Fake Anti-Cruz Ad Not as Absurd and Ridiculous as the ones David Dewhurst is Running!

By Gary P Jackson

It’s not often that a parody of something is less ridiculous than what is being parodied, but with David Dewhurst’s continual lies about Ted Cruz, the latest ad all but implying Cruz is a mole for the Chinese government, this hilarious spoof, put together by Michael Berry, actually sounds more believable!

Sampling Carl Douglas at the end was more than I could handle though. Had me on the floor!

As absurd and ridiculous as this is, it’s still no where near as absurd and ridiculous as the REAL ads that Lt Governor David Dewhurst is running against Conservative Ted Cruz. Texas politics have always been cutthroat but David Dewhurst has lowered the bar quite a few notches.

I’ve never seen so many lies come out of one campaign before. But this reminds me that the Republican Elites™, those country club, GOP Establishment liberals, will ALWAYS fight a Conservative harder than they’ll fight their liberal democrat brethren. They never let you down on this.

We talked about some of the strong arm tactics Dewhurst is using to pressure those with business before the Texas legislature to support him, and how Ted Cruz is responding to Dewhurst’s lies. Cruz talks to Michael Berry about all of Dewhurst’s lies on The Michael Berry Show:

Nothing like the truth to wash away the lies, huh.

Join Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Mike Berry, and all of us Texas Conservatives in supporting Ted Cruz in the July 31 runoff election.

Check out Ted’s website here. Help educate your friends and family. Make sure they know the truth about Ted Cruz, and what a despicable, degenerate liar David Dewhurst is.

Texas has a chance to send a principled Reagan Conservative to Washington. Ted Cruz is good for Texas, good for America.



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4 responses to “Fake Anti-Cruz Ad Not as Absurd and Ridiculous as the ones David Dewhurst is Running!

  1. Boy, I love that Michael Berry!! He sure has a GREAT sense of humor – and he doesn’t miss a beat! My kind of radio host, that’s for sure!! (And sure wish we had his likes on one of our own local outlets!)

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah I thought is was a clever way to illustrate just how absurd the real ads Dewhurst was making are. The man is shameless.

  2. “They say, Ted, that you eat CHINESE food with CHOPSTICKS!!! Can this possibly be true?!?” – (Fake) Dewhurst campaign question…

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