exactly what they are supposed to: now aren’t they? For me everyone seems to compliment each other in there so, who in there is truly, going to care about me?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thing is the GOP Establishment™ isn’t working for us. They are all Big Government Statists who are no different that the hard core left, when it comes to thinking GOVERNMENT, not We The People, are what matters.

      • Fighting for America

        You realize this is exactly, like trying to escape from Britain’s grip right? What the people had to do to have individual freedom? Just hasn’t gone that far yet~ We are not totally wrapped up in the leviathan so we still have time~

  2. As I posted on Dr. Fay’s blog, I was hoping that the June 28 decision would have been my best birthday present “evah,” but, sadly, that was not to be…

    Now I watch as the GOPe – including the chinless wonder from KY and our own Dudley DoGood – looks like it’s already picked up its marbles and is heading AWAY from the fight that needs to be fought!

    “Depressed” barely begins to describe my state of mind (similar to how I felt when Palin announced HER decision on Oct. 5th – Lordee, these BAD dates stick in the mind, don’t they?!?); so, all I can promise at this point in time is that while I’ll vote for the bloodless one from MA, I won’t give him or his campaign one thin dime. Every penny I can muster will be forwarded to SarahPAC – that is, if (1) she’s still in the game, and (2) if she has some new blood on the horizon worth supporting…

  3. bbmomof3

    Our Country is at a turning point. We have to think seriously about it’s future… Please pass this along to those that can make a difference.

    Every delegate has a choice to make:

    Do I vote conventional (business as usual) or do I vote Unconventional (Palin) like the 1880 election? Garfield, who was not a candidate, was chosen as the Republican nominee at the RNC convention over three nominees. (See RNC Rule 38, no delegates are bound)

    Do I want a candidate that keeps their word (Palin) or a candidate that puts their finger in the air and goes the way the wind is blowing at that time?

    Do I want a candidate that puts America first (Palin) or one that is GOPe Party Platform first and good ole boy?

    Do I want a candidate that believes in private markets for healthcare (Palin) or one that burdens its citizenry with government solutions?

    Do I want a candidate that exposed CRONY CAPITALISM (Palin) or one that embraces it?

    Do I want a conservative candidate with a record of accomplishment (Palin) or one with a failed governorship?

    Do I want a candidate with a steel spine that takes a stand on issues (Palin) or one that flip flops on issues.

    These are only a few questions of many that show the stark difference between Gov. Palin and Gov. Romney.

    Honorable delegates, you have a choice to make, maybe the most important of your lives. If you want business as usual to stop, then nominate Gov. Sarah Palin for president (RNC rule 40)If you are happy with the current way business is being done in our country, then go for the conventional candidate.

    Choose wisely, the very existence of our way of life in this country is at stake.

    Gov. Sarah Palin, honest, trustworthy, transparency in Government, has always put the people first, serving with a true Servants Heart!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Look, I appreciate your thoughts, and your enthusiasms. I also share your love and respect for Sarah Palin. She is the finest leader this nation has seen in a generation or more. Not since the great Ronald Reagan has America had such a leader.

      That said, the Republican nomination process is over [except for the formalities] Mitt Romney, for better or worse, IS the Republican nominee. Period.

      I know many are frustrated that Sarah chose not to run, and even more frustrated that Romney has taken the prize. All I can say is that out all of those who DID run, Romney is the preferable candidate. In my 50 some-odd years I have never seen a sorrier lot of contestants. If the stakes were not so high, the whole thing would have been seen as light comedy. Instead, the 2012 nomination process, and the lack of quality candidates to challenge Romney, is a tragedy.

      That said, Mitt Romney is a million times better than Barack Obama. And he is our only choice.

      The continued delusional quest to somehow create a stir at the convention, something that ain’t gonna happen, BTW, is dangerous. It will not see the will of the voters overturned. Remember, Romney is the nominee because an overwhelming number of American voters CHOSE him to be the nominee. [and spare me the conspiracy theories]

      Romney is it, and as bad as that is, I personally consider it treasonous to either vote for Obama or do anything that would prevent Romney from being the next president of these United States. Not because I’m just dying to see a President Romney, but because I know if Obama gets re-elected, America is finished.

      I’ve battled with people who refuse to accept these harsh realities for some time. From his point forward I will consider this sort of talk a direct assault on common sense.

      I invite you to read my Independence Day address and then focus your attention on actual candidates. Candidates that could use the time and effort you are wasting on this quixotic quest. We need every good America to be focused on what we CAN do, and not dwelling on what we can’t.

      Celebrating Liberty and Freedom While We Still Can: A Promise to Never Relent

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