Ted Cruz Addresses David Dewhurt’s Latest Lies, Fear-Mongering, and Strong Arm Tactics

By Gary P Jackson

As you may have heard:

Nearly every state Senator signed an open letter addressed to “Fellow Texans” that offered a defense of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who is running against Cruz in a July 31 GOP primary runoff to replace retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R).

The letter never once mentions Cruz by name. But it makes clear the state Senators’ displeasure with statements he has made on sanctuary cities, state spending, the state’s Transportation Security Administration “Anti-Groping” bill and a state income tax.

Eighteen of 19 Republican state Senators wrote that statements “have been made that are untrue regarding the records of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, the Republican Texas Senators, as well as Governor Rick Perry.”

There’s a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with the “truth” as implied by the letter. Back in May, Katrina Trinko, of National Review Online wrote Will Fear Decide Texas Senate Race? Candidate is accused of using his lieutenant governorship to scare up support. .

In the article Katrina lays out the scenario for the strong arm tactics that a very desperate David Dewhurst is now using.

As she points out, Dewhurst is very powerful. [and also highly corrupt] She makes the case that lawmakers are scared to cross Dewhurst for fear of losing donors, committee assignments, or worse. Texas politics have always been hard core and corrupt. Dewhurst is just the latest in a long line of despicable politicians who use the power of their offices for their own gains, rather than for the good of the state.

…. according to some observers, one of the factors he has working in his favor is fear.

In Texas, the lieutenant governorship is a hugely powerful position. Its occupant is the leader of the state senate, meaning he appoints committee chairmen and members, determines the order in which bills are taken up, and decides which committees get to handle specific pieces of legislation.

At the very least, everyone has to be aware of the sway Dewhurst will have if he remains lieutenant governor. And according to state insiders backing Dewhurst’s most prominent rival, former state solicitor general Ted Cruz, it goes beyond that: They say the Dewhurst campaign has made it clear that those who want to see their legislation pass if Dewhurst remains lieutenant governor had better back Dewhurst for senate. The Dewhurst campaign denies this categorically.

One source familiar with Texas politics who supports Cruz says that he knows “a number of significant donors” who also have business interests in the state and have been “told by their lobbyists in Austin, ‘Don’t dare give money to Ted, don’t endorse Ted . . . because if you do you’ll never get anything else through in Austin.’

A former head of a major industry group who supports Cruz says that the Dewhurst campaign emphasized to trade associations in the state that Dewhurst expects a donation from them. And the subtext was clear: Dewhurst was “keeping a list [of] who didn’t support him or contribute.

There is absolutely an atmosphere citywide here in Austin that if you have business before the legislature, you better think twice before you give money to anybody running against Dewhurst, specifically Ted Cruz, because you might end up with a horse head at the end of your bed,” says an Austin lawyer who supports Cruz, referencing The Godfather.

If you or your client have any legislative agenda whatsoever, there’s always fear of retribution. And so nobody can get out there and publicly support Ted,” says a registered lobbyist in Austin who supports Cruz.

Anyone with a stake in the next legislative session, from lobbyists all the way up to the governor, have to worry about [what will happen if Dewhurst remains lieutenant governor], because if they cross Dewhurst, they can pretty much forget about their legislative agenda,” says a second source familiar with Texas politics who supports Cruz.

That’s why even natural allies of Ted Cruz, such as Governor Perry, have little choice but to endorse Dewhurst,” the source adds. “That’s the power of the establishment, and it’s a real test of the conservative movement’s strength.

Lovely ain’t it.

Dewhurst can’t win on ideas, or his record, so he lies constantly about Ted Cruz, calls his strong supporters like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin, “Washington insiders” [snort] and strong arms everyone to support him [Dewhurst], or else.

Texans have had enough of these corrupt, power-hungry jackasses. It’s time to end these abuses and end them now.

In an open letter to Dewhurst, Ted Cruz sets the record straight:

Open Letter to David Dewhurst

By Ted Cruz

As you know, Americans are actively engaged in a debate of enormous consequence – will our nation continue down a road paved with more government spending, more government control over private citizens, more deficits and debt – or will we reduce the size and scope of the federal government to the limited role envisioned by our Founding Fathers?

You are asking Texans for the opportunity to be their voice in the United States Senate at this time of great need. But when asked by Texas voters, the very voters you are asking to trust you to be their voice in Washington, to stand on your own two feet and explain your record as Lt. Governor and your vision for the future, you refuse.

As recently as this Sunday, and 36 times before, you have refused to stand before the voters in debates and explain your record and how your actions in the U.S. Senate would be different from your actions in the Texas Senate.

Even now, as you continue spending millions of dollars on campaign ads distorting my record and your own, you refuse to honor your May 30, 2012 commitment to stand on your own two feet and debate before the voters of Texas, choosing instead to call upon surrogate after surrogate to speak on your behalf, many of whom are in the uncomfortable position of knowing you and you alone control the Texas legislative agenda, and will continue to do so should you fail in your bid to become Texas’ next U.S. Senator.

Despite your efforts to hide behind surrogates, including Governor Perry and a letter drafted by a lobbyist for the City of Austin, only two names appear on the Republican Run-off ballot for U.S. Senate: David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz.

As John Adams famously observed, “facts are stubborn things.”

What follows are facts.

If you disagree, honor your commitment to explain your record before Texas voters, not by hiding behind people who are not running for U.S. Senator, but by standing on your own two feet.

*It is a fact that under your leadership, the sanctuary cities bill did not pass into law.

*It is a fact that under your leadership, the TSA groping bill did not pass into law and according to at least one Senator, you personally solicited the help of a Democrat Senator to kill the TSA bill.

*It is a fact that under your leadership, you led the effort to increase spending and the overall state budget grew $72 billion – from $116 billion in 2003-2004 to $188 billion 2010-2011. And while you claim to have “cut” the 2012-2013 budget, it is a fact that you “kicked the can down the road” by utilizing 24 months of revenue for 19 months of services in the most recent budget and consistently utilized accounting tricks, against the wishes of conservatives.

*It is a fact that while you blame the “All Funds” budget increase on federal mandates, you repeatedly led the charge to INCREASE federal entitlement spending by arguing that more Texans should be eligible for Medicaid and you used federal stimulus dollars to “balance the budget.

*It is a fact that in 2007, you stated that you supported a guest worker program “for those here today illegallyDewhurst: Mr. South Texas Furthermore, after the Houston Chronicle confirmed this fact by providing a web link to the text of your speech on your taxpayer-funded website, that the text of your “Mr. South Texas” speech suddenly disappeared from the website.

*It is a fact that you did support and actively encourage the passage of a “payroll tax” in 2005.

Indeed, because of parts of your record, a long-time Texas reporter recounted that a senior Republican Senator told him that, if the Texas Senators had to vote on whether David Dewhurst should be considered one of the Ten Worst Legislators in Texas, the vote “would be 31 to nothing.”

These are many of the facts that are your record — the record of David Dewhurst. These facts are undeniable. If you disagree, or if you believe your record as leader of the Texas Senate is what Texans want and deserve in the U.S. Senate, stop hiding behind surrogates, step forward and honor your commitment to debate these issues, and articulate your vision of how we restore the Constitution as the dominant influence over the role and scope of the federal government.

There is nowhere to hide in the United States Senate – no others you can call upon to be your voice. On the contrary, on July 31, conservative Texans will choose the individual they believe can best be their voice to stop the spending and restore the Constitution.


Ted Cruz
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate



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3 responses to “Ted Cruz Addresses David Dewhurt’s Latest Lies, Fear-Mongering, and Strong Arm Tactics

  1. OMG. Dewhurst IS “The Godfather!” A real “Don” who “gets things done – or else!!” What a sleezeball! Sure hope that Cruz and the Conservative Movement backing him will prevail – and that ALL members of the TX Legislature just get fed up with his imperial tactics of intimidation!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      You have no idea how ruthless Texas politics is. The Governor is rather weak. The Lt Governor [Dewhurst] actually has as much, if not more power.

      Unlike many states, we don’t elect a Guv and Lt Guv as a package, and they can even be from different parties. Bob Bullock, a democrat, was Lt Guv seemingly forever. He and Governor Bush got along pretty well though. I think Bullock was the last democrat elected to statewide office in Texas. Our History Museum in Austin is named after him.

      Anyhow, like the Vice President our Lt Guv is the president of the Senate. All of his power comes from the legislative branch. UNLIKE the Vice President, our Lt Guv is more like the Senate Majority Leader. He can vote on legislation, set the agenda of what does and doesn’t come up for a vote, and hand out committee assignments.

      It’s obvious that he is a vindictive man. You wouldn’t believe the false advertising and the insane attack ads he’s running against Ted Cruise. I’m on Dewhurst’s mailing list, and last week got an e-mail attacking one of Cruz’s big donors because he’s gay. Like that matters.

      Texas politics are dirty, and Dewhurst is the dirtiest.

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